Last one to post wins

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Look - a new chew toy.

[Pokes Big Brother in the eye]

Humpf ! Cats ! There's too much fur around here !

No matter: I win.

*Puts a black mark on ql's ledger*

*watches Big Brother*

Did you really think that you would be the last one, Agnor?

Yet again I win

Much like your tv show, you are no winner.

You can't win either, Dave.

The name's not Dave.

I can't let you not be Dave, Dave.

*Opens up Hal 9000, slips in some neutron star matter, closes top* There. That ought to fix that.

Looks at SnowJade

Spreading chaos for the win?!

Hey, I go for it when I can!

Sorry, Kitty-Mama, but we need the win now.

Yay, go Team Chaotic Neutral.

Our win! Give it back! Meanie.

Sorry, no. Go find your warm, fuzzy host elsewhere.

*crawl around on purple zombie*

Not warm or fuzzy, but still fun.

You can't have fun with me. It's improbable.

*attempt to play soccer with Eddlap's head*

See, we can have fun with you!

That doesn't come off.


My slaadlings are not losers.




Anyway...back to winning.

buncha losers.

Says you.





There is no such thing as Slaadling Claws.

That's just cruel.

*look at each others' claws*

Then...what are these?

A poor excuse for hands.


looks at the slaadlings

There, there. Come to Uncle Spicy. I won't let the poor losers hurt you.

Look out. He's got a creepy van with no windows and a boxful of candy.


Is there a hard limit to how many posts can be made like Blizzard does?

Oh and I'm winning now!


Decrees are so over rated.

You cant if you refer to yourself in second person. Thus I win.

You're ballsy, Canon.

But you're a loser too.

For I am the winner here.

Send my regards to Gnarl Grittergold !

And send my regards to those who threw you out of gnomish society because the sight of you made them sad.

You've been paying attention to the slanders of hobbits, skull-face (no doubt while busily smoking their weed ; why, you still fume !)

My gracious gnomish companions are always gracious to me - except the heretical followers of the odious Gnarl Bitterclod !

And so I win.

It was predicted a long time ago. The others in this thread-space have already lost - they just don't know it yet !

And the felines are just contrarians. It's in their nature.

Yes it is.
That is why we will win.
By we, of course, I mean me.

Oh, go count your losses. I'm the winner now.

You're still there ?

So am I. So I win.

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