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The Eye of Dread has me a bit worried about what might be going on there.

Ravounel, the Shining Kingdoms, and Sakoris Scar inspire new hope because Hell's Rebels, War for the Crown and Wrath of the Righteous are my favorite APs.

Galt being in the Shining Kingdoms and not the Brokenlands kind of surprises me, does that mean the patriotic fervor has died down will Brevoy has finally entered Civil War?

Vidrian and Oprak are new names I do not recognize but color me intrigued.

Also, are the mountain ranges just named to detail them or are their unique regions?

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Huh...she can look into the past? That's an interesting feature.

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She looks taller somehow? Also, her breastplate isn't a full-on "breast" plate and I very much like that. This has to be my favorite of the new designs.

She looks like a Salarian almost with all the gangly limbs. I like it.

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I like it mainly because Kobolds actually look like Tiny Dragons now...not what happens when a Ysoki and Lizardfolk get frisky.

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Aren't male Dryads a thing too now? I remember one showing up and being friendly with Lini and knowing Harsk in one of the comics.

I kind of like that Fey and other monsters are becoming not tied to one also makes my homebrew connection between Harpies and Strix work better.

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CorvusMask wrote:
But umm, that looks like bone and not something made out of chitin

I mean to me all the skeletons look like metal.

Male Harpies huh, cool.

Also, Lem is everything I wish I could be as a bard...