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Sissyl wrote:
Hmmm... It is hard to match the sheer stupid of the later Highlander movies. There really should have been only one.

There was only one Highlander movie. It's a shame there were never any sequels or TV spinoffs. NEVER.

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A CR20 Seagull wrote:
Tangled. By far the worst P.O.S I've ever seen in my entire life. I've seen the original D&D movie, All the Scary Movie clones, and none of them come close to that level of suck. There was a guy that owned a Comic store in my town that would chase out people that loitered during MtG games with that movie. It made hardcore MtG plays drop their cards and flee.

And yet I thought Tangled (the animated one) was a great movie.

Kthulhu wrote:
SuperSlayer wrote:
Schwarzenegger was 7 time bodybuilding champion Mr Universe. People that are into bodybuilding and sports fitness know exactly who Mr Universe is.

I wagered on the odds that neither of those guys were on the forums. :P

And the Dollars trilogy doesn't really have a formal name at all, but seeing as how you understood what three films I meant, I would say that "Dollars Trilogy" is just as good an identifier as "Man With No Name" trilogy. Especially since he has a name (or at least a nickname) in each film. Joe in Fistful of Dollars, Manco in For a Few Dollars More, and Blondie in The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

I thought Pale Rider was in the Man With No Name trilogy, and the Dollars movies were in a separate trilogy.

I hear that in some corners of the internet, the edition wars between Mage: The Ascension Revised and Mage: The Ascension 2nd edition still smolder.

The Head of Vecna.

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Maybe they'll decide to forget about 5th edition, and just reprint original D&D. Unlikely, but stranger things have happened.

Paulaner makes a very good wheat beer.

Other beers I like:
Bass Ale
Newcastle Brown Ale
Negra Modello
Dos Equis Amber
Blue Moon

I used to like Guiness, but lately I haven't enjoyed it as much.

I'm a bit disappointed. There were some really good storylines going on in the DC universe. The Detective Comics storyline with Jim Gordon's son was excellent, and Legion of Superheroes had to cut short a good story involving the Legion of Supervillains.

I can understand that a reboot can simplify things for them, but most of the story canon problems they were suffering were self-inflicted by writers that wanted to bring back pre-crisis characters and stories. Justice Society was great for referencing old stories without complicating their other titles too much, and I don't know if they can do that in the new lineup. We'll see.

As far as the bat-books go, why did they keep Damien? I hated his character from the very beginning until now, and I can't see why they would keep him as Robin if they are rebooting the title. I hope Stephanie stays around as Spoiler since she's one of my favorite supporting characters in the bat-universe. I like her as Bat-girl, but she was around in Robin for a long time before that.

The only PJ Harvey album I owned was To Bring You My Love. I really liked a few of the songs, but the rest I couldn't stand listening to.

Don't have any links, but here goes:
Social Distortion remake of Ring of Fire by Johnny Cash
Johnny Cash remake of Hurt by Nine Inch Nails
Johnny Cash remake of Rusty Cage by Soundgarden
Sisters of Mercy remake of 1969 by the Stooges
Cake remake of War Pigs by Black Sabbath

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Bender: Sure, I'm charitable. Remember I gave blood one year?

Fry: Whose blood?

Bender: I don't know. Some guy's.

I don't always read the fiction, but I'm enjoying the stories in Carrion Crown. As for pregens, I liked having them, but if I need any I can take them from the previous adventure paths. Let the extra pages be used for something I don't already have.

Sebastian wrote:
Heathansson wrote:

Everything is headed towards entropy.

Plus, we occupy a microscopic sliver of time. It's all very depressing if I think about it too much.

Can we have your liver?

I didn't mind his work on X-Force. It wasn't great, but there was worse comic art around and I wasn't really picky about art at the time. It actually seems like he has gotten worse since then.

Movie Buffy. I could never get into the Buffy the Vampire Layer TV show.

Prawn wrote:
WAsn't Sunless Citadel a dwarven ruin?

The Sunless Citadel was not a dwarven ruin. In any event, only the top level survived the collapse into the chasm.

Perhaps the vampire didn't actually kill him, and instead incapacitated him. Then he can mind control him and use him as a minion during daylight hours. The party finds him , hopefully undoes the mental conditioning, and the rogue is back with the party.

W E Ray wrote:

I love the Fluff of the Chelaxian Faction -- that's how come my name has their symbol -- but, honestly, why would anyone want to play in that Faction?

My Society PC is Andoran because, when creating the character, I felt that those kinds of Faction missions would be more fun to play. I'll do Chelaxian-like stuff in a Homebrew game where you have more fun than a standardized game.

And after looking at the Chelaxian missions -- that lady is a b%!!*; I'd never agree to complete a Faction mission just because of her attitude.

My character's family is being held hostage by the Paracountess, and their safety is dependent on his continued service.

I don't particularly care for the faction mechanics. I participate in faction missions, but even if I didn't I don't see how that would prevent you from completing your missions. It would be more likely that an enthusiastic faction missioner could prevent you from completing your mission due to competing goals.

dungeonmaster heathy wrote:

I was kinda worried about this, until I realized that I personally go undead heavy anyway, so it's a nonissue for me.

I think I neglect oozes myself....not enough oozes.

And dragons.....

Or undead oozes and undead dragons.

Aside from trust points, I have a few small issues.

On the balcony where the executions take place, it says that the west block 2nd level cells have a full view of this balcony. When you get to the 2nd level, it says that the cells don't have any windows and that's why the smoke from the fire killed the prisoners. Also, the description of the cellblock says open cells are marked with an X on the map (they are not).

The guards may not have gone back in time to save the warden's wife, but surely they would have at least retreived her body (and the bodies of the prisoners on level 2).

The Town Hall fire seems like a potential TPK, and where exactly are the lanterns on the map? The meeting hall description says they are marked on the map, but they are not.

Overall, I liked this adventure a lot, but there could be improvements, and it seems to require a lot of GM work to fix some issues.

Just in time for my birthday.

ghettowedge wrote:
cibet44 wrote:
Sorry, but being lead designer of 4th ed means he green lit pg 115 of the 4E PHB. A clear dig at Pathfinder. You don't get to call for gamer unity when your very design and promotion is what fractured the community to begin with. If 4E were a raging success and Pathfinder an abject failure Mr Mearls would not be calling for gamer unity, I'm sure.
Wait, but the Pathfinder is the one getting his opponent to "step unwittingly into your trap, and you catch him by surprise with a sudden, paralyzing thrust." So, WotC is implying that 4e will screw up and Pathfinder will take advantage of it?

Yes, that's it exactly. I like both 4E and Pathfinder, but WotC has certainly made a few missteps.

I'm looking for a group to play Dungeons and Dragons or Pathfinder near Dalton, Georgia or Chattanooga, Tennessee. I may know another player interested in joining too.

TwoWolves wrote:

So what are the major differences between this con and the Dicehead SIEGE event?

Dicehead SIEGE has a lot more miniature gaming.

I was at CON-Nooga, and played in one of the Pathfinder games. It was a lot of fun, but now, unfortunately, the closest Pathfinder Society games are in Atlanta.

My account says this order number shipped on July 29, and I still haven't received it. It was supposed to contain Kingmaker # 6, and Serpent's Skull #1. Can someone look into this? Thanks.

Linguine with Vodka sauce. Yum.

Kingmaker is a good first adventure path too.

Currently reading Irons in the Fire by Juliet E. McKenna and Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman.

Being evil gives you the power to see in the dark.

Vanulf Wulfson wrote:

Did anyone notice the picture on the library card in Vampires of Venice?

It was of William Hartnell, Doctor #1
I thought it was a nice touch.

William Hartnell is still my favorite Doctor, although Matt Smith is right up there.

Amelia is a great companion, but she's no Martha Jones.


Didn't David Tennant take up two regenerations? Remember when he got shot by the Dalek and used the hand from his previous regeneration to keep his appearance? That still counts as a regeneration if I'm not mistaken. It did result in two David Tennant Doctors, after all, even if one of them only had one heart.

Let's hope it's not the same bunk.

People either love Fighter/Mages, or they hate them. Or they think they're OK.

In one of the old D&D arcade games, the lich carries his phylactery(an orb)in his hand. Nobody would ever think to look there.

James Risner wrote:

The Tomb books are 3.0 and/or 3.5 books.

By this are you saying they are currently being updated by S&S?

Is S&S = Necromancer Games?

Who is Clark?

S&S stands for Sword and Sorcery (It is the Dungeons and Dragons line run by White Wolf for 3.0/3.5). Necromancer Games published some books through them. Clark Peterson is one of the guys who owns Necromancer Games.

Mosaic wrote:
Just watched Episode 1 of Rome - they had separate gods of doors (Fortculis) and locks/hinges (don't remember the name).

Rome had a lot of minor gods. For example: Edusa - The goddess who guarded over children as they learned to eat solid foods. Not to be confused with Edesia -The goddess of Banquets. Also Spiniensis - The god prayed to when removing thorny bushes.

Taken from the Wikipedia list of Roman deities.

It also depends on the time period for the rapiers in question. Early rapiers had cutting edges and a thicker blade, while later rapiers had a thinner blade and no cutting edges.

I liked a few of the pictures in the Book of Erotic Fantasy (especially the Dryad).

Of course, some of my friends say I'm creepy, so...

There's Yellowbeard. Maybe that's not quite what you had in mind...

Right now I'm reading Torchwood: Skypoint by Phil Ford, and Robots Have No Tails by Henry Kuttner. After that, my reading list is:
Trading in Danger by Elizabeth Moon
Primary Inversion by Catherine Asaro
Shadowland by Peter Straub
We Have Always Lived in the Castle by Shirley Jackson
The Integral Trees and The Smoke Ring by Larry Niven (re-reading actually)
Swords Against Wizardry, Swords of Lankhmar, Swords and Ice Magic by Fritz Leiber

I've noticed, as a person with Asperger's, that gamers have become a lot less tolerant of socially awkward people in the last few years.

Aberzombie wrote:
After being disappointed by both Batman: R.I.P. and Final Crisis, and taking into account my complete dislike of the character of Damien "Wayne", I have cut down on my Batman related collecting. I'm still collecting Batman Confidential and Superman/Batman (both of which still feature Bruce Wayne), along with Detective Comics (featuring the new Batwoman). No Batman, and certainly no Batman and Robin.

Batwoman is awesome, but I think I like the new Question better. On a related note: Harvey Bullock is back on the police force (see The Question: The Five Books of Blood, and Battle for the Cowl: Comissioner Gordon). I guess it's hard to recruit in Gotham these days.

Final Crisis had lots of potential, and some interesting storylines. The problem was that it was spread out over several different storylines, and the main one only touched on each one briefly. It was very confusing unless you read all of them.
I think the list is as follows: Final Crisis, Rogues' Revenge, Resist, Submit, Revelations

Vandal Savage is Cain
, Legion of 3 Worlds, and Superman in 3-D.

Overall, it ended up being a bit too ambitious and fell flat. I was disappointed in Infinite Crisis too.

Tarren Dei wrote:
Callous Jack wrote:
Hugo Solis wrote:

I wonder if this would get me banned...

*strips naked and runs in circles around the thread*


Flagged and baned.
You mean 'flaged and baned'.

No, I think he meant flogged and baned.

If we don't start cloning now, who will protect us from the zombie hordes?

What's that you say? Clones aren't immune to being turned into zombies? Now he tells me. (Frantically tries to destroy the clone zombie hordes)

This could be as bad as the bird flu epedemic a couple of years ago. Really, the news channels need a possible disaster to keep ratings up. I wouldn't worry too much.

Kirth Gersen wrote:
Did Yoda ever have more than one apprentice?
Had a whole gaggle of "younglings" at the same time Palpatine and Anakin/Vader were running around. Palpatine + Vader + Yoda = 3 > 2.

I don't think it was ever confirmed that those were his personal apprentices. Palpatine killed his master (Darth Plagus, I believe), and Anakin was apprentice to Obi-wan (and Darth Sideous aka Palpatine). As for the eyes, if Palpatine could hide them (in front of the Jedi Council)why couldn't Yoda (who is older than Palpatine than quite a bit)?

Did Yoda ever have more than one apprentice?

Wicht wrote:

It has been my experience that if you just do a little research before trying out a new show you will get better results.

Some recomendations for shows that are not quite so formulaic a DragonBall Z:

Cowboy Bebop

Witchhunter Robin

Death Note

Azumanga Daioh

Grave of the Fireflies (very depressing)

Also check out:

Dominion: Tank Police
Project A-ko, Ranma1/2
Gunsmith Cats
Dirty Pair
Ninja Scroll

Ok. Those are all old anime, but they are still good (IMHO).

Evilturnip wrote:
Stefan Hill wrote:
Evilturnip wrote:

I smell an episode of Mythbusters brewing...

I am keen on seeing how they go about making magical fire.

Oh that and one of the team in a chainmail bikini... ;)

Please Kari and not Jamie.

Please Kari and not Jamie.
Please Kari and not Jamie.
Thank you.

Ok then. Kari and Jamie in chainmail bikinis. :P

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