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That Crazy Alchemist wrote:
Force Ward would not protect against grapples since grapples aren't "attacks" in the technical sense, since an attack requires an attack roll, which grapples do not make, they make CMB rolls.

Combat maneuvers are indeed attacks.

And they do indeed require an attack roll.

CRB: Combat wrote:
When you attempt to perform a combat maneuver, make an attack roll and add your CMB in place of your normal attack bonus. Add any bonuses you currently have on attack rolls due to spells, feats, and other effects. These bonuses must be applicable to the weapon or attack used to perform the maneuver. The DC of this maneuver is your target's Combat Maneuver Defense. Combat maneuvers are attack rolls, so you must roll for concealment and take any other penalties that would normally apply to an attack roll.

But the longsword is not a finessable weapon.
So you'd have to find a way around that first.

So a question... if someone just isn't responding during a pbp... then its typically considered fine to 'Bot' them for a bit. (like they went to the bathroom in a tabletop game)

But, if someone pulls out of everything, much like Noral did... that's different right... more akin to them picking up their stuff, and going home.

In the later case, I'm not allowed to 'bot' them anymore, as they are no longer considered present, right? Heaven forbid you manage to kill a PC who's technically no longer at the table.

Just want to clarify.

Well, with the evangalist cleric, kind of makes me bringing a bard uneccessary...

So delusional summoner it will be!


Hmm... haven't seen Through the Maelstrom Rift show up, but all three Bonekeeps and both of the Aspis ones certainly popped in on their own.
(This is at 4 stars)

Dotting in with both I'm trying to avoid =)

I'm definitely in (lvl 12, either way)... and have been monitoring the campaign threads.

Yes, it was bad during the web sight upgrade a few months back... but has been fine for a while now, until this week... when it seems to have reverted back to its delayed status.

Annoying, but glad they're looking into it.

Drinking will cause exposure.

Hell, getting exposed is half the fun of that scenario.

I'm still waiting for a final roster, before deciding which of the two to play =)

and you can't train out the proficiency you get in light armor for your class.


Alright, so I know there are a bunch of Season 0 scenarios that have been retired from Organized play...

But I also know that over the past few Paizocons, they've had a special lottery event, where they took one of these retired scenarios, revamped it to upgrade to the PF1 edition, and played those for credit at said conventions.

So my question is, since someone went through the effort to revamp them, and PF1 is going on the backburner... is there any chance those affected retired scenarios might get officially updated and unretired?

bah humbug!

We've room for a 6th, yes indeed.
we're in the 12-13 tier.

The summoner doesn't summon stuff... At least very rarely =)
He just stands around looking pretty while the eidolon does the useful things.

Anyone with a preference of bard over summoner?

I could join as well... Have two level 12's sitting on the shelf at the moment, depending on need.

an old school summoner with a boat
and a bard with a musket

No. You need line of sight to target that (and many other) spell(s).


Saw the pm last night.
Appreciate the invite... but looks like you're already covered!

Which is fine, don't have many low level pc's at present, anyway. =)

Percussion gives a fair bit of leeway as well... from stomping your foot on the ground, punching a wall, to banging a weapon on a shield.

Hell, if you did it right, you could smash things on the enemy to create a percussive rhythm. =)

Anyone have preferences?
Bard works with the melee sorts... but the oracle would provide some possible much needed healing.
The summoner seems unnecessary.


Christian Dragos wrote:
The few scenarios I ran that contained mythic rules had them listed in the creatures' stat blocks. So, no Mythic Rulebook needed.

This is not my experience.

Quite often you'll run across a monster with a mythic template, and you might not even immediately realize it is one. Stuff like Agile or Savage or the like... its easy to assume it was just part of the critters name... not a template.

Very few of them do I recall seeing a description of said templates.

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I'd be open to participating in this!

Have a few characters in range, including:

A level 14 flame oracle, archery focused
A level 12 dwarf bard with a gun
A level 12 old-school summoner with a boat!


Also, the coffin's are vampire specific.
It must reach its own coffin... not any old coffin.

I can jump in either tier.

A dwarf if high (level 9 barbarian or perhaps a level 8 ranger).
If low, have two 7's, 2 sixes, and a five (rogue, cleric, brawler, summoner, and magus respectively)... so lots of options... though only two of those are dwarves.


Do we have to sign up for all 3 scenarios ahead of time?
Or can we register with one or two... and use the same link to add a third later, filling in all the GM info again?

Hmm... don't have much in the low tier for social scenarios.

But could bring a level 2 slayer, who happens to at least be from the country in question! =)

If it ends up high tier, have an lvl 5 investigator with a few skills, and a grippli magus in a pinch.

The scenario is a level 3-7 one, Mahuffma.
If you've only just did your first, you might not be sufficiently leveled yet.

I have a level 6 rogue that would work well for this.

Or, a level 6 cleric, with 1 level of rogue, who might work less well =)

Or a level 5 investigator, who's not a dwarf, so kinda boring.


Does anyone have any suggestions or advice, on doing the Mass Combat portion of this scenario in a PbP environment?

That's 4... now to find the other 2. =)

My three level 12's are a bard (with a rifle), a summoner (old school) with the finest ship in the Andoran Navy, and an early entry Mystic Theurge.

If we need healing, the MT seems appropriate... but still lots of folks to check in with their PC choices.

So far all we have are a paladin and the grenadier.

I have a few chars I can bring, depending on need.

A level 5 Inquisitor, if we need some skills.
A level 5 Kineticist, if we need some ranged damage or an emergency heal.
And a level 5 grippli magus.

Not sure which I'd prefer.

Sweet. Now to figure out with of my three level 12's to take along!

GM Z..D.. wrote:

I have been planning running Eyes of the Ten as well. Pretty much everyone in my local area has either played it or ran it. I am willing to run it via PBP as soon as two of the three tables I am GMing end.

Chaoserbit and Zinou have first dibs. The others may sign up HERE.

Put my name in said hat.

I am interested, though hoping for a high tier, as I don't have many low tier PC options =)

Have a level 5 Magus, Kineticist and Investigator.

Mako Senako wrote:
Well the problem is is that the Hunger curse that grants the bite attack, states that you're sickened until you manage to successfully bite someone in the present combat. If I remember correctly you have a -2 to attack rolls, weapon damage rolls, and saves and skill checks, ability checks while sickened.. also the bite is specifically stated to be a 2ndary attack.. thats a -7 to hit on a class with medium BAB and likely a measely 14 str. Lessening that -7 to minus -4 is still pretty helpful.

You are not forced to use your non-bite attacks. If you just bite them, without the other attacks, the bite becomes primary.

So bite them, then go to the full on melee stuff.

This looks a bigger deal than usual.

'Starting in Firefox version 57, only extensions built using WebExtensions APIs will work. '

Dunno if the Paizo Campaign Tools are built with these already, but it seems a far bigger thing to fix if not.

Here's hoping.

Well, ya... missed out! =)
c'est la guerre!

Characters are OK with the decks because invariably, the GM usually has to cave, and allow them to avoid/get past the negative effects if they want to continue playing.

So basically, they only really get good things, and all the bad stuff eventually gets hand-waved away, or becomes level-appropriate plot hooks to more xp and still eventually goes away.

I agree with Claxon. Either they have to live with the negative effects (even if it means no more PC), or you should never allow the deck in the campaign.

Detect evil works the same way. You cast it on yourself, and scan the area in front of you.

It is no different from See Invisible in that regard. Trying to claim otherwise is a stretch.

Both are affected by non-detection.

Yes it does... because of the rider in the entangled condition itself (bolded by Serum above)

Pretty sure the ground is an immobile object in this context.

I'm still not sure how folks are using Greater Grapple for a second attack on the first round.

Greater grapple reduced the cost of maintaining a grapple to a move action... not making a grapple check in general.

You are not maintaining in the same round you grapple the guy.
That doesn't happen until the next (and following) round(s).

Only on the 2nd+ rounds can you maintain as a move, then use your standard to make another grapple check to do whatever.

On the first round, not so much.


Resurrecting this thread... because I am really puzzled by how the scenario authors are calculating hp's.

This same problem occurred in the first and second scenarios in this series as well.

Part III: Crypt of Fools - 4th level ghoul cleric with 17 con ... hp's listed as 37 (6d8+10)

2 HD from ghoul, 4 from class levels (all d8s)
As undead, his charisma replaces his con for hp adjustment.
So should be 6d8+18(chr*6) = 45
Where that +10 is coming from is a total mystery to me.

Luscilia in Part I, the Teppish's in Part II, and Tashelia in Part III all have similar issues, though not as egregious.

Hell almost every creature these scenarios that doesn't come from a bestiary has the same thing going on.

Am I just missing something?

It no longer seems to be an occassional thing for me.

It happens every single time.

Nah, go for it Arie.
I've lots of games going, so not a big deal. =) All yours.

Saves me deciding which of the two to play.

As long as the ring was on them when they died, and was still sitting on the skeletal finger of their long-dead corpse, wherever it came to lay... the ring will still be on the ghost decades later, and usable.

Ghosts are easy to have equipment on, if you include it when they died. Its just adding new equipment afterwards that gets tricky.

And heaven forbid, beware ghost wizards. Once they lose that spellbook to the ravages of time, casting spells becomes a problem ... as would not having a spell component pouch anymore!

But, on-topic, ya, the deflection bonus would not stack.

Was thinking of signing up in the freed up slot.

But wasn't sure if I should do so with a level 8 (keeping you in the low tier) or a level 11 (pushing you to APL 9 ... which means high tier with the 4 player adjustment.

Both my PC options are melees with animal companions.


Question regarding one of the chronicle boons.

The Grand Lodge boon (Tempest Guardian) ... allows you to give an extra trait to a new character... which is fine...
But it also allows you to give the trait to yourself.

My question is, does this trait bypass typical trait requirements of only being able to select one from a category? So with the boon, could an existing PC have two social traits, for instance?


I'm still with Andrew on this one.

If you read the following blog, you will note that PC's are perfectly able to scribe non-core spells they come across in spellbooks, by design. Whether the spellbook appears on the chronicle or not.

What you're describing is not how its supposed to work.

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I don't get it.

Yes, he can't do non-lethal damage to a construct or undead with a sap...

But there is *nothing* preventing him from using a different weapon, and still getting sneak attack damage.

The claims he is useless vs X are not true at all. He just acts like every other rogue in the world vs those creatures.

(I know, not helpful, given what is being asked... but like many others, I seriously think one should rethink the original premise.)

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