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d20pfsrd.com wrote:
The long range bolt form is the smallest of forms and deals 1d6 points of damage and has a 100 ft. range increment. The medium range bolt form deals 1d8 points of damage, with a 60 ft. range increment, and the short range bolt form is the largest and heaviest form and deals 1d10 points of damage with a 20 ft. range increment. A soulbolt adds her Strength modifier to damage rolls when using the mind bolt in the short range form.

Emphasis mine. I did not find any reference to Strength modifier being used for long-range or medium-range forms of the soulbolt. My interpretation would be that it doesn't apply in those cases.

However, in my Hero Lab installation, it appears to be applying the Strength modifier to long-range and medium-range forms and Strength-and-a-half to the short-range form.

So my question is - am I reading this correctly? No Str modifier for long- or medium-range, only Str modifier (not 1.5 Str) to short-range?


Thanks, Skylancer4. It never showed me that there was a response...

So the next question is how do I let the folks of Hero Lab know of the error? Any idea if there is a better way than any other?

Go to the LoneWolf site HERE and go to the Forums... then the Pathfinder forum.

The Soulbolt is from Dreamscarred Press' psionics?

If so, it is not maintained by LoneWolf themselves.... it is a community-managed product. so you will need to use the bug report mechanism for community content.

Overall, the staff and community on the LoneWolf forums are very helpful, and can give you better answers for HeroLab content.

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Thanks for the bug report. But please in the future post them in the "Pathfinder Community Packs" thread on the HL boards. Or email direct at my forum user id at yahoo dot com.

Its just pure chance I happen to see this post here. Posting on the HL forums or emailing me direct has a 100% chance of letting me know. =)

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