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So the the new Lost Omens Character guide has the Lizardfolk which we know shows some vastly different art for different individual Lizardfolk. The Lizardfolk are all one species with a shared language but Lizards in the real world are different species and only related in that they are reptiles.

Anywho with the given different art examples would it be reasonable to assume that Lizardfolk can have outward physical traits of any reptile? Could they have chameleon eyes? Or could they have a wide spikey head and color changing beard like a Bearded dragon? Can they have a smooth body with splotchy coloration and a spiky tail and be strictly vegetarian like Uromastyx?

As a forever GM in my own games I say yes but in setting is this the case? Looking at the art in the book there are 5 lizardfolk no two of which look alike. One looks like an Iguana another like some kind of Frilled Water Dragon, The Cliffstrider looks like a dinosaur and not any lizard I am familiar with, and the Sandstrider looks similar to a Crocodile Skink in head shape and eye markings and the wetlander again doesn't resemble any real lizards I know and looks more like a dinosaur.

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