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You know what I realized while reading back through the Cheliax Campaign Setting?

The Glorious Reclamation really dropped the damn ball. Like completely and utterly dropped the ball. That and the Silver Ravens could have made so much head way in some locations along the Hellcoast.

The Reclamation could have headed for then Brastlewark and gotten the Gnomes on their side by unseating Thornfiddle

Dekarium is another hot bed, and while it would have been on the front lines of a fight with Egorian they would have had access to river travel.

Remesiana would have given them a coastal launching point for what ever ships they could muster to their cause, of course if any could actually run the blockade.

The Silver Ravens meanwhile could have turned their eyes further south to protect their southern sea border by helping with the chaos in Pezzack and allying with the Giantsb on Thuryan.

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Also that last picture got me thinking of a new Goblin Chant.

“Goblins chew and Goblins Bite! No Longer Do You Fear the Night! Walking, Walking are the Deads! We go out and take their Heads! Grave Flesh Burns Like a Pyre! We help Kill with lots of Fire!”

Ah Old Cheliax, home of two of my favorite Adventure Paths, the birth place of Azaersi my favorite villain and the inspiration for my homebrew empire of Svenik.

I know out of hand that Ravounel is going to get my full attention when this book comes out, and as for the failings of the Glorious Reclamation...they really should have planned better, reading through the Cheliax Campaign guide there are so many individuals and towns that if they reached out to would have lead to much more success in their endeavors.

Who are the Firebrands? And are any of the Reclamation still existence?

It’s good to see that Isger is on a road to peace with the Goblins, after all their kind of hemmed in by the forces of a crazed Necromancer to the west and the troubles of the Eye of Dread to the North.

I wonder how Isger is reacting to the creation of Oprak.

There is a tribe in Belkzen that worships Sarenrae.

I...I’ve read that Adventure Path and went back to check, the Gorilla king definitely shows up in that in the Fourth part, but it never actually states that he dies he’ll you don’t even get into a fight with him. Unless I missed/forgot something.

I mean the writing itself holds that a fight is possible but it seems to be written in a way that makes it appear the players should try and avoid a fight. Guess Paizo decided that things went poorly in canon.

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Oh, I like this, Mzali has been a place I've wanted to take the fight too for some time, though Usaro was further up my list. Since the latter seems to have been taken care of however...well this should get interesting.

I'm curious to see what Adventure Paths follow Age of Ashes and Extinction Curse.

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I'd imagine the Order of the Coil went the way of Louis XVI if I will be perfectly honest.

And I'd say they deserved it.

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I mean I wouldn’t call the Goblinblood War, Cheliax and Andoren working together.

I’d call it Andoren, Druma and the Hell Knights working to pick up the Thrune’s slack.

Also Cheliax lost ships to the Rahadoumi and the Andorens much more recently than what happened in Skull and Shackles.

Their grip is tenuous at home I doubt Abrogail and her toadies are focusing on a failed colony that’s been giving that little other than tentative trade much thought.

It is stated that the pirates in the Shackles are raiding the waters near Vidrian, but I really doubt after the World Fic we got referring to the High Seas that many of the Free Captains are up to working with Cheliax. Hell one of the Free Captains I’m very sure would go out of his way to f@#% them over at any chance he got.

It’s also hinted that the first reality the Gods along with Ihys and Asmodeus were “playing” with was the First World as well.

Point of fact if there is one entity I would believe above all others, it would be Tabris.

Also the cycle of Souls didn’t exist yet the Positve Energy Plane and the Negative Energy plane are a part of that cycle which Ihys accidentally started and Pharasma finished.

Wait...what is this about Zon-Kuthon?

Also Ihys and Asmodeus are called The First, in the Concordance of Rivals. Meaning they are the first Gods born of the Multiverse Golarion resides in, they’re younger than two entities. The Monad, and Pharasma, who is the oldest being in existence.

Angel’s, Axiomites, Proteans and Qlippoth emerged shortly afterward, living embodiments of peace, order, entropy and hatred.

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Mechanics and lore don’t always mesh, just going to put that out there.

Fire arms were invented to supplant Magic, not supplant other weaponry in the Mana Wastes. They were created to fight off the Mutants that had been effected by Geb and Nex’s Magical warfare.

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I mean it’s a books about the Inner Sea region, Southern Gary’s is very much not the Inner Sea but there’s nothing saying that Paizo won’t explore the region in the future, they’ve hinted they want to do more with other regions.

I like the appearance of Geb, the undead band is pretty interesting.

Those Clockworks attacking the Dwarf and Gunslinger are Automatons from the Tekritanin League.

The flying spires in Jalmarey are pretty cool.

I really hope they aren’t, I wanted to read that.

Maybe they’ll put it up tomorrow.

So...what happened the the Impossible Kingdoms background thing?

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Oh I f#*%ing loved this. I’m planning a Pirate Campaign for my party and this was beautiful.

Beware the Daughter of the Sea!

Not much new info here if I’m going to be honest, though Sargava not giving money to the Shackles anymore could hint towards what’s Vidrian actually is.

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Pharasma is one of the most prominent gods in Osirion, and I can imagine that a fart in most cases would be looked down on in those temples. Also most people aren’t “pantheistic” in Golarion. They tend to focus on one deity over others.

I really don’t see the issue with some of the phrasing. It’s not medieval times, it’s a fantastical city in fictional reborn Egypt after a bunch of flying pyramids fell out of the sky, it honestly just feels like nit picking.

Ha! Ha! New nation of Ravounel! I love it, also proves that guy who claimed they were some how still part of a Cheliax wrong. Why they believe that...I have no idea.

How does it sound like their ready to open the doors to Pharasmins? Psychopomps are still Immortals, so is Pharasma, in fact, she's the First Immortal.

The Laws of Man too me sound like their restricted to Humanity alone, Tolkein influence most likely in the back of my brain.

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Firebrands...color me intrigued.

Though...the "naked" Lizardfolk in the middle of a blizzard kind of perplexes me.

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I mean I think only two parts were extraplanar really if I remember correctly.

An influx of abolitionist movements eh? Interesting, the slave trade is a sore to be exercised with extreme prejudice.

I forgot that the Pyramids came crashing back down to earth, what would a more traditional Thuvia look like when their entire existence and economy fluctuates around a singular item.

I wonder if Qadira would ever go into a kind of civil war between the warlike natives, and the more mercantile imperials.

Things to take into a note about both Cheliax and Ravounel's positions at the end of the concurrent adventure paths alongside everything that has happened to advance the timeline.

It should be noted that the Glorious Reclamation was not exactly unsuccessful in disturbing the status quo of oh "Great Devil Riden Cheliax", there's also nothing claiming that survivors of the Reclamation couldn't have slipped over the border to Andoran or fled to some other nation to recover and plot. The Bellflower Network isn't even fully destroyed and after a Thrune success just goes further to ground making their cells harder to track down.

Then we look at their standing with the outside world, Andoran went out of its way to utterly decimate their slaver fleet while their military ships were focused blockading different ports. Absalom has closed its ports to Slavers, and Taldor is once more on the rise so the Inner Sea just became a bit harder for them to find a way through. Now combine that fact with the Shackles devastating one of their military fleets, with an even bigger bone to pick with the devils now, and Rahadoum now being in control of half of the Arch of Aroden through retaking Khari. Isger was planning on having Molthune, Druma or even Andoran take over their client status if the Cheliax fully fell to civil war. They lost forces, territory and shipping lanes all because a single Paladin decided enough was enough and raised an army behind her. Hell an entire Hell Knight order is good as dead.

Say they try and take would they go about it? Try and march their armies through and easily bottle-necked pass? How about go by sea...oh right the waves surrounding Ravounel are filled with Sea Elves that are now loyal to Kintargo, why not try for assassins then, well fun fact Vyre is now allied with Kintargo and has been the seat of some of the most powerful killers and rogues for some time. And the Silver Ravens do have allies canonically outside of Cheliax, and are trying to foster rebellion elsewhere inside Cheliax their allies include the remainder of the Bellflower Network, the Council of Theives which still survives unmolested in Westcrown, the Eagle Knights, the Scarlet Rose faction of Gray Maidens from Korvasa and numerous religious factions that have no love for Kuthites or Asmodeans, not including the Hell Knight Order that turned tail for the Duchy.

All I can say is we'll learn the truth of what is taking place in Old Cheliax eventually, though I doubt Ravounel is under the control of the Thrice Damned Thrunes.

Godly Silver that burns her eh...well this should be interesting no matter what happens. The Black Coach and Bastardhall have always caught my eye the most when it came to Ustalav yes even more than Thrushmoor, though honestly who can say the state of that town in the advanced time canon.

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Nirmathas and Molthune not at loggerheads, Azaersi still in charge of her people, Orcs fighting Hordes of undead...okay so I love this. I love all of this.

Now this, this I love! I recently revealed the existence of eidolons to my party and they’re about to see in a big way why an unfettered angry eidolon is a very bad thing.

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Ignoring all the Vecna b+*&$ing, I can confirm I had no idea about him other than knowing he existed and that he was the last Big Bad of the first campaign of Critical Role, in which he vaguely sounded like Barbossa from Pirates of a Carribean, I'm kind of interested to see what the Stolen Lands is going to be like in is it going to be touched upon at all majorly? After all, it's the largest of the River Kingdoms at this point and has an opportunity to be this weird conglomerate nation of "civilized" races, Boggards, Kobolds, Centaurs and the rare Giant, and then depending on how much they pull from the game Fey as well.

Mark Seifter wrote:
VerBeeker wrote:
So Noleski Surtova was left at the alter why do I believe it was actually his sister's fault eh?
As a designer, I haven't had a huge number of big story discussions in my time here, since I worked on the Pathfinder RPG line before we restructured to add interconnectivity to every project for PF2. But as the design lead working on this book, I'd have to say that the overall discussions for the Broken Lands and Brevoy were some of the most deepest story discussions I've had at the company, and it heavily involved all the editorial leads (me, Eleanor and Luis the development leads, and Judy the edit lead). By the end, we must have gone through dozens of variations of fun intrigue plots before we found one that had the coolest aspects of several others without those other plots' drawbacks. I hope you guys like it!

I am deeply intrigued.

So Noleski Surtova was left at the alter why do I believe it was actually his sister's fault eh?

The Sarkorian culture always fascinated me, and I'm glad we're going to see it resurge and rise again because I've drawn a lot of what little we know about their culture into my Home Game.

Mendev trying to find it's place in the world is going to be interesting, though with the Tyrant still on the rise it's not like they don't have a new target for their holy ministrations.

Of course, the False God would through his lot in with the Tyrant, time to add another kingdom to my baron's control.

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Synarr the God of....Indiference?

Yeah no...I saw some screen caps of, the upcoming Eye of Dread, so it's really that what was left of the Knights of Ozem/Lastwall's defenders uprooted and stayed in Absalom.

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Hmm if I ever did society, Urwal would be my guy.

So is Lastwall a new settlement on Absalom now or has the army just changed from what it once was to something entirely different.

I also noticed that it appears Cannons have become widespread looking at the ships heading away/toward the city.

Hmm so Oprak is *Azaersi’s Nation* the Army of Ironfang supposedly still stands and a nation of Hobs and other monsters now exists. I like it. I wonder if a bunch of Hobs from Isger decided to move North.

Razmiran doesn’t just sent Faith Barges on the lake they send them down the Sellen and technically it’s been more connected to the River Kingdoms since it’s birth.

Galt could be on an upturn that we don’t know about yet, or simply put Taldor could be making a move to solve the chaos on their Northern border. Druma is getting some new info next month and I’m intrigued to read about it because all I know is it’s a bunch of prophet-merchants and that their private army worked with the Eagle Knights and Hellknights to save Isger in the Goblinblood Wars.

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I’m just going to quote my man Davos right now, “If he commands you to burn children your lord is evil!”

Even Melisandre could come up with a retort to that besides I can think of a few countries in this game that definitely count as evil. Cheliax and Nidal right off the bat.

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So I've been thinking about how all the Adventure Paths of First Edition have ended trying to figure out what the best endings/possible endings which will have now been canonized moving forward.


All of the Runelords related stories have been canonized going forward since Rise of the Runelords ends with New Thassilon being created though...who is in control could be shifted around a bit by GM's nut the canon states that Sorshen and Belimarius are splitting control of the country though the former is more powerful at least.

Second Darkness well, the Lantern Bearers have been canonized as a force for good meaning the Kyonin's power base has been redistributed in favor of Queen Telandia however I can't really think of any wider effects it could have on Golarion as a whole. Of course, the optional continuations hint at the Drow invading the surface, and the Dark Fate curse being revealed to the wider world.

Legacy of Fire, well Kelmerane and it's strengthened position is all I can really think could change, though the Templars of the Five Winds could have also found a resurgence.

Council of Thieves was already canonized, as a shadow and Thieves Guild free Westcrown appeared in Hell's Vengeance. Of course, according to the Adventurer's Guide, the Thieves Guild is once more on the rise though, they are not the horrid blackmailers and murders of the past but instead are occultist "gentleman" thieves. where to start with Kingmaker. See this is the one that could go oh so many ways, and with it being turned into a somewhat popular video game and being adapted into Second Edition a lot is left up in the air. I remember that the first city of the nation is called Tuskdale, though there is no specific canon name of the country so Narland from the AP could be the name of the newest and largest of the River Kingdoms, Pitax would be gone and in the video game and hinted at with the Adventure Path Brevoy is even closer to entering civil war and it actually does occur. Seeing how Brevoy is in the Brokenlands it is possible that the war is happening as 2E starts. There's also the fact that the golden end of the video game is killing the Lantern King and marrying Nyrissa fusing Fey and Mortals into a united nation...there is so much that can occur with this and I'm honestly the most excited for whatever is happening here.

Serpents Skull, well you kill a God and find a lost city, which could end up being another force vying for control in the midst of the Expanse interestingly enough Sargava has been replaced by Vidrian so who exactly knows what is going on there.

Carrion Crown seems kind of moot to bring up in light of Tyrant's Grasp so moving on.

Jade Regent, well Ameiko should be the ruler of the Empire of Minkai if things stuck to canon, though what effects that could have on the Inner Sea Region I'm not really sure of other than someone new running the Rusty Dragon in Sandpoint. Though if we ever get an expanded 2E primer for Tian Xia then I'm sure certain things will have changed.

Reign of Winter, well again this one has a lot of possible endings though all of them have Baba Yaga back on top in Irrisen, with three new Riders pulled from a bevy of characters who aided the PCs and has possibly placed her granddaughter who is also the heir to the Russian Throne in control of the nation. This one is another adventure I have paid very close attention to and would like to know more.

Now Wrath of the Righteous has clearly ended in the favor of Mendev and the PCs, however there is no way Sakoris has fully recovered which means there Mendev would still be fighting the demons though now Barbarians from Numeria and the Realm of the Mammoth Lords could be making more headway in claiming back some of their peoples lands and maybe cause a resurgence of the Sarkorin culture. Also, a demon lord or two has been murdered/severely injured and Nocticula has turned her tail for the Chaotic Neutral kind of life meaning there are new positions to fill in the Demonic Hierarchy.

Mummy's Mask, this one I'm not so sure about, there is a possibility that Pyramids now fly across the skies of Osirion, and there is a possibility not much of anything has changed at all.

Iron Gods, well since the Triune includes Casandelee it appears things have taken a turn for the better in Numeria on top of the Technic League taking a major hit and the possibility that Kevoth-Kul has been cured of his addiction still stands.

Giantslayer ends with the party possibly taking control of a massive flying castle and it could be parked over Truana in Belkzen according to one of the continuing the campaign snippets so we will see.

It seems clear that Hell's Rebels ended in the favor of the Silver Ravens, and Hell's Vengeance ended with the Glorious Reclamation on the backfoot/destroyed though some changes to the map hint that some of the things that took place in the Beyond the Border's section of Scourge of the Godclaw came to pass.

Strange Aeons...honestly I have no clue how much this will have changed Golarion regardless of the ending except you know Thrushmoor being gone/empty.

Ironfang Invasion ends with Nirmathus still free, Molthune possibly down a territory, and well it seems like Oprak might be the name of a Hobgoblin nation meaning things may have been resolved peacefully Azaersi and the Blight is stopped/ending in the Fangwood which is pretty good.

Ruins of Azlant, while this doesn't truly affect the Inner Sea Region, colonies are now possible in part of the Isles remaining from Azlant, of course, there is also the SynChrony Device which would be bad in any number of hands.

War for the Crown, well Princess Eutropia claiming the throne could clearly explain Taldor being counted amongst the Shining Kingdoms as she leads the nation into the new world after it stagnated for so long. Of course, it is possible that Cheliax is looking to attack Taldor and an army of free soldiers once under the control of Maxillar Pythareus could lead to some problems.

Tyrant's Grasp has Lastwall gone not long into the Adventure Path with the collapse of Vigil and it doesn't seem like they recover at all. I'm wondering how that one is going to end.

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Well Oprak is new...and is situated around where a lot of the later conflict for Ironfang Invasion took place.

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You’re thinking of the Cult of the Dawnflower, most Sarenites don’t actually want to give “justice” to their enemies they want to see them revoke their evil ways just as the Godess does for several of her enemies.

Also Tristian is a little lying sneak and I love him but there is a reason he’s stuck as a human.

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Rysky the Dark Solarion wrote:

"Love" The Forgiven, since that highlights a lot of the issues I have with Sarenrae and her religion.


The Forgiven?

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Quandary wrote:


I'm conflicted because I see the benefit/attraction of this formatting, but I feel that undermined by choice of divisions

Things could and probably have changed in multiple places on the map, Nidal has been more connected to Cheliax than any other nation on the face of Golarion for the past three hundred or so years. So it makes sense they be part of Cheliax's territory.

Belkzen is also more intrinsically tied to Tar-Bophon's legacy as well. All the Countries there in some way or another have felt the Lich's touch at one point Ustalav and Belkzen especially.

The Term Shining Kingdoms could speak towards the goodness of said nations involved, or that these nations are on the rise compared to Cheliax to the West and the Brokenlands to the North.

The Golden Road refers to the trade route that connects all those nations together and even further east to Kelesh.

And the Impossible Kingdoms is very fitting for Nex, a society of all sorts of mages, Jalmeray, where Genies teach Monks martial arts, Alkenstar, a land where Magic doesn't work, and Geb, the only nation of Undead on the planet that we are aware of. All of these things are pretty impossible in other parts of the Inner Sea.

The Eye of Dread has me a bit worried about what might be going on there.

Ravounel, the Shining Kingdoms, and Sakoris Scar inspire new hope because Hell's Rebels, War for the Crown and Wrath of the Righteous are my favorite APs.

Galt being in the Shining Kingdoms and not the Brokenlands kind of surprises me, does that mean the patriotic fervor has died down will Brevoy has finally entered Civil War?

Vidrian and Oprak are new names I do not recognize but color me intrigued.

Also, are the mountain ranges just named to detail them or are their unique regions?

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Huh...she can look into the past? That's an interesting feature.

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She looks taller somehow? Also, her breastplate isn't a full-on "breast" plate and I very much like that. This has to be my favorite of the new designs.

She looks like a Salarian almost with all the gangly limbs. I like it.

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I like it mainly because Kobolds actually look like Tiny Dragons now...not what happens when a Ysoki and Lizardfolk get frisky.

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Aren't male Dryads a thing too now? I remember one showing up and being friendly with Lini and knowing Harsk in one of the comics.

I kind of like that Fey and other monsters are becoming not tied to one also makes my homebrew connection between Harpies and Strix work better.

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CorvusMask wrote:
But umm, that looks like bone and not something made out of chitin

I mean to me all the skeletons look like metal.

Male Harpies huh, cool.

Also, Lem is everything I wish I could be as a bard...