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new page!! I'se Claims it for Me!

You may have the first but you shan't have the last!

Vidmaster7 wrote:
Haven't seen your red smiling face for awhile.

Because you guys post very frequent (obviously).

Plus i've been busy with ME-A.

Yeah this one probably hands down has more of my posts then any other thread I'm sure.

I know for a fact that... I check this thread out way to often...

No surprise, Gramps Wonderbra feeds you often enough to keep you coming back.

Scarab Sages

So this is just small talk around the water cooler now, huh?

*surreptitiously fills water cooler with LSD*

*swiftly switches out the LSD for LDS members*
*Innocently says*

Why would you pour those poor mormons into a water cooler? what have they ever done to you??

Look at me. Do I look like someone that can't handle their LSD?

No, if we are being honest, it does not...

rephrase that and also you broke my 7 hour streak.

Huh? Whuh? Did somebody mention lembas, so delicious?

I don't think anyone mentioned lembas at all >.> I also don't know what a lemba is.

Lembas. So. Delicious.

Now I want lembas, man. Can you spot me? I've got a check coming in, like Wednesday, I think. Wait. Is today Wednesday?

Oh those I remember those. I sadly do not have any.

Aw man, what'd you bring it up for then?

*squishes entire pack of Peeps into the space of one Peep; eats it*

Mrphy Meashder!

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This alias really should of been created much sooner.

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yes, it really should have been.

You're right. We should have beans.

Sovereign Court


*A very large, mean looking bear with saber-teethed canines comes running​through roaring ferociously and promptly bowels Pulg over and tramples the guy, killing him before being captured, having it's collar of obedience on it and put in it's enclosure.*

The creature managed to break free during it's time in quarantine. I hope everyone is OK... Oh, never mind. Alright guys, let's clean this mess up *points to what remains of Pulg* and start working on the artic animal exhibit. Just remember that we have a 'hot and cold' section in the enclosure for the group of rhemoraz to help gell it in with the exhibit that displays the animals that live in a volcanic environment (including those that dwell in the Plane of Fire).

*Sees a shipment of four gargantuan crates arrives, gets excited.*

Excellent, they're here.

Captain Danger Bear would like to apologise to Pulg for ripping his kishkes out, and to the janitorial staff for having to clean up after his (Captain Danger Bear's, that is) Bud Light and microwaveable cheeseburger-inspired rampage.

O, don't worry about it. I am 100% hair, after all, and hair grows back. No harm done.

What in the world did you guys do here?? Oh, this that infernal Pulg's hair.
McMurtons, your squad is on Pulg detail, keep him at bay, using whatever means necessary. Everyone else, follow me.
*Begins scrubbing and sweeping the floor with his legion of janitors in tow*
*looks over at grandpa wonderbra*

I'm still smoothing out the edges on a few of 'em, but several have been markedly improving, like McMurtons there, but we'll see what they're all like once I've actually finished with 'em.

He can always borrow a hair graft from me until he's had the proper amount of time to grow.

I have the best hair. Obviously.

My jawline is pretty fantastic too.

I'll give you the jawline part. I actually thought that was a helmet until I took a close look at it.

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wouldn't a hair graft from you to Pulg signal the end times or some-such?

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Oh yeah I keep forgetting that. Man that is really something I should remember.

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It is important to remember the various ways in which one might inadvertently bring about the apocalypse.

*brings out a small soap box, stands on it*
Which, btw, is a missuse of that word, as in the original greek, apocalypse just meant "to reveal" or "the revealing" and was the title of the last book of the bible, not the term for the end of the world. That usage is a modern invention, and has nothing to do with the etymological foundation of the word...
*climbs off of his soap box*

I just realized that I made myself climb on my own soap box... probably not a sane thing to do.

Sanity is but a relative term.

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*continues hovering in roughly the same spot*

The Golden Raptor has entered the local atmosphere and is requesting information on where you would like it to set down, with the understanding that it has quite a large footprint, and is packed with live cargo.

Sovereign Court

*Uses ship to/from ground communicator.*

Golden Raptor, this is Huff and Puff, bring the cargo over to the large building with the heavily fenced courtyard. You can't miss it, it's North of the menagerie and the courtyard has a large X marked on the ground. That is the quarantine area, where all new cargo goes to be prepared for display. The team are already on standby for you.

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Roger that. Be careful though, some of these creatures are pretty feisty. Especially Old Bloodfang; he's nearly broken containment three times on the way here, and the crew swears he's getting better at breaking his restraints every time. Was no easy task rounding him up, either.

*snicker* huff and puff.

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Ah, Master Todd, I can see the improvement in their work.

* looks over the menagerie *

Ah, Master Wolf, the menagerie is coming along quite nicely. I don't think I could have done such a wonderful job myself.

Sovereign Court

You honour me most graciously, Grandpa Wonderbra, while it's true that I wanted manage a zoo of sorts ultimately it's a gift from me to you.

*Bows low and most humbly.*

Now if you'll please excuse me.

*Goes to punch Vidmaster7 in the beard (I don't think he has a face) only to see Uncle Teddy punch him already and got Vidmaster7 conscripted into service as head poop cleaner and stress reliever for the animals should they need surgery and can't have anesthetic.*

Most impressive, Uncle Teddy!

I'se WINS agains!!

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I'se swans again. It serves me right for skimping on the swan repellent.

*in a bratty child-like voice, mixed with the rough shrill of his goblin voice he screams:*
*repeatedly stabs, chokes, and throttles Pulg.*

Dark Archive

No Fear Flames
No Fear Goblins

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*Proceeds to destroy Flame Skull Golem with a sledgehammer*




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I might take all of those ideas, Susan included, and make goblin variants for everybody!!

No. You won't.

Grand Lodge


Sure he can. It's up to Game Hamster to decide if it's worth listening to or not.

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