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PFRPGrognard wrote:
Yeah, Second Edition is so bloated already. I'm going back to Pathfinder 1E where it's easy enough to have a core only game.

Not sure if serious or not.

WTF? Was that at me?

I was just thinking they have to be like pretty young to be into sponge bob like what early 20's? The rebel thing tends to get the just out of high school age too.


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I keep reading his ^ post and I can't understand what he is trying to say is it just me?

I'm actually not sure if Freehold is being facetious or has suffered a head injury.

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You day walkers are so weird...

gran rey de los mono wrote:
Vidmaster7 wrote:
gran rey de los mono wrote:
Vidmaster7 wrote:
gran rey de los mono wrote:
I bought a new rifle and took it to the range, but it wouldn't fire. Now I need to read the Trouble Shooting section of the manual.
So I didn't think this one was a joke at first but I think I got it. and I think the one above it isn't but I'm not 100%
One of those was probably a joke.
As long as one of them wasn't I think I have a pretty good idea which is which.
Unless I was lying.

That is a good point.

gran rey de los mono wrote:
Vidmaster7 wrote:
Well we can't all be perfect.
Some of us can. Even if we choose not to be.

That statement is confusing to think about.

I went to a Starbucks twice once for tea once for internet. They confused me with their weird size words.


I don't know what is happening.


How does a heart attack work for a vampire?

Well thats confusing.

Things "go on" in this thread?

Yes I am also confused.

gran rey de los mono wrote:
Vidmaster7 wrote:
Gran why do they read the sold out sign then walk in and ask if we have rooms?
Because bananas are red and lemons are the number -56.



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Edge93 wrote:
Vidmaster7 wrote:
I think paizo shoulnd't be so scared to move a d12 to 2d6 or 3d6 you just need a little clarifying to let people know when it says +1 die its +1 whatever the base damage is so +1 die for 2d6 would be 2d6.

On paper that sounds nice but I like seeing more d10/12 weapons as opposed y 1E and more importantly this is exactly how we got those ridiculous threads claiming that Greatswords only add 1d6 per iteration of vital Strike and on the other side arguments that mythic vital Strike multiplied your damage by an extra 2 times per iteration of vital Strike.

Like seriously, I think the fact that we got that nonsense in 1e despite the very clear meaning of things is a decent explanation as to why we don't have 2dx weapons anymore. XP

Also 2dx weapons inherently hold to their average more consistently which I wasn't a huge fan of but opinions may vary.

A good point but I don't personally like the idea of catering to people who can't figure out basic concepts. Let them get confused I say!

I'm going to ignore how tired and old meme the whole Role-playing vrs ROLL-playing thing is. The thing that confused me is someone said they wanted to role play a scenario but weren't very charismatic for the acting part and that as a reason they wanted to make sure the game allowed role-playing... I'm so confused by this. the suggestion was to act out diplomacy but then the said what if the person isn't good at acting? well then wouldn't you just roll the diplomacy check instead? I am so confused.

gran rey de los mono wrote:
She could show him the part of the thread when we were discussing eating Vidmaster7.

Actually yeah that^^^^. (but I thought it was gran.)



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Just a Mort wrote:

Yes why, Vidmaster7? You didn't know that Cats are allowed to take English Literature?



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MerlinCross wrote:
Excaliburproxy wrote:
PossibleCabbage wrote:
I feel like "how does a party with or without a cleric, manage to keep not-dead or incapacitated throughout their career" is going to be a major question worth considering throughout the playtest since there are multiple systems at play here, not just resonance (which one's alchemical items and skill feats will not interact with.)
Honestly, I think managing your resources to make that happen is a lot more fun. It also makes the healing you get as a cleric more useful and cool since you don't get it for free after every fight.

I dislike having to manage 1 thing into about 5 different things. You don't split up your HP into your arms and legs do you?

You could also actually make a cleric and... Not get CLW wands?

That's crazy talk. The math and community says to always pick them up, horde them, never actually DO anything in combat that is actually WORTH more than CLW wand charges because you're just wasting resources at that point.

Yeah no, I'm done arguing here. This line of thinking is why every Familiar guide reads "GET one that uses WANDS", every spell list the same bloody collection, and dumping CHA to 6 if NOT lower seems to a given.

I'll see how to break this system, turn around to write up the playtest info, and then just remove it. Because I can do that. Much like DM's can remove Leadership, CLW wands, Spells, and Summoners.

Wait one of these things is not like the other. One of these things never got touched by the community for some reason even though it was COMPLAINED to heck and back it seems.

I'm having a hard time following this one.

Milo v3 wrote:
Fuzzypaws wrote:

If you are playing in Golarion, there are no orders of knights that have this feature. You are getting it from the barbarian primal whateverism so you use the listed anathema.

If you're not playing in Golarion, the listed anathema for the barbarian, cleric, etc are just suggestions. The GM will have their own anathema for their own deities, and can likewise work with the player to come up with alternate anathema for any other class or widget as well. In this case, work with the GM to come up with an equivalent but different anathema better suited to the Order you have in mind.

If you are playing in a custom "house" Golarion where GM and players can make additions and changes to the setting, see above.

Yes? I said this in my first post....

I said that my only problem with the preview I can easily fix with house rules without an issue. Then people took issue with that.

Cat-thulhu wrote:

(The quote cut off before your actual text and I'm on phone so it would be annoying to copy it in this quote bubble)

Yeah there are definitely ways you can flavour it to justify things for different characters or groups. I just can easily think up characters who have that skill set without the restriction making sense. I tend to come up with organisations and then try to find mechanics that can represent them, rather than building the organisations with the mechanical quirks as a starting point.

Thank you for the end bit. I appreciate that.

Just take it as a grain of salt man. everyone is all up in arms for these trying times. They don't read they skim. Let them believe what they want.


Huh?!? What?!? What have you heard?


I'm actually not sure what is going on anymore.

You guys can't go back to thought I've already passed it just sews confusion.

I'm missing something with this new coke thing. I don't drink coke. What is this new coke thing?


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XD See what I mean^

I'll just continue to use this alias I think.

TriOmegaZero wrote:

Oh good it wasn't just me.

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Hythlodeus wrote:
DM_aka_Dudemeister wrote:

The Rules are the least important part of being a good GM.

You can be a good GM and leave game mastery to a player. In fact we’ve done this multiple times in my groups.

The important part of being a GM is being a fan of your players, a willingness to run the game, and the ability to improvise and adapt to player choice.

I... uh... I'm...Did we just agree on something?

Don't be silly people can't agree on things. Keep arguing back and forth if it lasts for more then 4 hours call a doctor.

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I feel like we are losing the infinite monkeys typing analogy somewhere. So many questions... like was it a infinite number of bananas and bathrooms also how does him talking louder effect his typeing...

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Yes YES I have Two arms! What of it?!?!?!

Eh probably wouldn't work on me but then I've never met any body that charismatic to sway me when I'm in DM mode. Still doesn't seem like that big a deal. Charismatic people are better at social interaction by definition so its not really surprisingly that in a social situation they would find a way to excel. Just like smart people are going to use their smarts for strategy and puzzles etc.

Also I don't see a problem with your Item one isn't it natural for players to try and find way to gain bonuses?

I really don't see what the problem is.


I think you needed the quote with that one ^^

CrystalSeas wrote:
Vidmaster7 wrote:
Wooden stakes, silver bullets, holy symbols, Large mauls these are a few of my .... tools.
I think you'll need a different set of tools.

Fair point. although I will say you'd be surprised what you can accomplish with a big enough hammer.

also you super confused me quoting me from another thread.

gran rey de los mono wrote:
A day without sunshine is like night.

I don't know what this "sunshine" you speak of is.

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That was rough.

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Well it worked!

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