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So I after several playthroughs of the CRPG I have grown to really like Ekun so naturally I want to have him as a companion option in my game.

But I realized his build and backstory and not being talkative are very very close to one of the PC's.

The PC in question is a Longbow precision Ranger with an animal companion and Hunted Shot. His village was infiltrated by a cult of Lamashtu forcing his mother to flee with him but ultimately she died and he was raised by a wandering hunter. So the whole lost loved ones, hates a particular group (Lamashtu cultists to Ekun's trolls) swears vengeance but is socially regressed ect.

The backstory is easy to work around but I don't think the group will ever bring Ekun on adventures if he is a carbon copy of Balin(the party ranger)

My initial idea is to switch him to melee. With the woodworking and giant fighting angle I was thinking bo staff as it has trip and reach so Ekun could really take advantage against trolls/giants and depending on how he develops maybe switch to a more stabby weapon once they are on the ground.

Anyone have any experience with a build like this for ranger? Precision seems less fit for it. Maybe outwit?

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In a game I have been running a player(my fiancée) Has been playing a wild order druid because her character fantasy was to turn into a bear or other big beast and eat faces.

But in actual play it almost always seems more effective for her to use a sloted spell and electric arc than it is to spend two actions to transform and than not be able to move or attack until the next turn.

Even in severe or higher encounters the fights don't seem to last long enough for the action economy of wild shape to be worth it.

I am even thinking of homebrewing to allwo the Wildshape activity to allow the druid to either stride or strike once as part of the action or just straight make it a one action spell since it already has focus as a limiter.

So could anyone provide me with their play experience of Wild order and how they have fun with it.

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In the RL section of the map the random encounter table has hunters and suggests that they are likely neutral friendly npcs who can give rumors. But could be poachers who attack the party instead of being caught.

My question is tho. How could someone tell whonis a hunter and who is a poacher. The Rostlan Hinterlands isn't officially part of Brevoy so who would they be poaching from?

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So I mostly like the way James incorporated all the Owlcat Companions without changing his own vision for the campaign while at the same time adding loads of additional quests ect. However one that falls short in my opinion is Tristian. Yes the kingdom of the cleansed questline is awesome however I feel it loses a lot without the context of his Owlcat story and that while dealing with the cleansed he is actively seeking redemption for helping Nyrissa.

I feel like there is a way we can incorporate the better parts of that story(definitely NOT the Bald Hilltop curse, that story and questline sucks sorry Owlcat) without breaking the story as James intended and without Spoiling Nyrissa if we as a gm don't want to.

My initial ideas for this change are as follows:

  • Tristian is a fallen Diva previously in service to Sarenrae who tried to stop Nyrissa on his own believing he was as/more powerful than her.
  • Upon being defeated by Nyrissa, Tristian is fooled by her into believing that if he doesn't help her he can never return to being a Diva, not realizing it was she who cursed him NOT Sarenrae.
  • While truly a good and helpful person, Tristan will do what he can to cause the PC's to either fail(So Irovetti can succeed) OR make sure the PC's face many great threats and grow so they can Succeed and be claimed by Nyrissa can claim them for the apology.
  • When Varnhold Vanishes, Tristian insists on coming with the party to the ends that it is a humanitarian crisis that as a follower of Sarenrae he can not ignore, secretly he has been informed by Nyrissa of Vordakai's involvement. Either Nyrissa or Tristian(from when he was a diva) know of the Oculus of Abaddon and he seeks to use it against Nyrissa or to seek redemption from Sarenrae.
  • Which happens is entirely up to PC interactions and influence with him. If the PC's convince him to destroy the Oculus than he manages to contact Sarenrae and learn that it was not she who cursed him(which is why he never lost his cleric powers) but she will not restore him as he needs to seek redemption for believing She would curse him so. Seeking redemption by stopping the Kingdom of the cleansed or dealing with Nyrissa or leading the PC's toward Nyrissa(which he can't do as Nyrissa's curse prevents him from naming or speaking about the the one who placed it upon him).
  • If Tristian succeeds in taking the Oculus and isn't convinced to destroy it he tries to use it personally as a weapon against Nyrissa, the PC's or Irovetti whichever he thinks at the time will help him succeed in becoming a Diva again.
  • If this latter option happens Sarenrae does forsake him and he loses his cleric powers, but the oculus replaces them with similar evil powers. He can still be redeemed in this case but if redeemed Sarenrae will restore him to his Divahood and return his cleric powers but he will be permanently blinded after the removal(and destruction) of the Oculus. At the GM's digression this may also remove Nyrissa's curse preventing him from revealing her.
  • If the PC's instead claim the Oculus and immediately destroy it Tristian is upset but relived that the temptation is removed and remains a companion but he won't/can't be restored to being a diva until he realizes it wasn't Sarenrae who cursed him which may be hard or impossible without him breaking or bypassing Nyrissa's curse of servitude first.
  • If the PC's instead claim the Oculus and decide to use or keep it Tristian leaves the party as a companion and either finds redemption on his own, or Joins Nyrissa at the house at the edge of time as her ally when the PC's eventually get there. Depending upon how the PC's deal with her and if he survives the encounter he may at that point potentially be redeemed as a Diva and rejoin the party as a Companion against the Lantern King.

There is a lot to go over here and I am typing this long after I should be asleep so it might not all make sense but what are any of your thoughts or ideas on this. I just personally feel Tristian is much more compelling as a fallen Diva involved with the main plot than as an amnesiac Aasimar who helps against some cultists. I do however understand why James didn't weave him into the plot since he is a companion and the companion guide is strictly optional content that not everyone may want or have for their game. That said before mentioning that it greatly alters Nyrissa's involvement in the story in a way that brings her to the forefront of what is meant to be a sandbox campaign. Having her meddle constantly with all of Tristian's owlcat shenanigan like the Mist, fooling Johd, helping spread the bloom, opening the bald hilltop curse, working with the defaced sisters to gain the oculus ect. all force Nyrissa and thus the campaign to finding and dealing with her and putting the PC's ability to engage in a sandbox at ends with constant threats of their kingdoms imminent doom. I am trailing on.

tldr: Should Tristan have more of his Owlcat story and if so what are your ideas?

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In the influence subsystem is information gained through the discovery action strictly personal or can the player share that information with the party before the next round?

The rules don't seem to imply either way so it could go either way. If it can be shared it can certainly lead to teamwork to better influence npcs and optimize actions. Maybe even trivializing an influence encounter by stacking discoveries to learn multiple things about an npc at once and than have the best party member influence them the next round and have the remaining party members gang up to discover on the next npc, repeating until the end of the encounter maximizing results.

If the information can't be shared players really need to laser focus on npcs that they are sure they can influence as to not waste rounds.

I think I am in favor of it being sharable but at a table with powergamers maybe not allowing it.

As written I don't see a clear RAW or RAI so this is more of an opinion thread.

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I will be running a Kingmaker 2E game soon and one of the players my fiance will be new to the system. The only class she has shown interest in at the moment is a druid(she plays and alchemist in a different 1e game otherwise she would have wanted to be a bomber).

Trying to get more than 'druid' out of her she expressed she would like to do stuff like nymphs from mythology like hiding in and out of trees and manipulating plants.

Was wondering if anyone on here has played anything like that and has a build suggestions that would help that along. In my quick flips through my books and aon a lot of that flavor doesn't hit until 7+ level.

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When is the actual end date the post doesn't say. . .

Beginning of the Discussion thread.

Go ahead and give the Players Guide a read

As an additional Source I will put my copy of People of the River on dropbox for anyone who wants to have it as a source for making a character more connected to the region.

Brevoy doesn't have a source book unfortunately

While I think over 15 or 20 point buy use the players guide as reference for what is obviously allowed.

Give me a bit to read over the PG and volume 1 of the AP to see if there is anything else fun I want to add.

Off the top of my head I would allow an android PC in the party. An android escaping into the wilderness to avoid capture and torture of the Technic league and trying to get in touch with the natural world seems fun.

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Was going through some build ideas and found an interaction I find particularly fun.

Wizard with Runelord class archetype.

At 10th pick up Fused Polearm and use it with your Bonded polearm to fuse with a caster staff.

The fun come in though with the fact that the polearm that is fused with the staff doesn't have the same restriction that normal magical staves have with the shifting rune.

Just for fun and theory here Said runelord could have a Shifting Glaive Fused with a Staff of Divination and shift it into lets say a Longbow(that they got proficiency for through a racial or archetype feat) or any other good weapon for that matter and can 1 action use a charge for True Strike, One action make a strike one action left over.

Lots of possibilities here depending on what school and staff you take and what kinds of weapons you can shift into.

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Last session I left the players on a cliffhanger encountering a minion of the BBEG called a "Conduit" that even the higher level npc traveling with them panicked and told them to run so they know that they should.

The "Conduit" can Telepathically communicate over a large range with anyone they are aware of so he will be taunting the PC's. He isn't interested in personally capturing them as he doesn't know them but they stumbled on his ritual indoctrinating new members to his group.

The scene is already mid evening and as the chase progresses the Conduits presence will make it seem to the players that it is slowly getting darker and darke even to the point of total darkness.

The Conduit is only persuing at a slow walk Michael Myers style. However he has about 16 or so followers with him. 4-5 are Brawlers (using the or Warriors Stat block with 1d6 brawling claws piercing agile) and 12-13 indoctrinated commoners so -1's wielding daggers or fist.

The Stages of the Chase I imagine will be
Run!(start and gain some distance)
Hide(try and hide amongst the forest to double back or change direction on the pursuers)
Total Darkness(designed to possibly split and scare the party this is where the conduit will taunt the players mentally)
See the light(after being pursued for what very well may be hours the pcs see a light in the dark and end up at the gates of the settlement they were going to greeted by confused guards who saw them running around like chickens in the night with no one chasing them.)

Edit party level 3rd

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A player in a game I will be running wants to play a sprite but has no ideas beyond that.

They will be an infrequent player and we will be using the aloof/distractable nature of fey to explain them coming and going.

Game will start 2nd level with the free archetype varient.

The player is an RPG vet vut tends towards Cha characters. He has no time between work and homelife to come up with something so I got approval to suprise him.

While crunch and bookkeeping aren't a no it would be best if the character could easily slot in if they are out a session or two.

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I have been a fan of Pathfinder since near launch and know a lot of general world lore and lore from all the AP's however I never really played Society. I know there are a lot of cool stories and lore in Society but wouldn't know where to start or even how to sift through that massive backlog of scenarios.

So does anyone one here have a list of what they feel are essential Pathfinder lore as it comes from Society scenarios?

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Trying to place an order to take advantage of the Holiday21 code but there is no entry box to enter the code unless I choose separate shipping which doesn't make using the coupon worth it vs just shipping it with my next subscription.

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The duration of the spell says permanent see text

I am not sure hiw I would rule this as a GM but my question is. Does the spell end when you tranform the animal back into its normal form or could you change it back and forth indefinitely as long as the spell isn't dispelled.

Or is is one Transformation per cast.

I can see in a game where players are suitably high level and a 2nd level slot is negligible just allowing one cast to last forever but I don't know if that is the RAI.

I am normally the GM and could make my own call but I am playing the same druid in 2 games with a Shark Companion and being able to bring it around while on land and poping it out when we encounter water will be useful.

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Huh, I like how he is just a conduit of a force, not just a specific God but every holy entity that is a part of said force.

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Last friday and again tonight, my normal group will be missing players so I bought a few 2E society quests. I ran one last friday and the group really enjoyed it. So much so that they want this to be normal procedure when we are short players. My questions are as follows.

1. Can I after the fact apply credit for running this as an official PFS scenario.
1.1. Can you play official PFS at home?

2.The group all played pregens but they all liked what they played if we continue with this under normal PFS rules can they keep playing and leveling up the Pregens or do they have to make their own characters?

Assuming question 1 is a yes. What forms do I need to fill out and can anyone provide me links for quick access.

Note:None of the players currently have Org Play ID's I read in the quick start guide that I can provide them with one to use how do I do this.

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During paizo con online they announced this new book for 2E that will Add androids for Pathfinder 2E and on the cover is a very familiar looking android that I think will make lots of fans of this ap happy. I would love to hear what James Jacobs has to say about it :)

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Promethean Alchemist

I think this would make a fun and cool new research field for the 2E alchemist.

I have some ideas but am unsure on the specifics.

So the research field will provide a Homunculus companion or a feat of the same name. The Homunculus will have stats similar to a basic animal companion and have the minion trait.

All the advancement feats for companions will be added to the alchemist feats with a prerequisite of having a Homunculus Companion.

A few new feats along the lines that rangers get to give the Homunculus extra synergy with the alchemist should also exist like giving the Homunculus proficiency with alchemical bombs and weapons equal to their creator.

Their field discovery should allow them to perform the animate object ritual without a secondary caster and using a Crafting check instead of an arcana check.

I need to look at the stats of AC's a bit more to figure out the specifics but what does anyone else think of this or have any input?

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I am thinking of playing one in an upcoming game. It seems fun but I am not so sure on the tower shield it is affordable at low level but it takes away from your ability to do damage especially at lower levels. What I got so far is Marytr and Good blessings race either Human or aasimar. I am completely lost as to what feats to take. I don't see any way to remove the -2 to attack from tower shield as I said so I don't know if it is worth going down that path. I was thinking Divine favor and cure light wounds as prepared 1st level spells. 15 point buy is what I think the game will have so in order am thinking 15,12,14,10,14,7 Aasimar making the wis as high as it ever needs to be before items and making the dump cha less bad. If human probably still put the stat in wisdom to get more uses out of fervor at 2nd.

Welcome to Numeria everyone dot here when you can.

If you were chosen fell free to post here with questions and discuss among yourselves ideas for your characters.

Looking to get 4 players for a PbP Iron Gods Game supplementing with roll20 for maps.

Who am I looking for?:
I am looking for players who have at least basic system knowledge. Primary language is English and have decent grammar skills. Most importantly I am looking for friendly players who are active both in role play and story progression.

Back cover text:
The Iron Gods Adventure Path begins with "Fires of Creation," an exciting new adventure set in Numeria, land of barbarians and super-science! In the town of Torch, the settlement's unignorable tower of violet flame has gone out. The only clue to its disappearance is a newly discovered cave dug nearby. Are the heroes bold enough to unearth the otherworldly secrets that sleep beneath the city and reignite the fires of Torch? Or will their first foray into Numeria's ancient mysteries be their last?

How do I get picked?:
Give the Iron God's Players Guide and come up with one or two character concepts if you want also include a build however once I have chosen 4 players I would like you all to have a discussion and build a party together. Also I would highly prefer to have people who never played or run this ap before as I want PC reactions to all the tech and alien concepts in the ap to be genuine.

Character Creation rules:
Characters will be created with a 15 point buy. I know this can make for a tougher game but I have personally had the experience that with a 20 point buy ap's except for boss fights tend to be too easy.

Races allowed will be all core races as well as Aasimar, changling, orc and tiefling as they are common in Numeria. Androids are also allowed but will be limited to one in the party.

Classes will be all core and base classes plus unchained classes,Warpriest, brawler and Slayer. If you can make a good RP and in character argument why you would be a race or class from outside these options I am open to discussion.

-Background Skills System from Pathfinder Unchained
-2 Traits one must be a Campaign trait from the Players Guide the other can be any however I won't allow choices that are purely for mechanical benefit without also having character background/story matching it so don't choose reactionary just because you want better init.
-Average starting gold for your class.
-Archetypes, anything that makes sense to be in Numeria is generally fine but some of the obvious power combos or broken ones will not be allowed like Synthesist summoner or the crossblooded/tattooed sorcerer combo.
-Technology this campaign uses the tech guide. It is not necessary to be familiar with these rules as learning about tech is part of the story however the archetypes presented in this book are fair game as well as the archtype options from the newer Construct Handbook.
-Don't plan around having access to leadership or magical crafting. If they come up naturally or become required by the party we will adjust.
-Finally as the campaign adds ore strange technology and otherworldly things should a character die new options beyond these my be available.

Feel free to ask questions or submit your bid to join. If I missed anything let me know.

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So the party in a game I am running needed to cross a large distance and the party wizard just gained access to teleport but the party is pretty big (6) plus has 2 cohorts and an animal companion (large size wolf) and an npc ally. They were wracking their brain for a bit and than the wizard came up with using reduce person(mass) to make the whole party tiny and I suggested the ranger use carry companion on her animal companion. So the 7 medium people become tiny thus I ruled they count as half a person for the spell since the spell says a large counts as two. So with one teleport instead of what would originally needed 4 (there and back twice) they got where they needed. This also will give them a pretty big advantage as it is for the beginning of a chapter of an ap and traveling by magic buys them two weeks of prep they wouldn't have if they went on foot.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber

So the GmG comes out in February and one of the features that I believe was mentioned in a stream was leadership.

With the way 2E works I can't imagine how a character would gain leadership unless it is a subsystem that you track points and those points allow you to gain followers. Howvere with familiars and animal companions being pretty nerfed in 2E I also can't imagine what a cohort would look like either.

Anyone care to speculate or theory craft hiw this might work.

Male Human(Unfortunately)

This will be the place for any posts and discussion that is not directly relevant to game-play. Once you have your Alias' setup make a brief post here so that you get added to the game as a player.

Given that I know you all you will be able to maintain a paper sheet yourself but I would like to have some kind of access to it for reference whether that is on Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive or just directly sending me the file for download whenever changes are made.

If you have any questions about the game let me know here or text me or messenger me whichever is most convenient for you.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber

I am starting a PbP here and I know all my players already. How do I add them to a game? Do I just link them to the thread? If so what stops anyone from posting in any thread and being added as a player?

Male Human(Unfortunately)

This is the beginning of the thread more info to come.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber
Signature Spell wrote:
For each spell level you have access to, choose one spell of that level to be a signature spell.

Does this mean at 3rd when you gain the feature you gain both a 1st and 2nd level signature spell? Or are signature spells behind a level or something?

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So the month is half over and the APG playtest is looming on the horizon. I have seen some talk about what the Witch and Oracle should be in 2E but how about the Investigator?

In 1E it is a really strong class but it has some weird points, for instance that it is part alchemist but extracts are kind of just tacked on for that.

Here are some things I am sure will be the case
-Hp 8
-Key Ability Dex, Int or Wis
-Expert in Perception

-Expert in Fortitude
-Expert in Reflex
-Trained in Will

-Trained in Thievery
-Trained in Crafting
-Trained in a number of additional skills equal to 5 plus your Intelligence modifier

-Trained in Simple Weapons and the hand crossbow, rapier, sap, shortbow, short sword, and sword cane

-Trained in light armor
-Trained in unarmored defense

Class Features
-Field of Expertise - Similar to a rogue racket but focused more on either crafting, perception or Tactical combat.
-Inspiration - Some kind of focus spells that give advantages or conditions. Points can be regained in combat by spending 2 actions studying a target or situation.
-Studied Combat - Something like a hybrid between Ranger edges and sneak attacks maybe combos with Inspiration
-Poison and Medicine Use

That is just the basics I can think of. What do you guys think this class will like in 2E

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So the the new Lost Omens Character guide has the Lizardfolk which we know shows some vastly different art for different individual Lizardfolk. The Lizardfolk are all one species with a shared language but Lizards in the real world are different species and only related in that they are reptiles.

Anywho with the given different art examples would it be reasonable to assume that Lizardfolk can have outward physical traits of any reptile? Could they have chameleon eyes? Or could they have a wide spikey head and color changing beard like a Bearded dragon? Can they have a smooth body with splotchy coloration and a spiky tail and be strictly vegetarian like Uromastyx?

As a forever GM in my own games I say yes but in setting is this the case? Looking at the art in the book there are 5 lizardfolk no two of which look alike. One looks like an Iguana another like some kind of Frilled Water Dragon, The Cliffstrider looks like a dinosaur and not any lizard I am familiar with, and the Sandstrider looks similar to a Crocodile Skink in head shape and eye markings and the wetlander again doesn't resemble any real lizards I know and looks more like a dinosaur.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber

So the the new Lost Omens Character guide has the Lizardfolk which we know shows some vastly different art for different individual Lizardfolk. The Lizardfolk are all one species with a shared language but Lizards in the real world are different species and only related in that they are reptiles.

Anywho with the given different art examples would it be reasonable to assume that Lizardfolk can have outward physical traits of any reptile? Could they have chameleon eyes? Or could they have a wide spikey head and color changing beard like a Bearded dragon? Can they have a smooth body with splotchy coloration and a spiky tail and be strictly vegetarian like Uromastyx?

As a forever GM in my own games I say yes but in setting is this the case? Looking at the art in the book there are 5 lizardfolk no two of which look alike. One looks like an Iguana another like some kind of Frilled Water Dragon, The Cliffstrider looks like a dinosaur and not any lizard I am familiar with, and the Sandstrider looks similar to a Crocodile Skink in head shape and eye markings and the wetlander again doesn't resemble any real lizards I know and looks more like a dinosaur.

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So I have been reading these books for years but only just realized something that I can't wrap my head around now that my play group is approaching the arena.

When the party is invited to challenge the arena the arena is supposed to have full stands of gang members. So assuming the party wins what stops the crowd from rushing in and attacking them. If not initially since the party has technically earned entry but defiantly after they show they are against Hellion.

On a side note what would be ways Hellion would know the party are the ones responsible for taking out Meyanda besides them saying it outright(which my fiance playing a mouthy alchemist who bombs first and deals with the consequences later, might blurt something out) I can't see a smart party not playing along and just walking right up to Hellion.

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Despite my many years of playing haven't had too many Wizards in my games as my players hate bookkeeping and most games don't get past 8-10 range.

Any who, is the math for Physical Enhancement (Level/5)+1? Therefore a 5th level Wizard would get a +2 bonus?

I am fairly certain that is how these abilities have to work or they wouldn't reach +5 at 20 but the wording of "This bonus increases by +1 for every five wizard levels you possess" would make the math just (level/5) which would only be +4 at 20th.

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So I am GM my party is about 45-50% through book 2. Most of the party is pretty effective. However I feel the gunslinger is starting to fall behind with no access to tech weapons.

At what point in the ap does a reliable tech gun drop? Meyanda's gun is cool but it has finite ammo so he is only using it when he needs to bypass DR which is becoming more common as this book continues.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber

The book has most of the maps shown but there are a few encounters that are lacking them even if they are short ones like the bar fight.

Anyone have a suggestion for the map for the feedbag for my first session tomorrow?

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Not sure that is is bad a lot of 2h weapons have properties that add damage it just feels weird for someone who started with 3.0 it has always been there.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber

Do martials such as Fighters and Rangers need to pick up a weapon Familiarity feat to use an ancestry weapon. Most of said weapons are just uncommon martail. So my inclination is that as long as a GM says it is findable the answer is no.

For instance there will be a goblin ranger in my game. Since he has martial proficiency he can use a Dogslicer or Horsechopper without the ancestry trait?

The named traits on the weapons doesn't say anything about needing to be of that race.

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So there are two feats in the toolbox. It is pretty clear you are supposed to use feats to get these but there is a 3rd option the fiery leopard. Can a Druid or Ranger get this by just making the skill checks or do they have to take the animal companion feat? What if they already have an animal companion?

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I mentioned in another thread that I at least want to try converting my current 1e RotR game to 2e. With that info I want to brainstorm on how to best convert each party member.

1a. Endria Aasimar Chosen One Paladin of Shelyn. Uses a Glaive one handed with shield brace and drops the shield to switch to two handed and gain reach when needed. Has a rabbit familiar granted by chisen one.

1b. Likely conversion Champion(Redeemer of Shelyn) maybe Wizard dedication to pick up a familiar and get the shield cantrip? Main issues not sure if there is a way to use a two hander with a shield in 2e yet. Also familiar won't have the same access to divine abilities as in 1e.

2a. Cassisus Human Transmuter Wizard(Thassilonion Specialist)/Eldrich Knight/Arcane archer. Focused on ysing his spells to buff himself and mess up the battlefield while supplementsing with archery.

2b. No big worries here Trandmuter school wizard with fighter dedication should cover this build pretty well. Also the groups main crafter.

3a. Rufus Half-Elf Cleric of Calistra(Evangilist archetype and Evangelist Prestige Class). Mostly functions as the face of the party. Has leadership with human oracle cohort acting as party healer.

3b. Cleric with Bard dedication would cover everything but leadership which is a big part of his build. I know 2e doesn't currently have an equivalent but I don't see any reason leadership can't just function without the need for feats. Bad guys don't need feats to get henchmen so why should players?

4a. Llib Human Unchaine Monk. Focused on dragon style and a few ki and quignog powers to boost his murder fisting like acid ki strike and barkskin.

4b. 2e monk seems to be unchained monk from the get go. Straight 1 to 1 conversion swapping maybe a ki power or 2 seems easy.

5a. Arcadia Human Ranger(Guide) dual wielder.
5b. 2e Base ranger is closer to the guide archetype than a normal ranger anyway seems like an easy conversion.

And last but most problematic my powergamer.
6a Hubert Human Investigator(empiricist)/Master of Many Styles/Fighter. Uses empiricist to use int for most skills. Uses master of many styles to stack crane style and kirin style. He also has a homunculus and a wood golem from promethean alchemist(subbed 2 of his early empiricist discoveries and all posion lore and use to get an alchemist archetype at my approval.)
6b. Alchemist with Rogue dedication can work for a lot of what he does. but being able to make constructs and be either a tank or burst damage dealer depending on his stance would be hard to emulate.

Edit: Forgive grammar and spelling. Typed on phone at work.

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So when 2e comes out I am gonna run fall of Plaguestone with my group to see if they like 2e. If so I may try converting my 1e RotR game over. My main question is do we think levels are about equivalent? My group is currently level 9 about halfway through book 3. Would a converted group be 9th as well?

Although the real fun part for this group will be trying to convert the Investigator/Fighter/Monk and homebrewing Leadership somehow for the cleric.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber

So I have a player in my game who wan5s to open up shop in Magnimar and I have the ultimate campaign Nd have figured some of it out but not all of it so was looking for a bit of help.

The player wants to open a Luxury Storefront with an added Sewing room. They will need a manager since they will be adventuring most of the time. And also a team of crafters to make luxery clothing.

So what would upkeep cost? I see how to find upkeep for workers but not any other costs like rent, taxes or supplies. The bulk of what will be crafted is to be. Courtesans outfits and mw leather for the church of Calistra in town. But it would only take 2 of the 4 staff to work on that and I know those costs and profit from regular crafting rules.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber

So just started book 2 after a bit of a distraction with Nulia and Tsuto being delivered to Magnimar to face trial. Anywho, as soon as the Party Paladin is handed the bloodstained note(Lust) she shouts "Oh no not this guy!" and reminds the rest of the party about the friendly noble who took them hunting and that constantly flirted with the Paladin. Luckily the party caught on to the Ghoul fever in the sawmill and though it more important to seek out Grest in Habe's sanatorium before heading straight to the Misgivings. So assuming I can't sidetrack them again they will be heading straight for the plot without any time fore the rest of the murders and quests happening.

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