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Thank you, Zeriah.

Ha! your manservant has betrayed you as he fears me

Silver Crusade

Harumph, I do not fear you, you rodent-looking pig. Prepare to meet your doom!

*casts Raise Dead*

Whoa man, what happened, who's the dude with the funny hat? hehehehehehehe

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And this is why we shouldn't legalize marijuana.

Alright man, i got the munchies

*pours hot sauce on chicken*

*has Hippeh arrested for assault*

It won't work, you know. He'll just ask you what a sault is.

It's the stuff next to the pepper.

You peppered my glorious win with your puny attempts at winning !

I reclaim my rightful win, by right of my gnomishness !

Sovereign Court

No proper gnome should be frowning, come back to this thread after you have read LOTR....again

Ho, J.R.R: you are my quiet hero !

Isn't your book a masterpiece of epic tragedy, portraying the deepest recesses of evil beaten down by the irrepressible dignity of the commmon folk - the delicious hobbits ?

No, it is not.

It is painfully obvious to the trained psychologist that you suffered under an abusive over-achieving stultifying and castrating abomination of a mother.

Sauron is your little brother, isn't he ? A brethren upon whom you mercilessly projected your own inadequacies. He was Sauron so you could choose not to wear the One ring ! It is obvious ! It is inescapable ! It is SCIENCE !

[*swoons while drifting in the heady currents of certainty*]


You're banned for your own good, J.R.R.

You can thank me later. I care for you, but I don't know if you can ever truly be saved.

Silver Crusade

Ho, Freddy : you've hacked my account, again.

And to say such horrors !

I'm deeply ashamed of you, as a brother (but I still care for you, though).

Cease your game and put down the masks : mama is waiting for you in the family house.

But now, I must ban you, for you strayed !

There is no banning here. That's another thread.

Hey you ! scrawny aztec smoker ! Did you see my boys ?

No ? What use are you, then ?

They always try to hide from me, my boys.

They think they're clever, those two, but they forget:


Oh, get over yourself. They're old enough to be out after dark.

Whoa that dude is purple!

Whoa! That dude has no pants!

Choices man choices, can I have a hit of that stuff you're smoking

Sorry, this is a prescription.

Didn't your mother tell you that smoking is bad for your health ?

And before you tries to argue with me, take a good look at yourself: you smoked so grieviously that now you're dead !

Mothers know best.

Hey hot mama wanna ride in my VW van


No. Just. No.


That woman is a M.I.L.A. A mother I'd like to avoid.

I find myself forced to agree with EDDLAP. That's just all wrong.

There's an awful lot of ill-behaved folks in this thread !

I'm sure they caused much grief to their mommas when they tried to raise them !

I win, of course.

P.S. And get your hair cut, Hippeh, you young beatnik !

I thought Hippeh's career was "get repeatedly shot by drunk people with shotguns". They're not helping you with that anymore, Hippeh?

Sucks blood out of Hippeh. Falls over stoned

Poor Hippeh, so understood.

Do you need to be understood, El Dios de Los Almas Perdidas ?

[*looks idly around. Spots Mila*]

Ho my god, it's Mother !

[*flies away, huffing and puffing, on his short stubby legs*]

So Is that a yes or a no? Heheheehehehe

Give us a break, hippie, or I break your legs.

Hey, you ! Do we know each other ? I can't quite place you.

You're ugly, though, for sure - but with a wisp of a gnomish flavor.

[*looks closely]

You would not be a hobbit, would you ?


Back away, freak ! I have friends in the mob !

Have you seen my boys, little... men, I suppose ?

[mean laugh]



I'm out of here !

[flies in a Panhard 1924]

Be good while I'm away, naughty boys !

[*leaves the thread*]

Hrrmm [*clearing his throat]

Well, since I'm the sole occupant now of this here thread - and a gnome - I proclaim myself...


Sorry, Quiche. Not today.

Are they gone?

I think so.

Good. Evil mamas give me the creeps.

[paints Snow Jade with a scrutinizing beam of green laser light while making a tik-tik-whir-tick-whir kind of mechanical noise]

[apparently satisfied by his probe, glides away on antigrav cushions, leaving the thread]

Munches munches munches... glorp [swallows] munches munches... blurp !

I'm a tolerant man, I think, but I can't stand mangy beasts.

Where are their owners, I wonder ?

No matter : I WIN !

(My, that felt good ! in a very pedestrian kind of way.)

Silver Crusade

Freddy, Freddy... why are you like this ?

Can't we all live with love ?

Man That was wierd, I wear that dude turned into a deer and praying mantis.

Quiche Lisp is banned for having too damn many aliases.

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