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Get some color hippie!

Squared off.

Flat top.

Eight corners.

Ninety degree angles.


Spank this


Mark Hoover wrote:
Spank this


Oh Spanky, don't be coy, you know you like it and want it. Don't run away from your feelings...

wait; did I just say that out loud?

Yea, you did.

Liberty's Edge

By the rules of this game, I'm winning until someone confirms I'm not, right?

You were, yes. Now I am winning.

No, you're not

Yes, I am. Regretfully, you have been misinformed.

Anyone who posts the next post after this is a flumph interior decorator. With herpes.

Let me think about

Off to the doctor with you carrier of herpes.

Gimmie a kiss first

I'd just as soon kiss a kat.

I can arrange that.

Liberty's Edge

Do tiger furries count?

I am a PANTHER, and yes we do.

You humans and felines make no sense at all ; ultimately that's the reason why gnomes will inherit (read: take by force) this planet.

That, and our good looks and fashion sense !


What ? You thought I was gone for good ?

Ha ! You wish !

This one's a fighter ! And a winner !

[*does the blue pantaloons with mauve underwear dance*]

Hmmm... another flumph interior decorator. I wonder if Quiche too has herpes.

You're just jealous of my mojo !

[*continues to dance, at an ever increasing tempo*]

*Waits for the inevitable stroke to kick in*

Beating, stroking...herpes? Let's keep it clean for the kids here folks. Also...winning.


[*blinks several times, then finally opens his eyes, while laying sprawled on the ground, having fallen from exhaustion after his mighty manic mojo dance of yesterday*]

"Hu ? What ? NO ! I win !"

Did you mean this win? In my hands right here?

[*immediately snatches the win from Mark H.'s hand*]

Ha ! Can't beat the snatching of the gnome !"

[*raises the win to the sky*]

"I win !"

Good thing I switched out the real win for that rice krispy treat made of napalm.

Only the saintly shall win. Thus it is decreed.

Does that make me a saint?

No it makes you a loser since I am the winner.

Anger will never winning. Give up your hate and become a Jedi knight once more. Only then will you win.

Knight this and kill some youngings; I'm winning

For only 37 minutes.

Ranger Alissa, you are cursed not to win ! Serves you right with that sneering face of yours !

Guesse who wins, then ? Hu ? Hu ?

Guess Who? du-du-du-DU-du, du-du-du-DU-du, du-du-du-DU-du, DUDUDUDUDUDUDU*

*Woody Woodpecker

Time for me to step on in, and take the win.

Posting late gives me hours of win time, while you are all getting your beauty sleep. Lord knows you need it.


good morning...winning

Bad Morning. Now you are losing.

Now I am winning though.

BS man, that's BS

Wow, only 2 minutes this time.

Let me raise my win to you Schiz and offer a hearty HUZZAH!

Me winning now. You go away or me eat you.

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What are you doing here?

You are supposed to be on guard duty.
No win for you.

Win for me as I'mnot doing guard duty.


*tappy tappy tap*

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