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JTDV is feed a few of those fourth graders filled with balloons of DDT. Once he bites the surprise inside is ... fatal.

JTDV is banned for actually thinking his jokes are funny .. let alone that he missed out on the possible chance that one of his jokes may have been funny with Dr G House ... that might have been funny.

Hey ... what's wrong with being short eh?

While waiting for Freud to die ALG sneaks up and lights GT on fire ... beautiful cleansing fire to end any thoughts of what he has done before.

PJ's horse is banned because horses are evil.

.... That darn guy who touches goats in the wrong way.

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You are not that lucky.

Yes ... Yes it does you even though you are not a person you are a dragon you should not be talking at all during a movie.

Molten Dragon is banned for protesting too much to he who shall not be named. We all know you are president of his fan club.

Molten Dragon is banned from the drive thru after having had his order ruined and throwing a temper tantrum and burning restaurant and everyone in it to a crisp.

No you lose to me. I win.

Alick is Awful Prudish

Triphoppenskip is banned for losing his edge too much city living and not being able to tell the difference between a cat, bear or fox or undead human.

I let lose the Kraken upon thee.

Its not what you think either. It is a spore of nanoswarm which eats technology then die quickly. Well they eat you so sorry Wylliam Harrison is no more. They also prevent and transmission of data so no luck in trying to transmit you conscious to another body you are in fact completely removed for all time see ya.

Equinoxmaster should not rule this city because he has a contract with the local Avon Lady and will force everyone to use his products if he becomes ruler.

Banned for thinking anyone would want to imitate you.

Mr stiffy

Schism is banned for pretending someone has more voices talking in their head than her.

Krevon is banned for leaving his underwear on the floor in bathroom for everyone else to see it.

Second rate mime

Yeah I would say that is a pretty big turn off.

Mighty Chocobo is banned for screeching constantly give it a rest will ya?

The Fiend Fantastic should not rule this city because we don't need another fiendo we don't need to find the way home all we need is life beyond Fiend Fantastic's rule.

The fiend fantastic is banned for laughing at my problems.

Spanky is banned for taking my lucky charms.

Schism is banned for failing to ban Cr500cricket rookie mistake I tell you.

CR500cricket is banned for ninjaing me.

CS is banned for eating SPAM, SPAM EGGS and SPAM.

Fiend Fantastic backed by Sissyl should not rule this city we are not a puppet ruled people.

SnowJade is banned for not getting enough sleep not go back to bed and stop yawning.

Cricket is banned for not knowing the "Don't Ask Don't tell policy." that accompanies fiends.

kat's eye is banned for having too much fun at others expense.

Now yes?

So I guess I am winning now and I rule?

rashly5 is actually a polymorphed Rush Limbaugh.

n is banned because of his annoying to type name.

Yeah thatz right bow before him.

He is pretty Nasty.

Mr who ever smelt it dealt it

Hoover Boy is banned because I have been ALG for a while now and he never said anything before about it.

Mark Hoover is banned for wasting time.

I think all the taxes should be given to me. I will make very good use of them.

blackaeon is banned for looking like a mutated wren.

Mark Hoover is banned because I am sick of banning him already.

Sir Jingle lot

rashly 5 is banned for always having that same surprised look on his face.

And I am angry I will give you high and tight. just above your shoulders looks good so I won't need to see that ugly mug of yours anymore.

Getting ninja'd and not acknowledging you lose man.

DM Jeffrey is banned for being loaded while at work.

Magic is banned for taking all the fun out of everything.

Mark is banned for pretending to be a doctor on TV.

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