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NG, Half-elf Ruby Phoenix Fanatic, Bomber Alchemist w/ Wizard Dedication 12 |❤ 163/152 (w/ false life) | AC 30 | Fortitude +22 | Reflex +21 | Will +18 | Perception +17 (+19 for initiative, always goes first if the result is a tie) | Speed 35 feet (w/ longstrider)

I wanted to reach out to everyone to explain my absence and my pulling out of the game. It is not personal with any of the players or the GM, I really appreciate the chance to try but two factors have made it a less than ideal experience.

1) 2E just doesn't hit the spot I enjoy from 1E. I love the world and the stories, but I just don't seem to "love" the system.

2) Everyone in the group is great but the pace of this game is too much for me. It's great for those that can keep up and enjoy it, and I wouldn't ask you to change a thing. I just need to accept that my style doesn't seem to fit well.

As I said, I appreciate the chance and I thank you all for understanding. Enjoy, and maybe I will see some of you on another game some time.

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NG, Half-elf Ruby Phoenix Fanatic, Bomber Alchemist w/ Wizard Dedication 12 |❤ 163/152 (w/ false life) | AC 30 | Fortitude +22 | Reflex +21 | Will +18 | Perception +17 (+19 for initiative, always goes first if the result is a tie) | Speed 35 feet (w/ longstrider)

@Farol - Thanks. Good to meet you as well. I look forward to playing with you. As for a character, a warpriest can be a great addition. With at least two of us having skill in medicine, plus my elixirs, I think you could focus a little more on melee then a pure healer.

@GM - Enjoy the trip. I also will be away a bit but will definitely have access this time (travel for work, so internet is a must). I will work on leveling tonight and tomorrow and post things later.

I will assume earning income with craft would work as normal. Roll once and multiply by the 16 "days"? I will post a roll as well. Thanks.

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Recruit Stetova Hevva is eager to serve House Thrune and the Erinyes company by ensuring the loyalty of the citizens of Longacre.

Stetova is a straight-up fighter but will be hopefully leveling into the Sanguine Angel prestige class at 6th level. She is a disgraced knight-in-training with the church of Iomedae and looking for a little vengeance for the banishment they enforced on her.

The profile has the details, including the short narrative introduction given below, as well as a backstory. I still have some formatting to do on the profile but all the mechanics should be there. Let me know if there is anything needed or if you have questions.

I switched back to the Grey Maiden since you mentioned still wanting combat roles. Plus the Drow Rot Warden Druid I was coming up with didn't feel as fun. Thanks.

Commander de Boucie looked across the desk to Stetova. “Recruit Hevva,” she began, “I assume you have heard the stories of the troubles in the east. The church of Iomedae seems to think they can reclaim Cheliax from House Thrune and Her Infernal Majestrix has declared martial law in response. General Rachmirol feels this may be a chance to get into favor with House Thrune, and then move to take back the glory of Queen Ileosa’s Korvosa.”

“Her Infernal Majestrix has sent a commandment for every loyal subject to reaffirm their loyalty by swearing the Hellfire Compact, and she has dispatched agents to assure things go smoothly. Here in Egorian this should not raise much concern, but in some of the more distant villages this may be the spark that sets of the powder keg. One such village is Longacre, and the General has changed me with dispatching someone to see what the Erinyes Company can do there to make sure the people remain loyal to House Thrune.”

“Commander,” Stetova says during Commander de Boucie’s pause, “a Maiden would serve well to control such a village.”

“Yes, Recruit. An Maiden eager to serve, but also eager be a thorn in this Glorious Reclamation’s side. If memory serves me you would be eager to see the Iomedaean’s fall, correct?”

“Yes, Commander.” Stetova said as the side of lips showed a hint of a smile. “It would be an honor to serve the Company and House Thrune. I will leave for Longacre in the morning to see how best I can to ensure the loyalty of the citizens. With the favor of Eiseth, may I also spill the blood of this Glorious Reclamation’s soldiers.”

The Commander leans back and smiles. “Then it is settled Recruit. Glory to Queen Ileosa!”

Stetova straitens up in full attention. “ Glory to Queen Ileosa!” She turns to leave but the Commander has one last thing to say.

“Tova,” Commander de Boucie says almost warmly. “May you blade bring vengeance on your enemies.”

“I wish for my blade to bath in their blood. I wish to face my former brothers and sisters, who spat when they said my name, on the field of battle. Their honor is undeserved. Their justice is false. I will strike them down and snap their shining blades.”

“Thank you Commander.” Stetova says with a bow. “Thank you, sister, Coronnae.”

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I'd be into most anything except War for the Crown and the Runelords trilogy (as I am or have played those completely). I'd really like to see Crimson Throne from the other side of the screen though and I've been interested in doing both Hell's APs.

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I do appreciate the good will guys. It is my hope that the game continues well to the end. I know I was not likely to be able to hold out for it though, so it was best to see if someone more adapt at it would take the reins. I do believe all of you are strong players, and I will not be leaving the format entirely, just not as a GM anytime soon.

I do look forward to assisting GM Nayr get up to speed. I am in contact with him and helping him with resources. So, if anyone had questions, I will try to answer them as best I can. It has been an honor to do this as long as I did. Thank you.

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Male Human Cleric of Erastil 1 | Init +2; Senses Perception +3 AC 13, TCH 12, FF 11 | HP 8 of 8 | Fort +2, Refl +2, Will +4

Hey team,

So after some considering about the party make up I have a few changes to mention.

Instead of the Animal domain, I am going to switch it out for the Plant domain. It actually feels like a better fit for a lumberjack background and I don't know why I hadn't thought of that originally.

This means no additional animal companion from me. And since I was also considering taking the Boon Companion feat I have a feat slot that I can fill with Precise Shot at level 3, bringing the character back to a ranged focus (well, besides healing).

As for skills, I can definitely focus on spellcraft (not INT focus but it is a class skill) and I will likely have Religion and History covered. Plus heal with the rest spread across a few others to be secondary or aid. Probably some in Sense Motive as well.

And last, welcome Kerndrew. I would say stick with the melee if that is where you wanted to be. I can provide some ranged support as needed and the rogue seems to be riding the line. I think its a good split.

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Enjoy Team!

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Paradozen wrote:
J Scot Shady wrote:
Paradozen wrote:
The thing you are missing is that you can craft items that aren't available for sale in the region.
I do see that as part of it, but is it intended that PC have that much difficulty in acquiring gear? I may be missing that point, but if that is the only point of crafting then I still think my point is valid. Its not worth it.
It depends on what you want and where you are. If you are in an urban campaign with magic item shops nearby, it's not good. Let someone craft for you. If you are adventuring in ruins a month away from the nearest city, you will prefer crafting for 4 days to taking a 2 month detour or hoping the dungeon has the specific scroll you want.

Yes, that make sense, but how many parties will take the 4 days of downtime in the middle of an adventure? It just seems like they are devoting a fair bit of the rules to something that overall isn't that useful anymore. I can understand wanting to slow down some of the other crafting from 1E but now a simple scroll takes nearly 5 times as long to do, unless you want to pay full price for it.

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Paradozen wrote:
The thing you are missing is that you can craft items that aren't available for sale in the region.

I do see that as part of it, but is it intended that PC have that much difficulty in acquiring gear? I may be missing that point, but if that is the only point of crafting then I still think my point is valid. Its not worth it.

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OK, so I am looking into the crafting rules for second edition and I just am not sure if it is worth it. It honestly seems like it is not MORE difficult and MORE likely to be something players ignore.

If I am reading this correctly, crafting plays out like this.

Character takes 4 days of downtime to make a Crafting check and spends half the price of the item in raw materials. If he succeeds at the check, he then can spend the other half of the price to craft it after the four days, or he can continue crafting it using more downtime to reduce the cost. For a more in depth example, see below.

Scroll Example:
So, a second level wizard is attempting to scribe 4 scrolls of magic missile. He has EXPERT proficiency in Crafting and the Magical Crafting feat. The scrolls have a price of 4 gold each, so thats 16 gold total.

He uses 8 gold in raw materials and spends his 4 days crafting the scrolls. He critically succeeds. He now has two options.

1. He can use ANOTHER 8 gold in raw materials to be done with the items.
2. He can continue to craft the items earning a 5 sp discount on the final cost for each additional day spent (Level 2 +1 for critical, expert proficiency).

So, if I am correct, you can either spend a WHOLE lot more time crafting (the example would take up to 20 days) or spend just 4 days and pay full price for the item anyways. So, wouldn't it be a better deal to spend the downtime earning income and use that income to cover some of the cost of the item when you simply buy it.

I am simply not seeing WHY someone would craft anything in this game. I mean alchemists can use the infused reagents, but other than that why would they ever actually use downtime to make additional items?

If I am missing something, please fill me in because I was excited that the alchemist was now focused on crafting, and I thought that meant crafting would be worth doing. Thanks.

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Thank you to all those that submitted. I will be reviewing the builds and concepts and I should be posting tomorrow with a decision.

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The healer seems about to respond sternly to Harmini but eases off as Nimaethep speaks up. The healer motions for the party to follow her and heads into the building's front entrance.

"I've read up on the afflictions of mummy's." she says as she leads the party. "The wounds are not infectious, so he should not be a danger to others. Please bring him in, I will see who may be able to help."

The healer leads the party into a small room with some other wounded people and continues to answer the group's questions.

"As for what has happened, I have heard many ideas but nothing clear. Several people seem to be irrationally saying that the Madness has returned. Whatever it is, it seems to be bringing the dead back to life. Now please wait here for a moment."

The healer heads off quickly. A minute passes and Teos seems weak but no worse than before. A young voice calls out from nearby.

"Teos!"a young boy shouts as he approaches. "Your sister will be glad... Oh no, what has happened you you?"

The boy is a young orphan taken in by the healers. Your sister helps in his train when she can. His name is Donkkir.

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F Kellid Patient Ambusher 2 | HP 15/15 | AC 15, T 13, FF 12, CMD 15 | F +4, R +6, W +2 | Init. +3, Perc. +10 (+11 vs. traps)

Edamm sits down near Valerica and Trig, taking a few bites of the boar. She saves a nice juicy piece to take out to Ponok in a few as she hears Valerica and Trig discussing Lord Foxglove. At the mention of any reaction to Lord Foxglove she tenses and drops the piece of meat she was about to bite.

She quickly grabs the meat and the extra piece for Ponok and makes for the door. As she is about to leave she is passed by the tall man entering and she pauses.

Knowledge (local):
1d20 + 7 ⇒ (7) + 7 = 14

Lord Kaiitsu at the Rusty Dragon? Jubrayl said to keep my eye out for this kind of thing. There's bad blood between the lord and Ameiko he said. She's been so nice when I've seen her. Hope this isn't trouble.

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Chui opens the door and slips in. He looks back at his companions and stumbles back a bit as something on the floor trips him up. Through the open door, the rest of the party can see the room as well.

The walls of this room are decorated with a scenic vista of a river valley running through a desert, resplendent with verdant life and greenery near the shores. Only a few pieces of lacquered furniture remain in the chamber. A faint, musty odor of decomposed wood and fabric lingers in the air. On the floor is a headless body and this is what Chui stumbled over.

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This was poorly planned!

Trip 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (12) + 1 = 13


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Kalindlara wrote:

Note that it is a racial trait (part of the character's race) and not a race trait (one of the two you get at 1st level, but with a racial prerequisite).

Not sure if you meant the correct one or not, but I figured I'd clarify just in case - it comes up a lot. ^_^

I did mean Racial, sorry.

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I feel that the layout works fine the way it is. I feel it is unnecessary to spend the additional time and money needed to go to this trouble. And I certainly don't feel it is foolish not do sleeve the game, even if you can cut out over 300 by having to re-sleeve a lot each game (by the way there is an issue with your math, there are only 7 henchmen per scenario not 8). I think it is admirable that Vic and the crew are trying to please as many people as possible but realize that by requesting this change would make some other people unhappy, myself included. I think foam inserts would not look as clean, foam tends to become static filled, and as the cards are moved in and out it will become damaged as foam is not the most durable of materials.

Sorry for the little rant.

And to Slandor, I simply put the cards that are out of the game in one of the empty adventure decks. But then again I don't sleeve my cards so they can also fit in the box.

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gbonehead wrote:

I'm unclear why any house rules would be needed at all - couldn't you just vary the number and mix of cards in the locations to make it easier or harder?

For example, if one additional monster were added to each Brigandoom! location, that would have a significant impact on the difficulty, and wouldn't involve any rules changes at all. Heck, I can see fan scenarios being created and rated for difficulty in some as yet unspecified manner.

Which has me thinking ... I wonder if there could be the equivalent of Tomb of Horrors for the Adventure Card Game. Hell, I bet Paizo could put out decks that could be the basis for games based on existing modules like Tomb of the Iron Medusa or the Dragon's Demand. That would be pretty damn cool.

I don't think I would stop there if I was them. I would not only try to release smaller "adventure" packs (one new adventure card, three scenarios, maybe a new location for each scenario, villians, etc.) but maybe an even smaller Pathfinder Society Scenario pack.

I know there have been card games before, and I know there have been adventure/campaign games before (a favorite example of mine is Space Hulk), but I believe this is the first of it's kind. The format seems to lend itself to possibly expanding across the whole Pathfinder library (eventually).

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I for one don't feel it is necessary to reprint the cards. And as for the customer service issue, I think I can explain this. Please correct me if I am wrong here, but this game can be looked at as both a board game and a CCG.

One of the reasons Paizo has made the decision to not reprint the cards is that all of the copies have been printed. They do not currently plan on running another print of Rise Of The Runelords. While there are very few typos, there have been a number of clarifications in both the rulebook (which I do think should be redone as a PDF) and on the cards themselves. This would be like Magic reprinting the an entire set to clear up a ruling made later, and just like Magic does, Paizo released the errate/clarifactions and moves onto the next set for corrections.

The reason games like Elder Sign can reprint cards, and provide them for the customers that bought the older version, is that they release second (or third, etc) editions of the same game. It's exactly the same, just with the corrections. Yes they have expansions (which often have second+ editions as well) but the base game is the same. This is not what Paizo plans from what I have seen.

I expect that next year after Rise of The Runelords is finished we will see another base set like game (still compatible but seperate from the current one), with another character expansion pack, and then 5 more adventure deck packs (assuming the first adventure deck comes with the new base). When this is released, Paizo will hopefully make the clarifications (shame on them if they don't, though I also think they will have a new set of corrections for the next game, hey that's life).

I think Paizo as a whole has been great about this game. Vic and Mike have been responsive on the site here, helping clarify issues and being receptive to mistakes (a 14 to recharge Detect Magic). I think people should accept that as the first attempt at this type of thing (ever as far as I've seen) this went really well. It may not be a CCG, but the game itself may be collectible at some point as the first ever game of it's type and now see what it's become (assuming this takes off).