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Mylan:"I am not sure what that has to do with the conversation at hand. But being a Gravedigger has not been my lifelong work so my methods are quite simple. I clean and care for the deceased as best I can to prepare them for their interment."

Mylan steps fully out of the door. He is wearing fairly typical simple clothing. There is a very basic wooden holy symbol at his hip.

Mylan:"I wish I has something useful to tell you but my work has no crossover with the Torch. The continued disappearance of folks looking into it is a shame. I've no doubt some will end up in my care and I take no solace in that fact."

There is truly nothing out of the ordinary to see.

After a moment Irizzle and Meila dancing and whistling around the graveyard and old man pokes his head out of the doors of the attached chapel.

Mylan:"Do any of you young people need help? Blessings of the Wanderer? If not could you not 'play' in the graveyard it is a place of honor not a field for frolicking." The old man says all this with a dour expression and tone.

It is a fairly normal late summer day in Torch. Despite the current state of the Torch there are still people out and about performing work. The graveyard is silent and currently has no visitors. The graveyard seems well maintained and there doesn't appear to be anything out of place visually and there are no unusual smells.

Pace if fine by me as I said so we will keep on keeping on unless someone else says otherwise and you can Certainly hurry things in character too.

Is the group as a whole ok with the pace things are going or do you want me to try and push it along a bit? I am enjoying the RP but you guys are effectively in the pre-stages of part 1 of the book.

I am fine with this pace as it allows me to read and post basically as an easy daily habit and reading the RP helps me unwind a bit too :). But if we want to get into more of the nitty gritty I am cool with that too and can use what you have already stated as inference to give you a bigger info dump and than give you some time to react instead of playing every minute detail.

Joram to Keth:"I do not think he has this capability as I said I do not believe he has the divine gift. He has served torch for at least a decade or more."

The chapel of the Wanderer is a short walk from the Temple of Brigh in fact it is visible across the graveyard. It is not a fancy building just a small simple chapel with pews and and altar for performing last rites. There is a decent sized graveyard attached it seems very meticulously maintained.


Joram"What rumors? Mylan is a simple gravedigger who took the job when the last one died. He serves Pharasma but he has no Divine gift. If you have it on good info that this rumor is well founded I of course would like you to investigate. However insulting a man who performs such a morbid but necessary and scared job seems wrong in my book." Joram states with some indignation.

Sgrack, apparently you fell asleep on top of a scavenged meal last night and find a scrap of bread whilst digging in your ear. You can't tell if it has butter or wax on it by sight tho.

Joram:"Sorry to snoop, but what business do you have at the Chapel of the Wanderer? Does someone suspect Mylan of being involved in something to do with the Torch?"

Joram lets out a small laugh. "At my age my cogs need quite a bit of oil to get turning but your aphorism is quite creative I am sure Brigh approves. Clearly your imagination gives rise to need."

Joram:"No problem at all Sron, and friends I look forward to working with you all in search for our dear friend Kohnnir."

Updated the map to show some more points of interest. But at this point based on what you have talked about, you can head to the junkyard, the chapel of the wanderer(Priest of Pharasma), The Black Hill(site of the torch and where the dwarves drank fluids), Silverdisk Hall(Gambling hall where the ropefists hang out).


If you are ready as a group just say when and Joram will cast the spell split evenly between the six of you it gives you 4 hours of water breathing each. So if you plan to follow leads in town it may be best to do that first just so you don't get caught without it and bad swim checks later and drown 0_0. But don't rush you are more than welcome to chat with Joram for a bit. Being able to do in depth RP is a big part I am enjoying about PbP

Joram:"Ah, a working animal. Not something I have as an expertise as a follower of Brigh but I would love to have a chat with his master," pausing to look around a figure out whom that would be. "when there is more time and the situation is not so dire of course."

Joram's stock includes a flare gun(240g), a scroll of find traps (CL 10th)(400gp), three scrolls of restoration(560gp ec.), a scroll of raise dead(4900gp), and a wand of rebuke technology (11 charges)(3696gp) and any general gear that would be made of metal such as light hammers, most crafting tools and adventuring gear such as grappling hooks.

While inspecting the doohickey's a small collection of them seem t spring to life, whether through magic or other means is not apparent. a bunch of small hammers strike domed pieces of brass serving as bells and steel bearings drop from a chute to hit pieces of spring steel to make tones like a tongue drum. The musical cacophony ends after about thirty seconds.

Joram:"Ah, noon. It seems the day is burning away fast. If you intend to get down into the caves you should be about it soon. If I divide my spell among the fiv...six of you it will provide you 4 hours of breath. Let me know when you are ready and gather close so I can touch you all." Joram's hesitation in counting occuring when he spots Woolf.

Meanwhile.Galaxy Brain Sgrack:"Nope! Different Words."

Joram:"Very, right big fellow. Different words.

Joram:"I should be used to you 'clinical' speaking by now." Joram says with a smile half joking. "You could just say you need to swim into a cave."

Sorry Life happened lets get back to this. To move things along lets move to the

The group finishes their food and than takes a walk from the Foundry to the Temple of Brigh.

Bronze wind chimes and clockwork statues decorate the domed portico of this compound dedicated to the goddess of invention. The oldest faith in Torch, Brigh.

Inside the temple it seems more like a workshop and store than what most would call a temple but this is the norm for 'the Whisperer in Bronze'. The workshop is meticulously maintained and clean. You see an elderly human milling about he turn to the group and smiles when they enter his piercing blue eyes a welcome sight for anyone in town.

Joram:"Sron? Irizzle?, and whoever your friends are what can the temple do for you today? By the looks on your faces you have taken up the search for Kohnnir, I will help however I can, Kohnnir is a dear friend although I do beg you be careful."

I agree that Sron and Keth are both good candidates . Sron can make decisions without emotions getting in the way. Keth on the other hand would be better when Morals matter more than Ethics because despite his distrust and even hatred of some races he cares about the a functioning balanced world, maybe more in favor of nature but still closer to a good outlook I think. You could also just function like one of the parties I have played with before where the party tried to discuss and come to logical solutions and the bomber alchemist got bored and decided with her gut and bombs XD

Val:"Oh my! I have forgotten our furry friend here." Val rushes back into the kitchen only to return a moment later with her hands behind her back. "Can you sit like a good boy?" Val waits for Woolf to either sit or acknowledge her in some form to know that he understands that she means to give him something. Failing that she looks to Keth for a sign that it is ok. Once this happens she will put a plate with a nice size raw fish, bones guts and all before Woolf as she recognizes that he is a Wolf and would appreciate whole prey. Assuming Wolf is not food aggressive she will afterwards place a bowl of water next to the fish and give him some head scutches once has he begins to eat.

I like it but don't overwork yourself to do it.

Sgrack and Woolf have been my favorite part of this game so far.

@Meila you know about as much as everyone that the ropefists are a gang of local local thugs. Their main base of operations seems to be Silverdisk Hall the a local gambling hall and bar.

Val:"Well I don't want to delay you any longer so let me get you all some lunch and set you on your way."
For anyone who doesn't ask for anything specific Val does her best to guess what you may want. She disappears into the kitchen for a short while and comes out with a small variety of local fare some river fish from the Sellen, some local caught venison of which she provides a larger than average portion to Sgrack knowing he doesn't get a good meal often. Numeria isn't known for good soil so available vegetables are only the roughest of them with bitter greens but most of you are used to this. She also offers some pitchers of water and juices. "Let me know if there is anything else I can get for you all."

Val:"While I won't stop you from looking for other leads as I know your job is also to find out why the torch went out, I am anxious for news of Kohnnir."

@Keth While your suspicion is natural given you life you quickly realize she is just a child worried about her father and her home and the people part of it including her brother Sron and friend Sgrack

@Woolf your senses are hit by a great many smells as this place is trafficked by many people and their are small traces of them. Behind the 'long table' your whiff the pointy scent of the drinks loud people seem to like. There is also the calming scent of a wood fire in the hearth as well as the smell of delicious people foods behind a door in the north of the tavern.

@Meila There is no local information about these creatures.
@Keth You are sure that you may have heard of a scavenging race of people with this ability but the name escapes you.

Val:"Do you, have any plans about how you are going to proceed into the caves? I greatly worry for Kohnnir but many have already gone missing in the caves before him and I don't want any further loss of life on my account so I urge you to be cautious." Val asks with concern in her voice.

Out of town for work for the day will reply proper tonight :)

As everyone makes their way to the tavern Val stops at each of you to make sure she knows your name and asks if she can get anything for you.

"Kohnnir gave me a rundown of what happened down in the caves but was mostly excited about the robot. He discovered a small submerged cave opening on the East bank of the pond along with some muddy footprints. The cave has your common fare of vermin but he also encountered some strange humanoids with camouflage abilities. Kohnnir's team proved to be strong enough to oppose them so they agreed not to oppose him and his exploration. Past these creatures was a wall made of Glaucite with a door built into it. Just past this door he found the robot and brought it back here. He put it in the storage closet so he could work on it later knowing he didn't have the time to right away as he planned to go back into the caves." Val pauses in her speaking to ponder. "Kohnnir is important to me he saved me as a child and took me in and we have made a life here in Torch. Also Torch owes him much with the aide of Joram he was able to devise a means to purify the water coming up from underground to provide drinking water for the town. I can't see life without him let alone Torch. This is why I am offering the Tavern up as a home and base for you. I have closed it to normal business and will offer you all the food you need while you work." You can see that Val has moved some of the tables off the floor and set up bedrolls. "I wish I could offer something more comfortable but the Foundry is a tavern not an inn so this is the best I could do."

Yah roll 20 uses lots of scripts and the like so I am sure a lot of work computers on private networks have issues with it. I will do my best to describe things that way you can get an idea without it and I can move as per your instructions as needed.

@Meila as gar as you know they have so special significance. Both Val and Kohnnir are of Kellid decent so face paint may just be traditional in her clan or family.

Val sees the familiar look on Sron's face and tries to give him a reassuring smile before turning to Meila. "Yes I am Val Baine Kohnnir's adopted daughter and apprentice. I think I have seen you around before but never met you. Not many Elves in Numeria, even fewer still in Torch."

As you examine the construct it seems clear that its purpose is for repair but the fact that it was depleted of power with no clear means to charge it discovered is strange to say the least, not to mention it was dis-repairing the building.

@Meila there isn't much of note around the house or tavern. It seems Kohnnir had most of his important gear with him and the house has mostly mundane tools and items. The foundry has mundane tools and raw materials for metal working. The tavern has a stocked kitchen for making almost any common food you can think of as well as local favorites. The bar is stocked with most common ale, spirits and wine.It seems from her dialog however that Val is offering free food anyway so ymmv in what you are actually looking for.

Val:"Yes, I am good Sgrack. That robot merely gave me a fright when in came to 'life'. It has made quite a mess of the wall and door. Can you folks move what is left of it into Kohnnir's workshop I don't want it in the house. Once that is done everyone can meet me inside the tavern so we can talk and I can get everyone something to eat if they want." Val says all this quickly jumping from thought to thought without pause. Clearly this ordeal and Kohnnir's disappearance have gotten to her but she is putting on a brave face and doing what she must.

Now I super apologize to Sgrack and the party for misreading the rolls and wasting a bunch of posts. Either way hopefully no hard feelings on that.

Quick tip for everyone on roll 20. IF you hold shift and double click on a token it will open their bio and character sheet. Obviously it will only show the character sheets for tokens you have control over but for npc's and monsters it will show their avatar and any public bio or info I have put on them.

Woah yah somehow I read the reflex I rolled for Sgrack as your attack even tho I rolled it. LMAO so lets rewind in time for a second. and describe this better.

Sgrack upon seeing the source of the noise has a moment of trepidation ,but than channels that fear into his massive hammer and smashes the thing of metal into a pile of scrap and sparks

As the robot falls to scrap it lets out one last sound

re. . . .pair

Now don't I feel stupid

A moment after Sgrack smashes the thing to bits a small girl emerges from beneath a table to the north. The girl has wavy blond hair kept mostly from her face with a hair band. She has striking ice blue eyes and two stripes of red face paint on her cheeks.

Val"Sgrack!... are you alright?"Val says this as she grabs the massive orc by his wrist to make sure he has no new wounds or scars.

Before giving him a chance to respond she pushes past him and finds Sron, she gives him an awkward side hug without meeting his gaze knowing he isn't comfortable with human emotion."Have you brought these people to help find father?"

I apologize for not posting yesterday, my stomach was in a bad way and spent most of the day in bed.

I think I get what you guys are trying to do. I 'opened' the doors so go ahead and finish your turns to stand where you intend so that Sgrack can back up and lead the robot out.

@Irizzle you can shoot through the window but that would damage it as they do have glass panes.

That means Keth and Woolf are up hopefully Woolf has better luck. I don't think he has fought a construct before and I don't see the attack trick twice on his build so you will have to push him to attack the construct

Gonna roll for Sgrack he seems to be away.
Sgrack reflex: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (5) + 2 = 7 fail Sgrack takes the brunt of the shrapnel and takes 2 damage
Sgrack Earthbreaker: 1d20 + 4 + 1 ⇒ (18) + 4 + 1 = 232d6 + 4 + 1 ⇒ (5, 3) + 4 + 1 = 13
Sgrack Panics at the sight of the construct and tries to smash it with hos massive hammer. Unfortunately his panic got the better of him and he misses and instead smashes his hammer into the door frame.

Shrapnel Reflex DC 15 for half: 1d4 ⇒ 2

Got the lighting issue fixed. Had to restart chrome like 3 times and clear cache but got it. Sometimes technology is annoying.

Having some trouble with the dynamic lighting on one of the doors blocking your vision so I am gonna enable global illumination on the map just obey the walls as you see them on the map.

Gonna move and assume Sgracks turn for him to move in as far as he can and ready an action to attack the first thing he does not recognize with his earthbreaker, assuming he didn't have it out already he will draw his earthbreaker as part of his move for having a bab of +1 for free.

The noise behind the Eastern door to the store room comes to a head, when the door suddenly explodes into shrapnel and revealing a whirring, sparking and stuttering construct. It lets out a noise that to most sounds like gibberish.

re re re..pair in progress

Everyone in the halway make a reflex to avoid the shrapnel everyone behind Sgrack can add +1 to the roll since he is providing cover from most of it.

Sgrack you are welcome to take that readied attack on it if you want or wait your choice.

Meila once Sgrack uses his ready you are up again at the top of the order.

Also a new journal entry has been added to all of you on roll20 under the folder scenes. If you double click it it will show you an image from the module of the creature you are fighting now vs the iconic alchemist substitute with Sgrack in your mind to set the scene :)

Sron opens the door to reveal an empty bedroom. THe Noise of banging seems to be coming from the storeroom due East.

Sorry about the brief absence. Looks like we need Sron, Sgrack and Irizzle to make their 3rd moves.

There were 2 deaths before they got to this point and Inhave pulled a lot of punches and ignorednactions or abilities on mobs as to not murder them. It is a brutal module.

Btw about to head to my face to face game for the night so posting will slow down or stop for a bit so I can focus on the game there. Wish my players luck on the finale of 'Fall of Plaguestone'

NBD we aren't in any big important battle were each round and turn effects the fate of the world....yet XD

Meila grabs the door handle and the door easily swings open. The noise of banging is now louder and coming from the east inside.

Keth and Woolf are up

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