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Armor for Everyone!


Great book with lots of fun options for many classes. I even found a way for a monk to use a buckler! Feats are well balanced and give fun options without being over powered. I am loving how well Paizo is keeping things balanced.

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Big Ships...


I love that these are "big" ships with plenty of room for action. Having the ships take up pretty much the whole map is perfect and allows for big combats or bigger monsters to be in on the action.

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Constantly used...


This map combined with the map pack make for a great combo. Just wished the backside had a different city layout. Use this map constantly for many city encounters and chase encounters.

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Very Nice...


Great art work on both sides. Both sides are very different from each other. This map was used the first game session after it arrived. The rocks and environment make for some great encounters...

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Just would like bigger 10ft cave corridors. Not into having combats where only 1 or 2 players can interact with the bad guys.

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Purchased as a player for upcoming game...


I picked up this PDF when it was on sale as I will be playing in a campaign in a few months. I was rather disappointed in what I found. It seems part of the guide is an advertisement for classes that are not part of the campaign. It lists underground equipment which is just a short list of gear repeated from the core book (ie backpack, lantern, climbers kit, etc...)

The town information and races was helpful. But nothing in the guide got me excited for playing in this AP like the Paizo player guides seem to do. =(

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Fun for D&D characters, better with Iron Heroes...

This is a fun short adventure of only 15 pages 16 if you count the license page. This is an adventure you carry with you at all times and if your regular game can't happen you pull it out and game. The DM needs about 10 minutes of prep time which she can easily do while players are making characters. With the new finishing move idea and more cinematic play style Iron Hero characters work very well for this adventure instead of D&D 3.5. As mentioned by another reviewer a few kobolds or lizards that could last a round or two longer would have made things a little more fun. The adventure also gives a few fun ideas to make sure a boss encounter is a boss encounter. Surprisingly there are two small things that make the adventure more than pure hack and slash which is a fun surprise to the players. Over all well worth the two bucks I paid for this adventure and more than one group will get fun out of this adventure.

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Good for less experienced DMs...


This PDF nicely goes over some of the pitfalls players will have with underwater adventures. It gives some good ideas to overcome those issues and to get players interested in going into the depths. A few more mechanical or crunch ideas would have allowed me to give this product more stars, but if you are a DM who has run several underwater adventures then this product goes over what you have already learned. Unfortunately it does not give any exceptional new methods to handling all the pitfalls, but the layered idea is pretty nice. At one point the pdf says to not take away all the penalties of underwater adventures and a paragraph later it introduces masterwork armor that has no penalty to swim checks. =( For a buck fifty its a nice document for experienced DMs, but a really good document for less experienced DMs.

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The detail of this map is great. Having all layers of the ship displayed means I can run combat at different levels of the ship without issues. As for the cannons I have simply told players that they are ballistas or to treat them as cargo. They in no way prevent me from using the map. I have used both dry and wet erase makers and both come off pretty well, but if you get too much ink in the map folds it can be a little harder to remove. My only reason for not giving this product 5 stars is that the map came folded up. It took several days of storing the map flat with books on top to get it to stay flat, but the folded sections take away from the over all effect of the ship. I really wish their was some way to order flip maps that are NOT folded even if it cost extra to ship.