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Let me think about

Go Vaccuum yourself and leave me to my win.

Why don't you go play w/your ranger trap. The win is mine!

You're back, Mark. Long time, no see. I suppose I should reacquaint you with the game. I win, you lose.

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I think you need to remember VCB the only winner here is me.

My chin juts out further than yours G money. The win is mine

Please. None of you losers has the blood of dragons coursing through your veins.

This is what makes you a winner.

You AM wrong son!








Don't encourag the muppet, please. It gives me the heebie jeebies.

Not that this will detract me from my win.

You go have the heebie jeebies, I will take my win.

*wants the heebie jeebies back now*


*Watches Bourne series again* Meh...overrated. How you like THESE apples Daemon?

All I see is a grouchy banana who just lost.

Did you see that big fool moon that's out tonight?

Nope. Huzzah!

[*launches aerial self-propelled steampunk device with many coppery gears and gurgles, adorned with corny cupids with whirring blender blades for hands, in the general direction of the Vicious Chicken of Bristol*]

He he he ! The win will soon be MINE !

When? Because it certainly isn't now.

I feel like chicken tonight. Like chicken, like chicken, like chicken tonight...

I had chicken last night.

Here kitty kitty...

Yum kitty wrapped in human very tasty.

Indigestion's a killer your nastiness

Me have not that problem. I can eat anything. And it tastes good stomach of iron.

Is it "Me" or "I"? Get it together Baron Von Nastygram

You're looking for the nickname thread, Hoover.

*Strolls by the argument and wins*

*takes win back*

Not for long.

Longer than you.

Check my posts Bird of Paradise Lost; I make up bad nicknames in EVERY post. Stop telling me I'm having badwrongfun or I'll have to open yet ANOTHER gripe thread. Oh, and the win is mine

I am still winning here so you best just go home.

*demands worship from scaly pest*

Demands worship from all fire creatures

Get a clue.

I'm clueless and thus ignore your command

Buy me a gyro, servant!

*Offers a huge and very full pan of lasagne to the Dragon of Agnor, with salad, bread sticks, and a nice chianti accompanying it.*


*wonders if it's from Olive Garden*

*gets upset at the thought of food from Olive Garden*

It seems like you have acquired a worshipper.

*is deserving of adulation*

I vomit on adulation

As you should.


Puked.., for the win I should say.


*more offerings for the otyugh*


What's this? A buffet? *grab's bib*

I will pass on the *food*, and take the win.

I can eat AND run

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