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They found him eh?

The Academy?

Or those he abandoned within that tear?

2 people marked this as a favorite. he was killing himself because he wanted to eat sweets? That’s some Willy Wonka ass s$++ right there.

Interested to see how he interacts with the other Iconics.

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They changed the Golds to look more like Lions, and I have to say I really do like how beefy and regal they look now compared to let's say the DnD version...

He is the one that does the protecting.

I really do enjoy how his abilities are described and I like how the Team used here was made up of all Telepaths.

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I heard my friend call the Vanguards “edgy” because their powers relied on entropy and I have to say that doesn’t ring accurate as all going by how Velloro and his powers are depitcted.

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I want me some Elephant Folk.

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That guy casting a spell looks like she’s got mechanical plating on his legs.

The Crimson Oath...viscously seeking out Undead gaining powers through an odd occult ritual. *looks over at Arazni*

Wasn’t she known once as the armed Crusader?

CorvusMask wrote:
VerBeeker wrote:
Thinking back on it other than the eyes and distended head underneath their mouth scarves Kasathans have very human facial features at least jaw wise.

I mean, the oldest kasatha art implies they don't have noses and more flat faces like Grey Aliens do. Starfinder art is kinda inconsistent regarding kasatha, sometimes they have clearly human like noses, sometimes they have four breasts, sometimes they have two breasts,(we could argue that sometimes they have no breasts at all since apparently female kasatha are hard to tell difference from male ones at least to most species) sometimes they have white sclera and now they have eyebrows and eyelashes too

Like I'm sure if we could see kasatha mouths, some artists would draw them without lips while others would definitely include lips <_<

(I hope we never see picture of kasatha mouths since I prefer them without lips :P)

You are right that they should probably have two sets of pectoral muscles.

I love her!

I noticed someone pointing out that she looks “not so kasathan and a bit too human.”

Thinking back on it other than the eyes and distended head underneath their mouth scarves Kasathans have very human facial features at least jaw wise.

I also...have never seen a blue and green Kasathan before so...unless that is a skin tone I was just not aware of that could also be a sign of mutations.

I suppose...though I might end up homebrewing them bigger in my campaign. At least when they go bipedal.

1 person marked this as a favorite. the Torrent still in Ravounel? That's something I'm wondering about.

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Well I know who I’m joining!

I also like that I pegged the silver Ravens as being a foundation this movement was built upon.

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*Stares for several moments before turning around towards Desna and the Silence Between....* Wait...wait...



I like Desna being one of if not *the* only goodly Great Old One though.

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“Not yet.”

I don’t know why but when I read that Yorktown started playing in my head. know what, I'm okay with this.

I hope it's Silver Raven.




So I have a question in the stats for Izalguun they are said to be large creatures, yet they apparently stand as tall as the Rito(Espraksa) which are considered Medium? Is that a typo or am I missing something? Because if they're the same height when they stand on their back legs and when all fours they seem like they wouldn't be a large creature in my opinion.

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Honest to god I would love to see anything outside of the Inner Sea Region at all! Though I’ll admit there are still some locals with barebones info even within Avistan like the Realm of the Mammoth Lords.

I understand that it is the main focus but I’d like to know more about Southern Garund, Arcadia, Casmaron, there is so much there in the lore but we have yet to even get more than a few brief peaks!

The Lost Omens Guide teased me so hard with Southern Garund and their peoples. Goloma, Shisks, Conrasu I want to know more about all of them! But I really want to see Droon! If Lizardfolk are going to be one of the first races added to the game, I want to know about the place their are the lords of!

Also...Gnolls were stated to be an Ancestry in that book and if that is the case I’m excited.

Gonna be honest Order of the Chain is my favorite group after the Order if the Torrent. Bounty Hunters and Rescuers I can get behind. The Order of the Nail though...I have far less regard though that might be due to the fact that I rarely play “civilized” races.

You know...I wonder how the Torrent is doing honestly...

Also while I was writing this I started thinking about my home brew....a Loxodon Hellknight would be absolutely horrifying.

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Pfft, the Domina isn't a Toadie stooge like the leader of Isger, by your metric of "control" Korvasa is still beholden to the Chelish throne.

They are *not* a part of Cheliax, they are their own independent nation.

Also fun fact, you got that somewhat wrong there my friend, Ravounel is trading Cheliax Lumber, Marble and Silver not the other way around. Ergo they are making money off the Devils not the other way around.

I also remember you claiming that the Chels were quite stable, and had not suffered all that much even though the book goes on to make clear they are hoping on a back foot with an armada lost, Goblins being more trusted then Thrune Soldiers in the Isgeri Hinterlands and Andoran under new leadership setting up to pounce just as eagerly as Cheliax is.

I'll concede that Cheliax managed to retake Khari, however, Ravounel is a nation all of what three years old? It's going to take time getting trade agreements working.

The Bellflower Network now has another stable port to send Freedmen and woman out of, the Firebrands are aiding in stoking the fires of rebellion across Cheliax, I feel like whatever happens next, the Thrunes might not be the big dogs on campus when 2E comes to a close.

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Man, I'd be really excited if Centaurs and Mortics got added as playable races.

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I am also very *aware* of the shenanigans my party gets up to in this moment.

I am kind of surprised that Khari is still in the hands of Cheliax, but I’m also really pleased that I was correct the Shackles took advantage of the Glorious Reclamation and went after Chem ports.

Finally got my hands on the pdf, and I have to say I really enjoy how things are structure and how some of the things I worried about when it came to Lore were proved wrong/correct. All around good to know. Looking forward to a more in-depth read later.

How do you spoiler tag by the way?

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*Jurassic Park song mixed with Welcome Jungle begins playing as I crest the hill on a Brontosaurus* F++! YEAH! I really want to get this one.

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*Jurassic Park song mixed with Welcome Jungle begins playing as I crest the hill on a Brontosaurus* F@$@ YEAH! I really want to get this one.

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I really like the new snakefolk design not gonna lie.

It’s also easier for me to believe that Morlocks descended from humans now.


3 people marked this as a favorite. the hell did he not realize you all meant the 2e Rulebook, which has an actual map in it.

I will say I am kind of disappointed we aren’t getting the full thing up in poster form...I get the Inner Sea is important and all but I’d really like to see more of Golarion.

So I just got to the part where the party meets Watchknight Captain, Kellen Shaylee.

And looking at her art I have have one burning question.

What in the hell is her sword?! That thing is incredible! Does it have a name? What’s it made of? Why is it so damn big! Can it do anything cool?

Okay maybe more than one burning question.

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I've never disallowed a race at my table, and since I mainly use my own Homebrew world I try and find a local where they're character would likely be from or at least their people would likely be from.

Want to play a Leshy? Alright you could have been grown in the depths of the Cullwood by a kindly Orc druid, awoken to life on your own in the depths of the ever-growing Nymph's Blessing Forest outside of my version of Westcrown, or you could be a child of one of the great Woad trees that mark the Elves emergence into the world.

Locathah, you've got a whole six oceans and several seas to choose from.

Astomoi, stranger creatures have wandered out of the Cairncrags of Surtova or the valley within the Nuoas Mountains.

Yaddithians are as likely to walk their way out of the Cairncrags or emerge from one of the Planar Portals within the City-States of the Jenovari Desert, or underneath the sentient city of Vorhen.

It's actually a favorite past time of mine to figure out where races came from and when they arrived since the main feature of my home game is that all of the world's sentient inhabitants come from somewhere else.

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I mean the fact that Sandpoint as of 1E was stagnant for so long after Ameiko had in canon left to become the Empress of Minkai actually did bother me more than a little bit.

And the Runelord story-line had moved forward canonizing a handful of Adventure Paths in the world besides.

As did the NPC Guided when it jumped the Council of Thieves, Lantern Bearers, Gray Maidens, and Silver Raven factions ahead in canon.

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Hecke wrote:

It's great to know that my particular campaign, in which we lost everything and fought back tooth-and-nail to restore peace to the land and free the people that were being oppressed in the Vault of the Onyx Citadel, is utterly invalidated.

Seriously, how can you just up and decide that one particular ending of an AP is just categorically wrong? And moreover, why on earth would people fighting for a free nation suddenly take pity on a woman who took everything from them and would continue to run a tyrannical regime on a plane with indigenous cultures?

This is honestly one of the biggest reasons I'm not playing 2E. This was an awful, awful way to handle this, and a big middle finger to anyone who played Ironfang Invasion and didn't show 11th-hour compassion for seemingly no reason.

The make peace conclusion is likely what my party would have gotten had we advanced further into the story. Just because your table didn't work out that way doesn't mean this is a colossal failure, like you certainly seem to be acting like it is. You just don't like this conclusion, but not liking something doesn't automatically make it bad.

I feel like the team took what they believed was the likeliest of endings for each AP and worked from there, in my own opinion.

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The Bellflower "Virus"

That is a really...odd way to describe people fighting against slavery.

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Rysky wrote:
Missed this,
Arachnofiend wrote:
It's going to take a lot of effort to get the average player to understand that a hobgoblin is a rational individual.


Between Pathfinder and Starfinder we have over a hundred playable races, there's no issues with all those being seen as people.

And let’s be honest there are a lot of creatures that look much freakier that are *playable* than a Hobgoblin when it comes to Starfinder. Tiny water controlling cuttlefish, rubber hillbillies, a sentient insect swarms, Bears.

Hell Drow are more accepted then Elves in Pact World society because the later went all isolationist and xenophobic.

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Honestly a Hob should be a more common sight than an Aasimar, Geniekin or Tieflings. They’re not the product of a liaison by an Outsider and some random ancestor.

Though strangely enough Tieflings are core races in DnD, funny fact there.

Also Black and White mentality is just so jaded, boring and unimaginative. This race is always good, this race is always bad is so *bleh*. If demons can seek redemption, then I can gladly work alongside an Orc, a Goblin, a Hob whatever comes my way, as long as they have my back and have moderately good intentions.

I don’t understand how people can be so close-minded when it comes to a fantasy game where you can be whomever and whatever you wish to be...

The Onyx Road is not Azaersi’s if I remember correctly it was in the care of the Dwarves of Kraggodan first, I don’t think she’s have regained all of them in negotiations.

zimmerwald1915 wrote:
keftiu wrote:
I wonder if travelers can pay a hefty fine to use their paths and cross between Avistan and Tian Xia? It certainly is in my home game now.

The term is "toll." A fine is a criminal punishment.

I for one wonder why Azersi has been so sparing in her use of the Stone Road so far. From its II write-up it should be capable of so much more, and at no cost or disadvantage.

Didn't the PCs take a bunch of the Keys?

Galactic Heritage Foundation...wonder where that is?

Iseph mocking the security system and its failings was great.

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Orcs are barbarians hordes, Hobgoblins are tyrannical legions. They fight in very different fashions, and if Ironfang Invasion has taught us anything Hobs are much more successful when it comes to prolonged focused campaigns.

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They literally are just elongated and altered Goblins.

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Why...are people freaking out about the Wendigo?

I don’t follow this sudden rise of...whatever this is

Man not only did the Chel’s lose some of the territory, they also lost their Ethnicity status.

Are the Nidalese a replacement or???

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The art is so good.

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I mean I knew about Eutropia, I would lay down my life once more for the Princess, what I meant was nothing seems to really have evolved or changed in the snippets shown of the other countries.

Druma is still a Plutocrats dream, Andoran continues the good fight against slavery, the Elves are Elving(No mention of the Lantern Bearers or the fall of the Winter Council) the Dwarves are Dwarving and Galt continues to pop off heads like champagne corks on New Year’s Eve.

Though that was also true for the Impossible Kingdoms snippet I suppose.

Not really a complaint just something I noted, I’m sure the actual book will have all the info I’m looking for and more.

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No mention of Firebrands, no real big lore changes, but however something catches my eye.

Survivor of the Final Blades. Color me *deeply* intrigued.

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You know this is the first one that actually touches upon the events of an Adventure Path and their effects on the world...while *taking place during* the Adventure Path.

Also is that Ulfen a Skinwalker?

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Order of the Rose, which are NG and are more focused on healing and helping the injured then being a problem for the woman that helped free them from brainwashed servitude to the as my players call her, “The Bloody Red B~*~#.”

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I...........what? Ulfen are also predisposed to being Lycanthropes, and Chels can have read hair from trucking with Devils I don’t follow your logic

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