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I'm looking for a group to play Dungeons and Dragons or Pathfinder near Dalton, Georgia or Chattanooga, Tennessee. I may know another player interested in joining too.

My account says this order number shipped on July 29, and I still haven't received it. It was supposed to contain Kingmaker # 6, and Serpent's Skull #1. Can someone look into this? Thanks.

This looks interesting. Any chance it will be back in stock anytime soon?

I received an email on October 3 that my Pathfinder #2 had been shipped. I still have not received it. The email said it was shipped to my current address (in Dalton, GA), but it is possible that it shipped to my former address in Florida.

Can you check on this?

I just moved to Dalton, Georgia (from Florida), and I'm looking for a gaming group. I would really like to play Castles and Crusades, but I also play other games.

Games played:
Castles and Crusades
Dungeons and Dragons (1st, 2nd, 3rd editions)
World of Darkness
Alternity (Star Drive, Dark Matter)
Palladium (Fantasy, Rifts, Heroes Unlimited, TMNT, Robotech)
Deadlands (HOE)
Call of Cthulhu

I ordered: Dungeon # 123 and
Dungeon Crawl Classics #14: Dungeon Interludes
on January 11, and I still haven't received it. Can someone look into this?

Thank you.