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Hi everyone, I have a couple of doubts regarding the the Forge Spurned (LINK)

- For starters the description states 'Space 5 ft.; Reach 5 ft. (10 ft. with soul chain)', but also states 'The soul chain is treated as a flaming spiked chain', and spiked chains do not have Reach, right?

- Also, assuming the Soul Chain attacks with Reach, if someone steps up close, does it mean the chain cannot attack any longer, unless the Forge Spurned takes a 5'step back?

Am I reading this wrong?

Thanks for any input guys.

Did I post this in the wrong board? Should I be posting in Advice?

Specific trumps general, this spiked chain isnt exactly normal, it basically gets a free attack per round regardless of anything else. Treat it as if it had 10 feet natural reach, is what I'd do, so attacking within 5 and 10.

edit: also, its worth noting, that this monster was published back in 2007, when backwards compatibility was paramount, and a spiked chain in 3.5 was able to attack both at 5 and 10 feet, so the author may have mistaken that and either not specified because he didnt realize PF changed it, or just didnt clarify.

The Pathfinder Core Rulebook was published in 2009. This critter predates that, so yeah, some discrepincies are not strange.

At the time, PF had not changed it because PF (well, PFRPG, anyway) did not yet exist. If you're converting Crown of the Kobold King to PFRPG, it's up to you to decide how best to convert it.

Thanks for the feedback guys!

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