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So you know, scott, 'to reinforce this rule' is different than saying the text isnt correct. He admits it needs some clarification, but the intent and the text align.

bard is generally the go-to for a 5th character, since they focus on being reasonably well rounded and improving the rest.

The reason this is done so rarely, is there's already a class or two that combines them very effectively, the Magus and the Bloodrager. check those out for inspiration first, imo

also, just so you know, witch and shaman familiars (the spell holding kind) do get to stay with you, as per the rules in the AP. Read them carefully, and its clear. the ones that give you spellcasting and you wouldnt have that feature without it, they've exempted.

yes, you are.

For the most part, because they dont care. They dont truly die unless killed on their own plane, and dying isnt a set back to a high level demon/devil with a friend to even summon them back across planes or access to planeshift. Why not try to kill your enemies till the end instead?

well what you want is fine, but thats not the default assumption of pathfinder. if thats what you want, you need to talk to your GM and group, and have them be on the same page before a campaign starts.

The player is doing nothing wrong, isnt even that optimized. 50 damage on the low end is like a level 15 damage spell without metamagic (15x3.5=52.5), and a decently optimized character could get to those numbers well before epic or mythic levels without sacred geometry. Their damage is entirely to scale for an epic level character, and your assumptions are the ones that are off for how pathfinder works.

My suggestion is a good long talk with your player and group about whats fun for you, and them, and trying to find a compromise.

yep. churches might spare a healing for the very unfortunate, but for the most part, charge because its what funds the rest of their work. thats why the costs in the crb are as they are

or, you could just hit them with that shield you're lugging around.

is a homunculus your sibling? No? then chances are not.

Serum covered it, and I'd like to Echo him. same way you dont hit your friend when you miss by 4, you dont hit the enemy. This is to keep things balanced, and your friend wouldnt be too pleased if the rules were changed impartially this way ;)

Mako Senako wrote:
the cleric thing i forgot about, was thinking about 3.5 clerics i guess.

3.5 clerics were also proficient :)

No later than 3 levels after the druid spell. he shouldnt have the toys at the same level.

Mako Senako wrote:
avr wrote:
Sort of. You can make exactly one touch attack per round, or you can tack the damage/effect on to unarmed strikes or natural attacks but those are made as normal attacks not touch. If you're doing the latter TWF will work.
but i thought after the inital casting a spell that grants multiple charges of a touch attack spell allowed you to use as many charges as you could normally make attacks. like chill touch.

yeah, this isnt correct. you get the single touch as listed in touch spells, theres no text anywhere else granting it

not via the rules, no.

The spell liberating command may help you here. Its on most first level lists, and gives a second chance to get out, with a hefty bonus at later levels. text included below:

If the target is bound, grappled, or otherwise restrained, he may make an Escape Artist check to escape as an immediate action. He gains a competence bonus on this check equal to twice your caster level (maximum +20). This spell has no effect if the target could not get free by using the Escape Artist skill (for example, if he were under the effects of a hold person spell or paralyzed by Strength damage).

the point of dipping crossblooded there, I'm sure, is to grab the +2 damage per dice on his fireballs, from orc and whatever other bloodbline he wants. its pretty common for blaster wizards.

yes, it takes both your immediate and an AoO. I'm not sure why itd be FAQd. its fairly cut and dry.

its not useless, its just useful for other spells. like say, true strike. try using that, then using a trip maneuver. thats worth far more than a ray of enfeeblement

how it'd work is all your natural attacks would be secondary, and your flurry attacks would be primary. doesnt matter what order you make them in, if you're doing them all in a round, that's how combining them works. period

usually all enemies act on the same initiative? why? doesnt happen in my games, for example.

You cant gain more claw attacks than you have limbs to use them. in this case, give the player the best dice out of both claws, but they dont get extra claw attacks.

The player is doing this because the later powers of the beast totem are extremely powerful, and the lesser one is often considered a tax, even if you dont get any use out of it.


Magda Luckbender wrote:

It's quite a bit more powerful than reach weapons, for these reasons:

* Works for DEX-based attacks, so 5+ AoOs becomes a thing.
* Works with a shield
* Easily dual-wield finesse reach weapons

Personally I don't like it and find it mildly OP, but I agree with Weables that it's less OP than a Wizard or Cleric.

bladed brush would also qualify for all points that are relevant to a swashbuckler, since they typically cant use shields or dual-wield, allowing use of a dex based reach weapon. I currently have an inquisitor who does just that.

yep. dont see how this is severely OP compared to say, a wizard? or a cleric? or any major caster? or say, a barbarian?

Specific trumps general, this spiked chain isnt exactly normal, it basically gets a free attack per round regardless of anything else. Treat it as if it had 10 feet natural reach, is what I'd do, so attacking within 5 and 10.

edit: also, its worth noting, that this monster was published back in 2007, when backwards compatibility was paramount, and a spiked chain in 3.5 was able to attack both at 5 and 10 feet, so the author may have mistaken that and either not specified because he didnt realize PF changed it, or just didnt clarify.

alignment isnt the result of one action, including this one. so any alignment, though leaning towards lawful

Fully aware thanks, I'm not arguing for it. I'm talking about the post above mine, where the OP was talking about the item casting a mage armor spell above you. was saying even if it did, doesnt matter, because armor bonuses dont apply.

mage armor provides an armor bonus. sorry mate, that line of reasoning doesnt pan out

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that's up to your GM. custom magic items are always with GM permission, but usually the incorrect slot is a 50% increase in cost by the rules.

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yep, concur with everyone else. there's no reason level 1 characters get level 5 spells. think of it from a game balance perspective anyways, what would be the challenge as everyone would do exactly what you're doing, and obliterate all low level content

why on earth was a 3.5 year necro required for your input, here?

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dude, just because you dont like the rules, doesnt mean keep bumping the thread to try to get your version of them verified. I concur again with everyone else. specific trumps general here, and your specific version of command undead can only be used for what it says, period.

eh, it should probably have the [pain] descriptor, because thats an actual thing, not necessarily evil.

I agree that it should be 8th. its basically save or die, either from damage or the rider effect, and with 2 different ways to kill you, its too flexible not to be at the maximum level here, I'd seriously consider 9th

the why of your motivations generally matter as much as your actions, and those are missing here. on top of that, your opinion is decided beforehand (from thew wording, i can see defenses already put in), so I'm not sure responding is going to end up in anything but an arguement, if you want reasons that folks may not have responded.

or level 3 with mithril heavy armor.

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this is something that comes from old fung fu movies. its just a trope, and dont worry about it. yes, you can do it right away. as to why? not everything is about direct mechanical advantage. this, and much about monks, is meant to be about flavor and style

Chaotic annoying to game with.

single solitary bump


I appreciate the stuff I can do as shenanigans, and I may pull off some of that stuff. but what I'm looking for is a reasonably effective combat build using the ability. is it doable?

so, I've got a one shot I'm playing in, and I don't get to play much. I've found what I consider to be a hilariously awesome ability I want to build a character around, but I'm having trouble building a character that satisfies me. one shots for my tablecan vary wildly by power level, but with the DM I know running it, I'd like to bring something reasonably powerful.

so, first things first. the ability:

Rift Reach (Su): As a move action, you can tear open a small rent in reality just large enough to reach an arm through. The far end of this portal must be within 10 feet of you, but otherwise allows you to manipulate objects, perform melee attacks requiring a single hand, or even cast spells. If you cannot see your target, standard concealment penalties apply. You cannot move either end of the portal once it’s created, and the opening collapses immediately when you leave your current space or withdraw your arm, but it otherwise lasts for 1 round per psychic level. Your disembodied hand uses your AC with a +4 size bonus, should opponents target it. This size bonus does not apply to disarm combat maneuver checks.

So. restrictions. This is a Psychic phrenic discipline ability, which obviously locks me into Psychic for at least a few levels. It also ends up being cha times per day ability, so I need at least a decent int (for casting, and cha for the ability, plus some sort of combat ability. I was considering a two level paladin splash and one level in oracle for sidestep secret. basically end up cha heavy, and leave dex out of the picture altogether.

While I dont have the ability to dump stats due to the generation method we choose, its still very generous, and I have 25 point buy to work with. just cant drop anything below 10 before racials. As well, power attack and combat expertise are free feats.

so, thoughts? its a move action ability, and a bit of a cludge. Only usable with one handed weapons as well. I need help shaping this into something workable. We're playing at level 9, all paizo material is available.

Good luck, and I hope you guys have more success than me

No, because the Kineticist doesnt make traditional ranged attacks, they fire off spell like abilities as a standard action that happen to use ranged attacks to hit. Which may seem like the same thing, but isnt.

mm, polearm onehanded, theres a dex based one handed polearm feat, let me find it.

there we go, bladed brush.


You know how to balance a polearm perfectly, striking with artful, yet deadly precision.

Prerequisite(s): Weapon Focus (glaive), must be a worshiper of the associated deity.

Benefit(s): You can use the Weapon Finesse feat to apply your Dexterity modifier instead of your Strength modifier to attack rolls with a glaive sized for you, even though it isn’t a light weapon. When wielding a glaive, you can treat it as a one-handed piercing or slashing melee weapon and as if you were not making attacks with your off-hand for all feats and class abilities that require such a weapon (such as a duelist’s or swashbuckler’s precise strike).

As a move action, you can shorten your grip on the glaive, treating it as though it lacked the reach weapon property. You can adjust your grip to grant the weapon the reach property as a move action.

won't let you use two claws, really, unless you as the gm allow some sort of weapon juggling, but you'd be able to strike with a claw and the glaive. it also requires worshipping Shelyn, which you wont find on the pfsrd page.

Hope that helps!

edit: technically, you dont actually have to use weapon finesse with it. you CAN, but since he's a bloodrager, he probably won't want to. it would be an option, if he went urban bloodrager, but that's it.

Concur with Cevah. you also only get your stat to damage once, period. this would be in line with RAI. its very difficult and against stated RAI to get double the same stat to almost anything, and they've worked very hard to make sure you cant.

why do you get to use your wis to hit? standard for domains is a normal ranged touch attack. I'd remove that, and its probably fine.

Savage technologist barbarian lets you dual wield and fire pistols without provoking attacks of opportunity, which is one of the big issues with that sort of thing. thats one way to go.

pfs legal? absolutely not. homebrew reasonable? sure is.

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it dies. horribly. fed to a wood chipper.

then you need to ask your local venture captain, or hit the PFS forums. official rulings for the purposes of PFS don't happen here.

No, there's no RAW on this. obscure corner cases are what DMs are for, RAW cant apply to absolutely everything, or the core books would be like law tomes, more than they already are. Up to GM discretion

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