Insignificant gods


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There are always the minor gods from DC Comics Vext series.
Bargyn Uninvited guests
Blazon Inappropriate exhibitionism
Ekko Déjà vu
Erupt'n Prom night pimples
Garb'l Arb'l Interminable social functions
J-Angla Loose pocket change
Moxcatyl Interminable procrastination
Placatius Insincere apology
Paramour Relationships gone hellishly wrong
Qrttglbrngrltch The nigh-unpronouncable inadvertent Armageddon
Rypta Gud'n Ill-timed flatulence
Shrike M'ota Emasculating shrews
Tedyum Bloated windbags
Textacl The perpetually cuckolded
Vext Mishap and misfortune
Yammar Incessant nagging

Mosaic wrote:
Just watched Episode 1 of Rome - they had separate gods of doors (Fortculis) and locks/hinges (don't remember the name).

Rome had a lot of minor gods. For example: Edusa - The goddess who guarded over children as they learned to eat solid foods. Not to be confused with Edesia -The goddess of Banquets. Also Spiniensis - The god prayed to when removing thorny bushes.

Taken from the Wikipedia list of Roman deities.

Set wrote:
Considering Priapus, I'm surprised there isn't a goddess of boobies.

Well, some ancient goddesses were portrayed with dozens of breasts (Artemis was one).

Set wrote:
The king of all mammoths (and various other 'animal kings,' like the old Cat Lord from the 1st edition MM2).

The Cat Lord also appeared in the 3E Epic Level Handbook.

Loving this thread BTW

The Tooth Fairy
Toe Jam Fairy
Morningbreath Fairy (A very unpopular god)

The romans also had some bigger gods that were pretty limited in scope.

How about Bellona, the goddess of warfare abroad?

No Craig Shaw Gardener fans here?

Plaugg, The Semi Magnificent- Worshiped by a band of Monks running an Inn.
Hail Plaugg, the overwhelmingly adequate!

In Babylon 5 season 1 all of the races discuss their religions. The Centauri are based on Romans in many ways. Especially when discussing the god of excessive drinking and the god of half opened doors.

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