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TuringTest wrote:

I know I could get the HLO demo but I did that first on my desktop and now I can't get a second download on my iPad without making a second HL login, which I don't want to mess with if I don't have to.


You dont need a new login for your iPad. You just need to give a new device nickname. You will only ever have one login for HLO and you can log into as many devices as you want just not at the same time. That is what the Device Nickname is doing helping to remind you which device your logged into last...

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Erik Mona wrote:

But this villain is even more wicked! (Depending on who you ask.)

I am going to say its the red dragon Daralathyxl!

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DrSnooze wrote:

Except I used DropBox with HeroLab Classic to do exactly this, until Lone Wolf removed DropBox support just before they released their online-only model. So no, they won't be getting any more of my money.

Talk to Dropbox and ask them why they depreciated the API that allowed HL to easily keep files up to date. After that happened LW moved the app to use the apple API for cloud services.

It’s not as good as the old API but now any cloud service can be used that registers to the apple API. In addition hopefully Apple wont be deprecating the API anytime soon.

But you know wearing a tin foil hate is way more fun!

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Please cancel all my subscriptions except for the “Pathfinder Adventure Path”.

In addition can everything be removed out of my sidecart please.


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Erik Mona wrote:
If people want us to put grids on outer space, we'll put grids on outer space.

Since Starfinder armor easily protects PCs from the vacuum of space. I can see the need for grids in space. I already had a situation where a alien was outside a ship trying to get in.

I am for grids outside the ship but can make do without them.

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Please cancel my Pathfinder Battles Case Subscription.


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Brother Fen wrote:
I've noticed the "Starfinder GM" tab in the community file options, but haven't figured out what it does yet.

It converts Pathfinder monsters to Starfinder including converting Pathfinder skills to Starfinder.

For full details see THIS post.

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Diego Valdez wrote:

Hello ShadowChemosh,

Thank you for letting me know. I just spoke to the webstore team and got the code from them. I have sent you an email. Let me know if you do not receive it.

I got the email with the voucher and I was able to redeem it over on Syrinscape's site.

Thanks so much!

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Diego Valdez wrote:

Hello ShadowChemosh,

I have let the webstore team know and they should be emailing you with a claim code soon.

FYI I have gotten no emails about a claim code from Paizo (yes I checked my spam folder to make sure). Just checked the My Downloads section again and no voucher code. =(

I know Paizo is busy with Gen Con but if I could get the code next week sometime it would be really nice.


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As part of order 4390734 I purchased a Syrinscape soundset. On the selling page it says "Availablility: Your Syrinscape audio content will be delivered as a Voucher Code on your My Downloads page redeemable at syrinscape.com".

However I have waited half a day and nothing has shown up in "My Downloads" page. I am I just missing where to click or did something go wrong?


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I had changed my shipping settings just before Crown of Fangs case shipped to use UPS. I then changed my shipping settings back to "cheapest" after I got the case.

I just confirmed my account shows ship using "cheapest" still which is normally always 'Standard Postal Delivery'.

But today I see order 4319686 shipped using UPS. Was UPS really the cheapest method to ship or did my account get stuck using UPS?


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Please cancel my subscription to the Pathfinder Maps line.


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Sorry I was not very clear. Not that interested in horse, mounts, or creatures that are not useful in direct combat. Meaning pretty much monsters is what I need and want especially Pathfinder specific monsters. Why the above unicorn is nice I doubt I would get use of out if it as very unlikely for my PCs to ever be in combat with one. For commoners I would just like a very simple plain mini in large number (20+) because unique looking minis should be for the good guys and bad guys not the commoners standing around in the town. IMHO.

For mounts I use poker chips actually. Poker chips are almost exactly a 2 inch circle which is the size of a large horse and most people have these already or are VERY cheap to get. What I like is that to display that a PC is on a horse you simply put the PC mini on the pocker chip. =). This seems to also give a nice visual view to the players for what squares they can attack into when mounted. When not mounted you take the mini off the pocker chip. ;)

Later a player printed images that we stuck to the chips to give us different types of horses. But before then we went by color. White = Light Riding, Blue = Light Warhorse, and Red = Heavy Warhose. Just thought I would share an idea that works for my group for mounts.

Players focus is on there own characters and the monsters they are fighting. I have never seen a player care about a "mount" or Donkey or farm animal and cared that it needed a fully painted mini. Any simple representation for these is all that is needed. This is why I keep mentioning cheap toys to show them on the game table. Players see the cheap toys and it gives a visual queue that the important things in the encounter are the high quality miniatures (Monsters and NPCs).

Thats the long explanation to make things more clear. If anyone cares. =)

But like those that dont like the dungeon dressing I expect to get more "animals" in the future. As long as its kept to way less than the monsters that is a fair compromise to keep the Pathfinder mini line alive. I wonder if next to a specific dungeon dressing line if a "Commoner" and non-combat animals could be in the same line. That could give a good selling point allowing DM's to buy the specific set or sets they want.

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Marco Massoudi wrote:

The most wanted "riding animals" from what people wrote:

Donkey: 7 pro/0 against
Warhorse: 5 pro/0 against
Pony: 5 pro/0 against
Riding Horse: 5 pro/5 against
Mounted horse: 4 pro
Camel: 3 pro

So i guess it´s

1: Donkey (laden with stuff)
2: Armored Warhorse
3: Pony for (medium characters)

Thanks for asking, Erik! :-)

How do you get no against? At least several people including myself said no to all of those.

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Erik Mona wrote:
Do people want more horses?

No please. Don't need or want animals that I can get dozens of other ways. I want pathfinder Monsters. =)

I love this set so much. I am really happy with the dungeon dressing that we are going to get.

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Still here....

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Guys I am sorry to say Kickstarter will NOT help you here in any way. The contract is between you and Gary and Kickstarter took the 5% off the top and are done. The ONLY thing Kickstarter will do is defend Gary if you try and get your money back using your credit card. This is because they lose out on the 5% they took of the CC transactions.

I have legal action pending on two different Kickstarters and have been through most of this already. The way the term of use is worded everything is on Gary (ie Fire Mountain Games) https://www.kickstarter.com/terms-of-use On the good side the TOS was reworded in Oct 2014 to be VERY clear in the fact that FMG must deliver the product or refund money. But the only way to "enforce" this is to take a person to court. I am trying first with the civil division of my local state's Consumer Protection Division of the Attorney General’s office. Not yet sure how far that will get me or how much money I will need to spend in addition to attempt to get my money or product.

Just sharing what I am currently going through right now with other projects. I was not ever a backer of ToN but following this thread for information as my group is playing it currently.

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I am in. I think the errata they have done is been spot on. Great job on keeping the system alive and well PDT. =)

James put me down for $20 bucks. PM me how to get it to you.


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Wow! Those are some very cool and useful minis. =)

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Very happy to see huge again. Gargantuan are cool but tend to sit on my shelf instead of being used at the game table.

If these two minis show the type of creatures in this set I am going to be very happy. =)

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Thanks for the bug report. But please in the future post them in the "Pathfinder Community Packs" thread on the HL boards. Or email direct at my forum user id at yahoo dot com.

Its just pure chance I happen to see this post here. Posting on the HL forums or emailing me direct has a 100% chance of letting me know. =)

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James Jacobs wrote:
Joseph Davis wrote:
James Jacobs wrote:
Freehold DM wrote:

Thanks for taking the time out, as usual, James.

That said, I do think that paizo in general should explain villain motivations more- I too was wondering what nualias problem was back in rotrl, and there are a few other question marks in other aps. I think you do an amazing job, mind, but the things that are lost to page/character count are sometimes really important for characterization/explanation.

It's a damned if we do, damned if we don't choice, frankly. What's potentially super important to one GM is meaningless to another, and so as the writers and developers we try to do our best.
I'd also point out, there's a lot of time they do, they mention deep detailed stories of the villains of the piece, and provide more information than the pc's could ever possibly know. That normally should be enough to generate head-space for said villain.
Absolutely. And we DO tend to err on the side of overinformation for NPCs for this precise reason (despite the fact that some folks then complain we're "wasting wordcount" on things the PCs will never learn). But every single book is different, and how much room for that information is also different, and the design philosophies we had 5 or 10 or 15 years ago is different than what we have today.

I have found this information super helpful when running a NPC especially if the PCs do something strange and talk to them. =) In addition all that "information" that the PCs never learn I give out in an email to the players after they are past that section of the Story. Its a real treat to the players to get to read that background information after the fact and get to fully understand the "why" of the NPC.

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My side cart items are showing they are going to ship in December instead of with my November subscriptions. I am not sure if this is just a display bug but can it be double checked that they will ship with my November subscriptions?

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Stereofm wrote:

However, once again, ALL third party files that are not sold from the lonewolf webstore have disapeared.

So that means that all Frog God games, Adventure a week, community packages are poof ! Gone and are not recognized anymore.

This means a conflict was found between your addons and the current version of HL. This caused HL to go into safe mode and not load any addons.

I can confirm the Community Packs have no issues with v12.7 of Pathfinder. So this means one of the other addons you have is causing it. =(

The Pathfinder software keeps changing and the 3PP companies are not doing support/update to the files they released. In software development updates have to happen as the OS or tool is changed. In example look at all the changes LW has done to the HL .exe binary to make it be compatible with Windows 10. You don't yell at MS for the issue when HL .exe has problems in Win 10 so why complain to LW when a 3PP fails to keep its software up to date?

Contact the makers of the addons and ask for fixes. Unless this is done the real issue will never get solved. =(

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Erik Mona wrote:
CurseTheseMetalHands wrote:

That issue aside, I'm really liking these creature groupings, and if this is a sign of things to come, I can't wait for the next set that's, hopefully, sans townsfolk.

There are zero townsfolk in the next set.

Actually very happy to hear this. =)

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Cainegm wrote:
I'm rather late to the party, but how do you actually receive the .hl file? I've recently bought the pdf but the zip didn't include the .hl file, or is that no longer a thing?

The most current version of the Dragonrider is located in the Pathfinder 3PP Pack (a free community download) for HL. This pack requires the official HL licenses Advanced Players Guide, Ultimate Combat, and Ultimate Magic but it contains dozens of 3PP books including many SGG/RGG class, feats, and spells.

Follow the above link to the LW Forums where you can find full details on how to install.

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So I placed my Order 3579742. Assuming it's a bug I figured you can just refund me the difference on Monday. =)


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So suddenly the Pathfinder Battles: Iconic Heroes Set #3 in my shopping cart is no longer showing the correct discount for being a Pathfinder Battles case subscriber.

Has something changed that I missed where case subscribers don't get a 30% discount? Or is this a bug in the system?


P.S - Clicking on "Shopping Cart" now causes an error page of "Sorry, there was a problem handling your request. The system administrator has been notified. Please contact webmaster@paizo.com if you continue to have difficulties." to be displayed. =(

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I wanted to add my voice to being ok with the bar incentive. Other than Deskari have not yet used any of the case incentives at the game table. I went into a kickstarter to get a bar and other dungeon dressings but that kickstarter is years late. So actually very happy with the dungeon dressing minis as I know I we'll be getting them on time and with the usual high quality.

I also wanted to say the two huge instead of a single gargantuan is a really good idea. I more often make use of huge monsters over a gargantuan. So all for that if it could be made to happen.

Last comment is for Erik. I know I complained about those darn farm animals before but still have a case subscription. I am overall very happy with the line. Was just comparing the old DDM line to the latest paizo ones and wizkids mins are so much better. So keep it up. :)

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Ed Reppert wrote:
Okay, so the question now is whether this AP stuff is actually available now. I just went and bought the "2015 pack" which supposedly includes the RotRL encounters (unless I read it wrong), but I don't see the encounters in the updates. There's what appears to be a "teaser" update, which I downloaded and which has I think one monster (some kind of goblin swarm, or something, as I recall) but nothing else I can find. I would have thought this would have ended up as an item in the "Encounter Library", where I already have an entry for "we be goblins" or "we be goblins too" one or the other. But there's nothing there.

So the 2015 Pack does not include the AP Encounter Library's. Its a separate package to buy for 25 bucks. Once you do a new "download" will show up where you can download the RotRL Encounter Library.

I don't work for LW so feel free to send them emails about such questions actually. Posting here on a blog post of Paizo will most likely mean your question is not seen by LW.

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LazarX wrote:
Are you pulling all of the AP material, or just the AP's that LW publishes?

So as LW puts out an official version of the AP the community version will come down.

So for example we have Way of the Wicked which is a 3PP and we have no plans to not support that. I would also like to start adding support for other 3PP AP (like Throne of Night) and for things like the Psionics Bestiary.

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Really interested in this to help replace the tackle box I use currently. It looks like some of those foam inserts are meant for bigger than medium minis? If they are how big can they hold Large, Huge, Gargantuan?

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Robert Little wrote:
One thing about LW taking on the AP files is that the community no longer has to support it - they don't have to worry about bug fixes when a new major revision of the Pathfinder files happens; its all on LW now. That can leave the community time to focus on other options like more spell adjustments :)

This is one of the reasons I am pulling our community AP stuff. It opens up more time that can be focused on Modules and 3PP stuff.

My point of view is that the Community should support areas that LW is not officially doing. Otherwise I am competing against the very software that I am trying to make better. =)

I think these Official AP's work much better than the community ones because they give you access to all the 'one-off' monsters. Many of the AP's pull single monsters from campaign setting books like Book of the Damned. With the new LW AP you get access to that "one" monster from the Book of the Damned. For the community version you would had to have purchased that whole book license. =(

As one of the main community members I fully support LW's new AP stuff and think it will really help out those running an AP. And having all those "bug" reports going to LW instead my email is very nice! ;)

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John Woodford wrote:
Hey, go easy on us old folks--we're not up on the latest technology like you puppies.

Sorry didn't mean anything by it. I use it all the time as I have Paizo website set to like 150% size increase. =)

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Steve Geddes wrote:
Do you have to use such a small font in these blogs?

Any modern browser supports CTRL-+ to increase the font size of web pages on the fly. Just FYI...

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MythicFox wrote:
I'm just curious as to whether this is going to expand at all to modules outside the Adventure Path line, especially with the ability to tweak encounters. Might be a good resource for GMs who try to fit modules into Adventure Paths where it might be appropriate -- Carrion Hill into Carrion Crown, for instance.

Current plans from LW is that they will not doing any Paizo Modules just the APs. But don't you worry because the Community has you covered. The "Pathfinder GM Pack." supports many Paizo Modules.

Once installed you can download the "Encounter Zip Files" from d20pfsrd which go hand in hand with the GM Pack or GM Mythic Pack.

Please note if you are just a "Player" in one of the above modules you can install just the "Pathfinder Basic Pack" to get access to Feats, traits, and magic items from these paizo modules in HL.

Please note the Community AP stuff is going away now that LW supports AP encounters.

Current list of Paizo Modules from the community:

Academy of Secrets
Broken Chains
Carrion Hill
City of Golden Death
Crypt of the Everflame
Cult of the Ebon Destroyer
Curse of the Riven Sky
D0 - Hollow's Last Hope
D1 - Crown of the Kobold King
D1.5 - Revenge of the Kobold King
D2 - Seven Swords of Sin
D3 - The Demon Within
D4 - Hungry are the Dead
Dawn of the Scarlet Sun
E1 - Carnival of Tears
E2 - Blood of Dragonscar
Fangwood Keep
From Shore to Sea
J1 - Entombed with the Pharaohs
J2 - Guardians of Dragonfall
J3 - Crucible of Chaos
J4 - The Pact Stone Pyramid
J5 - Beyond the Vault of Souls
LB1 - Tower of the Last Baron
LB2 - Treasure of the Chimera Cove
Masks of the Living God
Master of the Fallen Fortress
Murders Mark
No Response from Deepmar
Realm of the Fellnight Queen
S1 - Clash of the Kingslayers
TC1 - Into the Haunted Forest
Tears at Bitter Manor
The Emerald Spire Superdungeon (GM Mythic Pack required for some monsters)
The Feast of Ravenmoor
The Godmouth Heresy
The Harrowing
The Midnight Mirror
The Ruby Pheonix Tournament
The Witchwar Legacy
Tomb of the Iron Medusa
U1 - Gallery of Evil
U2 - Hangman's Noose
W1 - Conquest of the Bloodsworn Vale
W2 - River into Darkness
W3 - Flight of the Red Raven.
Wardens of the Reborn Forge
We Be Goblins

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WOW! These are awesome! I love the strange and alien minis. I would buy a whole case of mins like this if I could.

I will take these mins over farm animals any day! This really is looking to be the best set yet. The bar really looking to have been raised. Totally liking the unlinking from the AP themes. =)

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Still here also.

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Level_boss wrote:
I've tried emailing WizKids (no response) and posting on the minis forum (no response), and I would really like to know how to proceed.

Same here. I tried a half-dozen times and always got "silence" back as an answer. In this regard not happy with WizKids at all.

Plus tried contacting Paizo and was just pointed to WizKids who won't answer. =(

Adventure Path Charter Subscriber

I am very excited to see dungeon dressing!!! So much more useful when combined with my Dwarven Forge pieces than farm animals. =)


That means that the Feiya and King Irovetti replacement figures will not appear in The Lost Coast, and will instead be inserted into the next set we do after that. We apologize for the delay, but I for one am impressed with WizKids taking the initiative to fix the problem. None of us needs more bad Feiya figures.

Just wanted to check that this is still happening for the this new set? Or did I miss a post somewhere?

Adventure Path Charter Subscriber

Please cancel my subscription to the Pathfinder tales line.

Adventure Path Charter Subscriber

That means that the Feiya and King Irovetti replacement figures will not appear in The Lost Coast, and will instead be inserted into the next set we do after that. We apologize for the delay, but I for one am impressed with WizKids taking the initiative to fix the problem. None of us needs more bad Feiya figures.

Just wanted to check that this is still happening for the next set also? Or did I miss a post somewhere?

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LazarX wrote:
So it boils down to this. You have Item A that gives you a Profane Bonus to AC, You have Item B that gives you a Profane Bonus to AC. It does not matter whether A is a ring, B is a broom. It also does not matter if A is a divine blessing given to the character and B is a ring you just looted off your buddy. No matter what forms A and B take, they will not stack.

Thanks for info as your second paragraph really helped out. I think I am now on the same page as you and in agreement. Where I had the issues is in how the "software" handles the different bonuses. I should have come at this purely from the game logic angle.

I see now how that got me confused. The profane bonus while on the armor is "pushed" to the hero and that is where the total value needs to be applied. Regardless if its armor or a broom. ;)


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LazarX wrote:
It doesn't matter. If both bonuses are going to the same "destination" are of the same type. i.e. 2 Profane Bonuses to Armor Class, 1 granted from armor, one granted from some place else like a ring or your underwear, then they still don't stack.

From the point of view of "software" that is not the case. The profane bonus on Armor would stack with the Profane bonus on the character. As the values exist on two different Things in memory.

So by this I am assuming your going that the bonus should go on the character so it does not stack?

Hmm I what your saying is the same for a Ring of Protection. That deflection bonus goes onto the character not really the ring.....

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I am coding a Spell Adjustment script for Hero Lab and have run into a question with Defile Armor spell. When I scripted the logic for the Mythic part I put the Profane bonus onto the Armor because Defile Armor only affects armor. This logic is in question as others say the bonus goes directly onto the character. This means that the profane bonus would not stack with any other affect giving a profane bonus to the character.

If it goes on the Armor it will stack with any other profane bonuses on the character. It is a only usable by a 3rd tier mythic character that augments the spell (using two mythic power). So the fact that it can stack seems to be a benefit of mythic.

Below is the spell details and I have the highlighted parts that cause the issue. The wording for Mythic does seem to say its the "Character" that gets the bonus. But at the same time the spell ONLY affects "armor".

So anyone have any thoughts on who gets the bonus (Character or Armor)?


Defile Armor:

Defile Armor
School abjuration [evil]; Level antipaladin 3, inquisitor 4
Casting Time 1 standard action
Components V, S
Range touch
Targets armor touched
Duration 1 minute/level
Saving Throw Will negates (harmless, object); Spell Resistance yes (harmless, object)

As sanctify armor, except you gain DR 5/good when using your judgment or smite ability.

Mythic Defile Armor
You gain DR 5/good while wearing the target armor. While using your judgment or smite ability, this improves to DR 10/good.

Augmented (3rd): If you expend two uses of mythic power, while you use your judgment or smite, add half your tier to your AC as a profane bonus.

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Erik Mona wrote:

This particular pig is sort of a company mascot, having starred in both of the We Be Goblins free adventures we've released. When we did the We Be Goblins builder series set Squealy Nord was the most requested figure. He's something of a special case. There won't be farm animals in the next two sets.

Unless you count horses.

Or equipment-laden mules.

Thanks! I just wanted to put out my preference is all. If they sell well then great. I just never had a need for a pig or sheep ever! Now a war pig with armor and fiendish tusks then YES PLEASE! Also my players keep making fun of me about having paid this much money and having gotten 5 sheep. I think I will need to hide the pig when it comes... =)

And don't get me wrong the flying hawks and birds from RoW where great and finding use. Druids turn into birds and I can easily use them for other flying monsters. I guess in my next undead campaign I can have "zombie sheep & pigs" show up. ;)

Cleanthes wrote:
No offense, but I disagree. For one thing, a lot of these animals see use as familiars, so for that reason alone there's a place for them, even in combat. But if nothing else, their sales should be an indication of their popularity, and from what I have seen, there's substantial demand out there for the little critters. You're totally entitled to your preferences, though! And nothing that Erik (or anyone making selection calls) might do is going to please everybody. (Except for a Froghemoth, Erik. Everybody wants a froghemoth. Even my mom would want a froghemoth, if she knew what a froghemoth is.)

No offense taken. In regards to the Froghemoth OMG yes! I have had several times where a Froghemoth would have been great.

Adventure Path Charter Subscriber

The Feiya news is great to hear. Guess I need to keep my case subscription. =)

I did want to speak up and say please don't do any more farm animals. I play Pathfinder not farmsvile. I have no use for minis that won't get used for combat. If I ever need such farm animals I can pick up dozens at a toy store for a buck.

I guess other people want them for some reason but seeing a pig in this set really made me think hard about keeping my subscription.

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If anyone is interested I scripted this archetype into Hero Lab. You can download the .hl file HERE. Once downloaded simply double click on the .hl file to start the install process.

Because of the spells it does require that you have additional packages of Ultimate Magic and Ultimate Combat for Hero Lab.

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I had same issue yesterday and removing a preorder item fixed my problem. So try doing the ACG as it's own order and see if that's fixes the issue.

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Hayato Ken wrote:
ShadowChemosh wrote:

I just wanted to share that the community just released v2.4 of Ultimate Psionics for Hero Lab. It includes the new classes and races from UP. Lots of powers and traits added. Its not 100% done as its a work in progress but allot is done and functional.

This requires nothing more than a "CORE" license for Hero Lab. No additional packages required at this time to get it to load.

We are running 100% through the Powered by HL feature so you need a single one time setup to the Community Servers to download. This means you download and install all from inside of HL. Plus when a new version comes out you will be auto-notified to download and install.

Details about the package can be found on the LW forums: Hero Lab Ultimate Psionics Package

Any issues feel free to email me at my forum user id at yahoo dot com.

Are all of the spells inserted updated actually?

No spells just powers. The package started as Psionics Unleashed and then Psionics Expanded. So no we have not done a comparison of every powers text. But when I was spot checking I didn't find any that where different in UP.

Of course any help is always welcome if you wanted to double check them and let us know any powers that need to be updated. =)

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