Last one to post wins

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*snorts derisively*

*eats Fawful's lunch*

You do realize thats headcheese you're eating

"Headcheese? I love headcheese.!!!"

Someone mentioned Michael Dudikoff...

Invoking the powerful image of the White Ninja... such an in-depth character served by such expressive power from a total actor... who had you riveted to the screen - like you were the target of an inverted Mind Blank spell !... that's such an underhanded and nasty way of winning !

You humans are depraved creatures !

*roasts the annoying gnome*

Could you do a flyover by the bay area, it's butt cold and we could use the heat

You're better off calling a repairman. That dragon'll be busy all night.

"Butt cold". I like that. And just think, we get to pass it on to the rest of the country [/fangy grin].

And folks say I'm vicious.

I say you are tasty when battered and deep fried.

You can't taste. You have no mouth, just some cheap speakers.

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Pathfinder Adventure, Adventure Path Subscriber

I bet you are good when battered in beer batter and deep fried with a tasty red ale.

Gruumash, why is it always about battery with you?

He was abused in his orcish youth. He takes it out on the world now.

YAAR, that be no excuse fer not eatin' some delicious fried chikkens.

*prefers fried pies*

*settles for fried pirates*


No, you lose.

Which reminded me to look up the recipe for Pi - oops, I mean, Bananas Foster. Thanks, Dragon!

*tips a dragon-sized fedora at SnowJade*




More Bacon!!!!


Even more BACON!!!!!!!!!!!


Hooray! Bacon!!

Get in my belly!!!


You people are strange.

Nonsense! We are perfectly normal.

Now, cling tenaciously to my buttocks.

Now rapidly lose sight of my furry tail as it disappears up a twilit mountainside in the Wall of the World.

*hangs on to SnowJade's tail*


Hang on, there, bud! We're beatin' feet outta here!

Wait! I want outta here too!

I meant the Wall of Heaven.

Hurry up, Chicken!

I am the victor of the thread then since everyone else is going to the Wall of Heaven?

Follows SnowJade


Well even I can beat you gran.

Wanna bet?


*tappy tappy tap*

Unless of course the horse of course is the famous Mr. Ed.

*sits on the thread and wins*

I think I am winning now.

Does the impossibe. Swims through thread and wins.


*attempts to perch on Great White*

*sits on duck*



*Looks out from behind a mountain* Nope! Dead horse!

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