Dalton, Georgia

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I'm looking for a group to play Dungeons and Dragons or Pathfinder near Dalton, Georgia or Chattanooga, Tennessee. I may know another player interested in joining too.

Grand Lodge

I don't know if you're still looking (nearly a year later), but I do want to get a group going in Chattanooga. I'm starting a game here in town at UTC but I also want to play in a game (so I need a GM).

Please get back to me at averykrouse AT gmail DOT com.

Hey new to the Dalton area and looking to start playing again. I am a 10 year DM, and fluent in 3.5 with some experience with 2nd and 4th editions. Anyone else looking to play can Contact me at MIken805 at yah oo dot com

I currently live near Chattanooga and would love to get into a Pathfinder game. You guys still interested?

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