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I saw that Feiya miniatures that have a faulty paint job are being replaced by WizKids when the next set is released. Has there been any word how this should proceed? Should I send in my faulty Feiya now? Or would I just receive a faulty Feiya or "another miniature of equal rarity" in return?

I've tried emailing WizKids (no response) and posting on the minis forum (no response), and I would really like to know how to proceed.

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I'm interested here too. I think there was a lot of talk of "and other ways" that Feiya would be available. I never got a faulty one as she was yanked from the Paizo singles store before I could order. I'm just hoping this hasn't become some situation where WizKids made a QC mistake and we all (continue to) suffer in various ways.

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Level_boss wrote:
I've tried emailing WizKids (no response) and posting on the minis forum (no response), and I would really like to know how to proceed.

Same here. I tried a half-dozen times and always got "silence" back as an answer. In this regard not happy with WizKids at all.

Plus tried contacting Paizo and was just pointed to WizKids who won't answer. =(

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I apologize for not following up with your other thread. I went off in search of more information and then forgot to post anything in response.

The most recent information I remember being posted is Erik's minis blog post from September:

Erik Mona wrote:

And Now, the Bad News

Last time we met with WizKids, they brought in samples of the repainted Feiya and King Irovetti, two figures from previous sets that did not get the paint application they deserved and hence resulted in a lot of justified complaints. I’m happy to say that King Irovetti looked fantastic. Amazing, even.

I’m unhappy to say that Feiya still looked pretty bad, especially in the face department. WizKids was very up front about this before we ever saw the figure, but the end result is that after testing several different repainting options, WizKids has come to the conclusion that the problem with the Feiya miniature is in fact the sculpt, in particular the lack of deep detail on the face that leads to the paint obscuring most of what detail is actually there.

That means that the existing Feiya sculpt is not going to work for the proposed replacement figures that were set to be inserted into The Lost Coast. WizKids is going back to sculpt on the figure. They’ll now create a new Feiya sculpt with their current digital sculpting tools, with a pose that attempts to match as closely as possible the original figure, but with a better face sculpt.

That means that the Feiya and King Irovetti replacement figures will not appear in The Lost Coast, and will instead be inserted into the next set we do after that. We apologize for the delay, but I for one am impressed with WizKids taking the initiative to fix the problem. None of us needs more bad Feiya figures.

So, yeah, mild disappointment there, but they are still committed to creating replacement figures, and I’m confident that the new sculpt will be amazing.

Why am I so confident in the quality of WizKids’s new digital sculpts? Why, because they also brought in the paint masters for the first Iconic Heroes set (January 2015), and they are by far the best-looking Medium-sized figures I’ve seen from them to date.

Thanks for replying. So I guess I shouldn't send in the defective mini until more information is released?

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I would say that's probably the safest path to take for now.

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