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Hmm... looks like either would put us high tier.
So do we need a moderate melee presence, or a moderate druidic presence.

Am here... just caught up over the weekend!

The tricky part will be finding a character to play!
Don't have alot of lower tier guys. =)

Looks like 3 slayer, or 4 druid would be the best bets.

Would one of those push us up a tier? It is seasons 0, so high tier shouldn't be totally horrible.

GM supervillan wrote:
I could run 0-23 Tide of Morning. It's a pretty fast scenario that I've already played.

Ooo... this is the only remaining season 0 scenario I have not played!

Would love to cross it off the list finally.

Have 2 core PC's at level 9. (monk or paladin/bard/dragon disciple)

Willing to bring either! Though would prefer the monk as he's only one XP from leveling =)

GM Aldizog wrote:
Core PC 5-9 (preferably on the higher side and willing to play down) needed for Valley of Veiled Flame!

I would be willing to take the spot!

Have 2 level 9 core pc's.


So as of now, we have just the GM early signup stuff, and we can only sign up for a single table.

When it opens up to everyone, what will the limit be then? Not sure if I've seen the table limitations mentioned anywhere, thus far.

There used to be a page on the signup worksheet that had the info, but not there at the moment.


Oh... just one? Thought it was going to be 2. (off to make adjustments!)

Would like to reserve a spot via the GM early access as well.
Which PC.... unsure at the moment, though high tier is the goal.

Just know this is one of the few earlier scenarios I've not played! So would like the opportunity.


And nothing prevents you from withdrawing your entry from a FCFS game, if you manage to finagle a non-FCFS game after the fact.

altar self and other polymorph effects will get rid of the wings altogether. So they wouldn't be able to use them.

Not sure if that's the desire here.

Illusions are the way to go, I'd guess... though perhaps something higher up than disguise self to avoid the limitations.

Permanent Illusion maybe?

(though I totally agree with the previous poster... such things are far too common, imo.)

I've plenty of PC's to play, and would like to play both for sure... though there seem to be a great number of folks here.

a level 3 (tiefling slayer)
a level 4 (dwarf druid)
two level 5's (human kineticist and a grippli magus)
three level 6's (nagaji brawler, human investigator, and an unchained halfling summoner)
a level 7 (dwarf rogue)

Don't even know where to start with all that. (Though would probably avoid the brawler, if only cause the Haiku takes a lot of work, and this is 2 scenarios long!)

Sorry for not replying quicker.
As much as I'd like to get it... think I'll avoid the 7 person table for 7 people's sake. =)

Have fun all.

Looks like you already have 6, no?

One of those few that I'm missing from the earlier 3/4ths of the seasons.

So would like to apply as well.
Have many PC's in the 6-8 range.
brawler 6
(unchained) summoner 6
investigator 6
rogue 7
cleric/rogue 6/1
ranger 8

There is a PFS scenario where the bad guy has been stitching together the parts of different demons to create new creations.

Many of those are listed as variant unfettered eidolons.

Jeeze... doesn't seem like much of your pre-mustering showed at all.
Hopefully one of them was the one that wanted it limited to 5. Heh.

But are you looking for a 6th?

for completeness sake... though not the direction you're likely looking to go...

2 levels in the goblin feral gnasher barbarian racial archetype gives you Throw Anything as a bonus feat, and allows you to pick up unattended objects as a free action.

was wondering why no one answered with 'water elemental' or the like. >8)

Nice to see more mature responses....

At least 'til me. =)


Bah... was waiting for that... but still got ninjad on the one I was waiting to sign in on. =)

I be too slow!

Unfortunately, we're limited by the 'scenario list' theme for Outpost.

So any ol' scenario is not always an option. =)

Am interested. A few PC's to choose from.

Including a level 5 grippli magus or human kineticist.
Plus a couple level 3 slayer, and a level 4 druid.

Nothing low tier, unfortunately.

The important question is... where does it say what direction your telikinetic attack comes from?

In fact, telikinesis seems to imply the force can be from wherever within range, and travel in any direction within range, in its description of the violent thrust usage. So the force can come from the left, the right, in front, behind, under, over, et al.

If you assume it can be from any direction, then you can push them from behind (like drag) or the side (like reposition)... so bull rush alone covers them.

Or go separatist, and be the keeper of animal secrets. =)

People are confusing Possessed (the oracle archetype) and Haunted (the oracle curse), methinks.
They are different things. =)

The possessed oracle has to pick the Two Minds revelation at first level.
So if you want anything else, you'd have to get it via extra revelation.
They are also required to take the Haunted curse... so if you want Lame as well (for fatigue immunity) then you pretty much have to take the Duel Cursed Archetype as well. Not sure if they stack.

I could potentially offer you a 6th PC...

But its a 14th level archery focused flame oracle, with no real skills to speak of... so not sure if it fills the holes you're looking to shore up.


Blake's Tiger wrote:
This is distinctly different than PFS1.

Is it?

Its my understanding that PF1 works the exact same way.
You get the automatic language(s), and thebn can pick from your bonus racial language, or any of the regional languages, if your int is high enough to allow more.

lesser rods rarely work on metamagiced fireballs.

As soon as its relative level goes up by 1, the lesser rod no longer works.


10.15 (Tapestry's Trial) is kind of important in there.

That Crazy Alchemist wrote:
Force Ward would not protect against grapples since grapples aren't "attacks" in the technical sense, since an attack requires an attack roll, which grapples do not make, they make CMB rolls.

Combat maneuvers are indeed attacks.

And they do indeed require an attack roll.

CRB: Combat wrote:
When you attempt to perform a combat maneuver, make an attack roll and add your CMB in place of your normal attack bonus. Add any bonuses you currently have on attack rolls due to spells, feats, and other effects. These bonuses must be applicable to the weapon or attack used to perform the maneuver. The DC of this maneuver is your target's Combat Maneuver Defense. Combat maneuvers are attack rolls, so you must roll for concealment and take any other penalties that would normally apply to an attack roll.

But the longsword is not a finessable weapon.
So you'd have to find a way around that first.

So a question... if someone just isn't responding during a pbp... then its typically considered fine to 'Bot' them for a bit. (like they went to the bathroom in a tabletop game)

But, if someone pulls out of everything, much like Noral did... that's different right... more akin to them picking up their stuff, and going home.

In the later case, I'm not allowed to 'bot' them anymore, as they are no longer considered present, right? Heaven forbid you manage to kill a PC who's technically no longer at the table.

Just want to clarify.

Well, with the evangalist cleric, kind of makes me bringing a bard uneccessary...

So delusional summoner it will be!


Hmm... haven't seen Through the Maelstrom Rift show up, but all three Bonekeeps and both of the Aspis ones certainly popped in on their own.
(This is at 4 stars)

Dotting in with both I'm trying to avoid =)

I'm definitely in (lvl 12, either way)... and have been monitoring the campaign threads.

Yes, it was bad during the web sight upgrade a few months back... but has been fine for a while now, until this week... when it seems to have reverted back to its delayed status.

Annoying, but glad they're looking into it.

Drinking will cause exposure.

Hell, getting exposed is half the fun of that scenario.

I'm still waiting for a final roster, before deciding which of the two to play =)

and you can't train out the proficiency you get in light armor for your class.


Alright, so I know there are a bunch of Season 0 scenarios that have been retired from Organized play...

But I also know that over the past few Paizocons, they've had a special lottery event, where they took one of these retired scenarios, revamped it to upgrade to the PF1 edition, and played those for credit at said conventions.

So my question is, since someone went through the effort to revamp them, and PF1 is going on the backburner... is there any chance those affected retired scenarios might get officially updated and unretired?

bah humbug!

We've room for a 6th, yes indeed.
we're in the 12-13 tier.

The summoner doesn't summon stuff... At least very rarely =)
He just stands around looking pretty while the eidolon does the useful things.

Anyone with a preference of bard over summoner?

I could join as well... Have two level 12's sitting on the shelf at the moment, depending on need.

an old school summoner with a boat
and a bard with a musket

No. You need line of sight to target that (and many other) spell(s).


Saw the pm last night.
Appreciate the invite... but looks like you're already covered!

Which is fine, don't have many low level pc's at present, anyway. =)

Percussion gives a fair bit of leeway as well... from stomping your foot on the ground, punching a wall, to banging a weapon on a shield.

Hell, if you did it right, you could smash things on the enemy to create a percussive rhythm. =)

Anyone have preferences?
Bard works with the melee sorts... but the oracle would provide some possible much needed healing.
The summoner seems unnecessary.


Christian Dragos wrote:
The few scenarios I ran that contained mythic rules had them listed in the creatures' stat blocks. So, no Mythic Rulebook needed.

This is not my experience.

Quite often you'll run across a monster with a mythic template, and you might not even immediately realize it is one. Stuff like Agile or Savage or the like... its easy to assume it was just part of the critters name... not a template.

Very few of them do I recall seeing a description of said templates.

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