Building an 11 level character wizard. Please help


I have 100k gold for Building it planning to get craft wondrous items for increasing the amount of item that i could get.

Party consists of
A wildshape spammer druid
Melee feinter mesmerist
Dex Based melee inquisitor of Abadar
Debuff Based envy variant channeling zon kuthon cleric

I was thinking about a 1 Crossblooded sorcerer 10 wizard and focusing fireballs. But i havent built a character that is high level from the scratch by myself. Any help is really appreciated.

well, most of the things can be handeld by spells. so how about spending a lot to gain a lot more?

you'll want:
fortunate trait
craft wondrius items feat.
Improved Plane Shift feat (you'll want plane shift in a spell you can cast before level 13).
also going into the harrower prestige class should be make this great once you hit level 10 to make the dayly drawing into best out of 4 (and by using the following you might get there sooner then you think).
and then craft a Silent Aviary deck base cost 195,000 gp crafting cost 97,500 gp.
-yes that is almost your entire cash and some gm would not let you use more then 50% of starting cash on one item, so ask first before.
crafting dc 30 (without wish spell so +5 to dc . should be able to take 10 and make it if you set yourself right. skill focus (spellcraft)for example at level 11 will be +6)

process is easy. the deck have all the powers of a Harrow Deck of Many Things with the limit of only one draw each day and the command word to replace a drawn card with an other (which has a trap on it, and that is the safe exit).
so each day you draw a card. with your fortunate trait you roll twice. if ether are bad cards use command word and fail your save on porpuse! then plane shift back (get teleport as well to go back home once your in the right plane). once you hit harrower level 10 (The Midwife card helps there) you'll roll 4 tims each draw and pick the best, as you draw two cards with 'Reading the Signs' (and ignoring one) and since it's one use of magical item you roll twice for the randomized effect.

do keep in mind, my gm had me retire my 5/10 wizard/harrower after 2 weeks of card drawing.

Kladius wrote:

I was thinking about a 1 Crossblooded sorcerer 10 wizard and focusing fireballs. But i havent built a character that is high level from the scratch by myself. Any help is really appreciated.

You don't dip with a wizard unless you have an absolutely serious reason for doing so. That one level dip means you're pushing your spell casting ability back to where you might as well have been a sorcerer. You'll get 1 less spell per tier than the Crossblooded Sorcerer would of gotten, at the same time they do. The sorcerers also don't need to memorize spells each day. The only thing you've got going for you is the ability to use a spellbook for a larger selection of spells.

Not sure what you want to do with your Crossblooded arcana choices, but going straight wizard or straight sorcerer is probably a better choice. You might even consider a Blooded Alchemist since it gets most of the best from Wizard and Sorcerer.

Considering your party composition I'm seeing 3 3/4 melee types that need several rounds to cast buffs. This is a disaster waiting to happen. You're envy channeling cleric has some CC ability built in, but you might need a bit more. Take spells to inconvenience your opponents and buy time. Walls, pits, slow. Also haste because everybody else in your party benefits from it.

You'll want some blasting, but it shouldn't be your main focus. If you want to be a main line blaster, then make a Sorcerer.

Stat wise Int as high as you can push it, and either dex or con next. Wis would be nice but honestly not important. If you want to dump stats, str and cha are safe.'d like a trick. Standard gear is going to be a +6 headband of intellect, +5 cloak of resistance, and a handy haversack to manage your encumbrance.

You get 2 spells per character level for free. That means buying individual spells to fill out your spellbook. If your GM is ok with you useing spell preparation rituals buy a Preconstructed Spellbook. The Book of Harms has what I consider the most broken preparation ritual. Others are good too, but you can only have one any given day.

For feats I tend to take a lot of item creation feats. if you do decide this run the idea of making your own Ring of Telekinesis. It is a very powerful item and one of the best tricks I've seen for a wizard. Carry around a bunch of Large sized Cold Iron Chakarum (4gp each, 2 lbs, and does 2d6 damage). My Wizard use to carry a bucket full of 15 so I could lose some. Being able to throw 9 of them as a standard action (move to get them out of the handy haversack) lets you 'shotgun' mooks while you think of something better to do.

Or you could take a lot of metamagic feats aiming to get Spell Perfection at 15th level. If you do consider also picking up Preferred Spell for your favorite blast. That way you never prep it and you can sacrifice any spell to cast a fully metamagiced version when you want to. This is very feat intensive.

the point of dipping crossblooded there, I'm sure, is to grab the +2 damage per dice on his fireballs, from orc and whatever other bloodbline he wants. its pretty common for blaster wizards.

If you wanted to build a hyper-blaster type Sorcerer...I wouldn't normally recommend this but here ya go:

Crossblooded Draconic(fire) and Orc blooded. Give up your first level Blood ability for Blood Havoc. Now all of your Sorcerer spells with the fire descriptor hit for +3 per dice. Spell Focus: Evocation, spell specialization: fireball, Preferred spell: fireball (so you can cast it metamagiced as a standard action), Magical Lineage and Wayang Spellhunter for Fireball. See a pattern here? Heighten Spell (prereq for preferred spell), Empowered Spell (more powerful than Maxamize thanks to the +3 per dice), Intensify Spell, Quicken Spell (bonus feat from Draconic), also pick up Fearless from the Orc Bloodline at 3rd level and take Blood Intensity in place of your 9th level bloodline power. If you are human you have 1 more feat to choose. Might consider Selective Spell if you do, or Craft Wonderous Item if you get to double what you craft.

Bloodline spell choices: Burning Hands, Resist Energy, Fly, Wall of Fire, Cloudkill.

Do not get the Elemental Spell feat. Instead pick up some Minor Rods of Elemental, one for cold/acid/electricity. The minor rods are only 3k each and 9k will give you better than the feat 3 times each. You might want to pick up a Lesser Ectoplasmic Rod too since its only a +1 metamagic as well.

But don't spend all your cash on rods. Buy the minimum of other gear and then splurge on Pearls of Power. 4k for a 2nd level spell, and 9k for a 3rd level spell. Mirror Image is one of the best defensive spells in the game. Pack a few pearls for that. But the majority of your free cash should go into 3rd level Pearls of Power. Fireball, Communal Resist Energy, Fly, Dispel Magic. Lots of reasons to throw 3rd level spells. This really is good enough of a reason to take craft wonderous item all by itself. If you go non-human it would be worth delaying Intensify Spell till later, and just get by with Blood Intensify and a minor rod of Intensify until 13th level.

Of course you'll need a headband with +6 charisma. Also the cloak of resistance +5. If you want versatility get a Mnemonic Vestment and prepare a wizard's spellbook for stuff you don't want to cast often. You'll be able to use your spell slots to cast 1 spell from any written source once a day. Much cheaper than using scrolls or wands.

At 11th level your Intensified Fireball (3rd level slot) hits for 13d6+39. Not bad.

Empowered Fireball (3rd level slot) hits for 15d6+45. Much better.

Using Blood Intensify your Empowered Fireball (3rd slot) hits for 19d6+57. You can also throw an Intensified Empowered Fireball with a 4th level slot and do the same damage. It still counts as a 3rd level spell. DC doesn't change, but you can also use your lesser rods on it.

Since you are 11th level to start, you might consider buying 2 or 3 intensified rods and just forget about picking up the feat. Grab Dazing, Widen or Maxamized in its place and you're 15th level Spell Perfection will be absolutely nasty. Throw a Quickened Empowered Fireball with Intensified Rod for an instant 22d6+66 followed up by a Dazing Empowered Fireball with Intensifed Rod for the same damage and CC...or a Maxamized Empowered Fireball with Blood Intensify so you can eek out 28d6+84=252 and the half is 126 damage since most thing will make the reflex save....but still ouch.

Just remember you can only use 1 rod per casting.

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Several points:
1) A blaster wizard is a suboptimal choice. It can be done, sure, but a wizard can be so much more. As others have pointed out, a pure sorcerer is usually the go-to choice for a pure blaster.
2) Whatever choices you make, an 11th-level wizard is a reality-bending powerhouse. You can't go wrong, whatever you do.
3) There are some great wizard guides out there. They'll answer a lot more questions than a few random forum posts.

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