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Matt... Damon...

Hang in there, buddy! It's only 40 below.

And I win, despite the advancing cold.

*keeps warm all year long*

"Winning, it's a partnership."

No, there's no 'I' in 'team', but there's an 'I' in 'winning'. A couple, even.

Silver Crusade

By the way what do I win?

Nothing. You don't win, see?

Nope and neither do you since I am winning.

You WERE winning, you mean?

Nope still winning.

Silver Crusade

I thought I would get a brand new car for winning

You should stick to hanging with Wally Cleaver.

Silver Crusade

Oh We hang

I don't think he really likes you though and I am still winning.

You were, you mean.

Victory is mine!

Just don't say "June Cleaver" and you'll win.



Winning. That's what I do. Don't cry. It was inevitable.

*fly through thread, carrying all the win*

*snatches win*

Bad dragon! Hand it over now!

*answers to no one*


*melts TUA's badge*

*Turns head 180 degrees exorcist style, showing silver dragon head. Freezes DOA*

*is not impressed*

*eats TUA's hat*

Eats Dragon of Agnor

I've seen his stats, their pretty badass

Hey Midgard I was told you needed to stay in my belly. Get back in there now.

Good boy eating that Dragon of Agnor he was becoming pesky.

You'll get an upset stomach if you insist on digesting the Dragon of Agnor.

I win with this diagnosis.

Ho, Zigman... you still have these fantasies where you're a psychiatrist ?

It's a classic case of becoming infatuated with a savior-like figure - myself, as it were - and trying to emulate it.

My stellar psychologist skills, alas, make me a near-perfect object for my poor bedraggled "clients" to hallucinate about.

I'm doomed to leave my mark on the very souls I'm trying to liberate from themselves.

Such is the price for greatness, I think.


Ho: guess who "wins" this childish game of yours ?


But I shoud not tease: I can see how your mama was rough on you during your formative years.

Silver Crusade

Ho, brother...

Can you ever relent, let alone repent, for your sins ?

Such hubris...

But I knew you, when you were a charming infant boy - we were so close then - and I can't abandon you, not yet.

See the light, brother ! See the light !

I have seen the light.
It says I win.

Sovereign Court

So many fraudulent doctors out there. Gentlemen I have hours for all of you to come sit on my couch just make appointments with my front desk. You don't need to do the rest of this to get my attention.

*sits on Dr. Sigmund's couch and breaks it*

Good Dragon!

*wags its tail*

The Dragon of Agnor wrote:

*sits on Dr. Sigmund's couch and breaks it*

That Sir, is no hallucination. I win.

Worship me!!!

*stares at Banjo for a long, long while*

Matt... Damon?

Mat Da Mon!


*highfives Banjo!*

M attttt Dammon.

*eats Banjo*

*slaps the Dragon of Agnor*


*finds the threads still emerging from the dragon's mouth, and yanks them to pull out his buddy, safe and sound, if a bit chewed*

Banjo has no strings. He is a hand puppet.

And you shall all worship me!!!!

*Looks in, makes sure all is proceeding in an orderly manner.

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