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so, I've got a one shot I'm playing in, and I don't get to play much. I've found what I consider to be a hilariously awesome ability I want to build a character around, but I'm having trouble building a character that satisfies me. one shots for my tablecan vary wildly by power level, but with the DM I know running it, I'd like to bring something reasonably powerful.

so, first things first. the ability:

Rift Reach (Su): As a move action, you can tear open a small rent in reality just large enough to reach an arm through. The far end of this portal must be within 10 feet of you, but otherwise allows you to manipulate objects, perform melee attacks requiring a single hand, or even cast spells. If you cannot see your target, standard concealment penalties apply. You cannot move either end of the portal once it’s created, and the opening collapses immediately when you leave your current space or withdraw your arm, but it otherwise lasts for 1 round per psychic level. Your disembodied hand uses your AC with a +4 size bonus, should opponents target it. This size bonus does not apply to disarm combat maneuver checks.

So. restrictions. This is a Psychic phrenic discipline ability, which obviously locks me into Psychic for at least a few levels. It also ends up being cha times per day ability, so I need at least a decent int (for casting, and cha for the ability, plus some sort of combat ability. I was considering a two level paladin splash and one level in oracle for sidestep secret. basically end up cha heavy, and leave dex out of the picture altogether.

While I dont have the ability to dump stats due to the generation method we choose, its still very generous, and I have 25 point buy to work with. just cant drop anything below 10 before racials. As well, power attack and combat expertise are free feats.

so, thoughts? its a move action ability, and a bit of a cludge. Only usable with one handed weapons as well. I need help shaping this into something workable. We're playing at level 9, all paizo material is available.

Good luck, and I hope you guys have more success than me

Couple levels in phalanx fighter allows you to use reach weapons in one hand getting you a little more range out of the ability, a casting of long arm would also increase the effective range by 5 feet.

You can use it to reach out of a Resilient Sphere or through a Wall of Force and cast a spell with impunity. (Withdraw your hand after casting.)

At 11th/15th it's an almost decent replacement for Reach Spell on high powered touch spells (Plane Shift, Imprisonment, ?).

Trigger some traps remotely?

Steal stuff through glass windows/bars?

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Bag of Holding wrote:
If a portable hole is placed within a bag of holding, it opens a gate to the Astral Plane: the hole, the bag, and any creatures within a 10-foot radius are drawn there, destroying the portable hole and bag of holding in the process.

10' reach you say?


I appreciate the stuff I can do as shenanigans, and I may pull off some of that stuff. but what I'm looking for is a reasonably effective combat build using the ability. is it doable?

If you have a bunch of abilities that work with Rift Reach and have the gold for them then Gloves of the Shortened Path which will both give you one more use (regardless of your Cha) and a much longer range (anywhere in line of sight) for that one use. NOTE: these are even better than normal deal if you or a team-mate have craft wondrous items

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Hey, I can scratch that one spot now!

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Honestly? It is a lame ability. Psychics aren't exactly touch casters. Taking a dip into psychic for any other caster makes you weaker for a quirky ability that really doesn't help other casters. If you follow the flavor of the discipline you should make a Ratfolk. Not that it is bad, just I think its bad if you don't.

You can't really make it a melee based character. After all, you only get 7-8 uses per day, and its a move action to use it. Limiting a melee to a single standard action is bad. Also having a limited number of uses for anything a melee type character is going to specialize in is really detrimental.

Shooting through a wall of force, or other invisible barrier is an excellent idea. You could use Resilient Sphere at 9th level as your ultimate defense, or as a trap. If you trap a creature within you could use the Rift ability to introduce some sort of long term area effect to kill off the creature within. Something like a poison gas they can't escape from, or pour a large amount of oil one round then light it the second. Or fill the sphere with water using something like Dust of Dryness or a Decanter of Endless Water.

Also you might consider picking up Reconnaissance Gloves. That will let you look through 10' thick walls and launch an attack through it.

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Grabbing Style grappler? Maybe a dip in Scaled Fist U. Monk. Combine with Bushwhack and use the rift to surprise choke people from behind a wall.

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