What minor artifact do I pick?


I'm playing a Ninja 6/Paladin 6/Sorcerer 1/Dragon Disciple 5, and I am owed a minor artifact. I can pick whatever I want, and the GM will decide whether I can have it or not. Out of everything in CRB, APG, UM, and UC, which artifact would be most useful to a stealthy skirmishing holy warrior who tends to prepare her battle strategies very carefully, uses stealth, guile, and misdirection as much as possible, and who buffs herself with draconic magic to make her better at fighting?

apparatus of kwalish, definitely.

An artifact to get a nice if your GM is lenient with wishes:
Talisman of Reluctant Wishes

Aura strong conjuration; CL 20th

Slot none; Weight 1 lb.


A talisman of reluctant wishes appears the same as a stone of controlling earth elementals, a rugged rock that seems to pulse with an inner power. Its powers are quite different, however, and are dependent on the Charisma of the holder. Any character touching a talisman of reluctant wishes must make a DC 15 Charisma check.

If the check fails, the talisman acts as a stone of weight. Discarding it results in 5d6 points of damage to the character and the disappearance of the talisman.

If the check succeeds, the talisman remains with the character for 5d6 hours, or until a wish is made with it, whichever comes first. It then disappears.

If the check roll is a natural 20, the talisman remains for a number of months equal to the character's Charisma score, resisting any effort to get rid of it by reappearing in the character's possession, in a back pocket, at the bottom of his pack, or the like.

The artifact grants one wish for every 6 points of the character's Charisma (round down). It grows warm and throbs whenever its possessor comes within 20 feet of a mechanical or magic trap. (If the talisman is not held, its warning heat and pulses are of no avail.)

Regardless of which reaction results, a talisman of reluctant wishes disappears when its time expires, leaving behind a large diamond in its stead, valued at 1,000 gp per point of the character's Charisma.


A talisman of reluctant wishes can be destroyed by wishing it so, using either one of the stone's wishes or a wish spell from another source. The stone then explodes, causing 5d6 points of damage to the holder.

You do have to make a charisma check however.

I can't find that one in the SRD.

wraithstrike wrote:

** spoiler omitted **

You do have to make a charisma check however.

Not sure I want to mess with wishes.

None of the others are related to what you want that are in the main books. Would he be open to something from the adventure paths?

wraithstrike wrote:
None of the others are related to what you want that are in the main books. Would he be open to something from the adventure paths?

Maybe, depending on what it is.

I'm happy with any artifact that improves either my melee ability, my social skills, my mobility, my stealth, or my spellcasting. As long as it does one of those, I am happy.

What about a deck of many things?

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What is your alignment?

blackbloodtroll wrote:
What is your alignment?

I don't have one. The system isn't used. If it was, I'd probably be Lawful Good or Neutral Good, based on how I behave.

The deck of many things is more dangerous than the item I suggested, IMHO. At least with a wish you can ask your GM ahead of time how far you can push things without getting into trouble. The deck can make you lose your character without warning.

I already know how far I can push a Wish. Not far. It is a VERY dangerous spell to use in this campaign setting.

I could get a couple major wondrous items if there aren't any good artifacts.

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Serithtial is a awesome weapon that fits itself to you.

3 spring to mind for minor artifacts (no really check the list on the SRD this stuff is nice for minor artifacts, some of it I would pick over actual ones.) that do not have horrible drawbacks that will bit you in the rear (anything wish based)

1. Decemvirate helm (combo of most the anti-diviantion and anti-illusion spells and magic in one item)
The RP explanations for why you have such an object are significant but that is why you are an 18th level character.
Defensive/ investigative/ stealth item,
Immunity to magical attempts at mind control , permanent true seeing, permanent disguise self, 100 foot telepathy and immunity to gaze effects
You are basically the invisible man in most any social situation.

2. the revelation quill grants you the ability to straight up as the GM a question about your current situation and the item roll a percentile (something like 95% success rate for a CL 20) if the roll succeeds he basically need to huck you a clue about whatever it is you want to ask.
Being able to cast Contact other plane 1/week safely is a fairly big bonus as well it being one of the better but also significantly more dangerous divination magics in DnD.
This object will give you a massive amount of information if you word your questions correctly. Knowledge is power after all.
Offensive/ RP item, useful for planning assaults but still negated by mind blank.

3. Staff of the Magi
One word "Utility"
As a lower level caster you can't utilize it to its potential without an epic UMD check but even without SM9 and Gate on the list of things you can cast with that damned thing the advantages to the Staff are huge.
Just take a look at the shenanigans you could pull with some of the stuff on that staffs list and chuckle.

The Head of Vecna.

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Vecna is 3.5 man.

@BlackBloodTroll: That's a classic D&D joke, right up there with the legend of the Gazeebo. Google for "Head of Vecna".

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I missed that one.

blackbloodtroll wrote:
Vecna is 3.5 man.

ha! Vecna is 0e. We were cruising around w/ the Eye of Vecna in our possession for a while in my 1e group in college. My cleric character commissions a set of boxes like matrushka dolls, each with numerous clasps/locks/fasteners. Every night before bed, I put a glyph on it. after a month or so, opening that thing was going to be like an atomic blast test.

Kelsey MacAilbert wrote:
What about a deck of many things?

If you ever see a deck of many things run in the other direction. The last time one showed up in a campaign I played in half the party ended up in the void. The spellcasting half.

sphere of annihilation, and go for the tarrasque.

It can backfire like hell, but it will be fun.

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Use the intelligent item section in the core book and make an intelligent minor artifact that fits the PC and game. PF does not have a lot of minor artifacts.

If you can talk him up a level... Lol

Every Paly/Sorc needs a castle
Cloud Castle of the Storm King would be a great base of operations and benefit the entire group. From the APG.

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Beacon of True Faith.

Or the old sphere of annihilation, if you're smart enough to use it more or less reliably.

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Kelsey MacAilbert wrote:
I'm playing a Ninja 6/Paladin 6/Sorcerer 1/Dragon Disciple 5, and I am owed a minor artifact.

Owed a minor artifact? What do you have in your posesion? A Cosmic I.O.U. from the Order of the Stick? A down payment on your soul from the IFCC?

Philosopher's Stone? Then again, I'm a greedy bastard lol

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