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Greetings Pathfinders and welcome to another Game Day event. This one is for Passing the Torch, part 1 and 2.

For more than a decade, the infamous information broker, former Pathfinder, and thoroughly controversial mastermind Grandmaster Torch has pursued vengeance against the Decemvirate and the Society as a whole. Yet for all the Society's countermeasures, Torch has consistently procured seemingly unattainable intelligence that makes his schemes ever more dangerous. At last, the Society has identified his chief accomplice and informant who has evaded Society scouts by hiding out where Pathfinders are forbidden on pain of death: Mediogalti Island, home of the notorious Red Mantis Assassins. Yet Grandmaster Torch's imminent endgame threatens the whole Society, if not Absalom itself, and if the PCs are to uncover the plot and avert disaster, they must infiltrate one of the Inner Sea's most deadly cities and neutralize a powerful threat.

This is a level 12-18 game and will be accepting applications for legal PFS characters. Please post below to be accepted. Will make a team within the subtiers of 12-13, 14-15, or 17-18. Those accepted to the first game will be accepted to the second game.

About Me:

I am an English teacher in Japan, so my time is quite different from 80% of the people on this form. I typically post between 8am and 4:30pm Tokyo Time. I tend to check the forms after that to see if there is anything I need to reply to. I have been in Japan for 8 years with no plans to return to my home country. I have been playing Pathfinder since Season 1 and have GMed at GenCon twice. I am a 2 star GM and look forward to becoming a three star sometime in the future. I am laid back but will crack down on someone how is abusing my laidbackness (is that a word?).
A few years back, I went through a divorce and ended up dropping 90% of my games. I am just now getting back into a phase of mind to continue.

RP, Game Play, Post Rates::

As for RP, I will put in as much as the players put in... unless they want to write a book, then I charge. (jk). If there is a language spoken in the module that the players don't know, i will use Japanese to fill in the area. For those who have the language, I will send it to them in a private message and leave it up to them to share it with the rest of the group.
I will read the entire scenario before starting a game and have the map/encounters set up. I use Google Slides since I can access it easily on my phone/tablet. Have your general information set up in your characters Status section. AC:30 T:23 FF:25|HP: 143/207|BaB: +12 /+7/+2|F/R/W19/16/22|Init:+8|CMB: +19|CMD: 36|SR (Fire) 20 This will make it easier for me to check. I will have a space on Google Slides for you to input your Init and Perception.
Minimum post rate is 1 per weekday. As I said above, i am in Tokyo so my time will most likely be different. Posting on the Weekends is more lax as I am usually busy. If a player hasn't posted in 3-4 days, i will send them a message and if i don't get a reply in 48 hours, i will bot that player for the encounter. If they haven't returned, by the end, i will kick them.

The Exchange

I'd love a chance to play these with
Crazy Hairy
Char Level 12 (Grenadier Alchemist 10/Master Chymist 2) (he'll be level 13 for Part 2, assuming he survives and receives XP for part 1)
CN Male Gnome (with bat wings)

except when he's not:
His Master Chymist Mutagenic form:
TN Female Halfling with butterfly wings
He's still considered Humanoid (Gnome); it's mostly fluff, other than shift in alignment while in mutagenic form.

Crazy Hairy is one of the smallest, puniest Gnomes you’ve ever seen, although he does have the wings of a bat, which can make him seem a bit larger. He has orange skin, and hair that looks a lot like a "troll-doll" that spikes to a point on top. It's deep red at the roots, ranging up into orange, with vibrant yellow at the tips (i.e. kind of looks like a candle flame). He carries a longbow, a wide assortment of bottles and vials (steel and iron for his consumables, glass for the weapons) on crossed bandoliers, attached to his belt and his backpack. He wears a very nice looking cestus over one arm, carries a buckler, and sports a shiny mithral breastplate amid his collection of vials and bags.
He’s very twitchy, and he seems fond of scratching and muttering curses at the large, hairy growth at the base of the back of his neck. Except as you keep watching, you notice he’s not really scratching it, more like petting and caressing it. And once you get close enough to hear, the muttered curses actually sound more like whispered sweet nothings.
Then he holds out his hand to the nasty looking tumor, and it crawls onto his hand, taking on the shape of a Hedgehog.

character history::
Zztasjatartklanboladkrzzkm (pronounced: ZTAH-yah-TAR-klan-BOH-lad-KRism--the last “zk” is silent) comes from a small tribe of Lava Gnomes that lived in the depths of Island of Hermea. When Menkgare discovered the tribe, he drove them out, but kept the most talented illusionists as part of his breeding program, and Zztasjatartklanboladkrzzkm is a descendant of that bloodline. Unfortunately for Zztasjatartklanboladkrzzkm, he was born with too much Lava Gnome in his veins, so he was exiled from the Island of Hermea since the age of 16 (very young for a gnome).

After struggling to survive, Zztasjatartklanboladkrzzkm found his way to Gogpodda. Unfortunately, Zztasjatartklanboladkrzzkm soon wore out his welcome; for some reason, residents of a small floating island made up on flotsam and jetsam didn't appreciate someone with a proclivity to start fires. Go figure.

After a number of years wandering from nation to nation, town to town, usually a mere half step ahead of the local arson investigators, Zztasjatartklanboladkrzzkm was taken in by a member of the Alchemist Guild of Katapesh, who recognized and channeled Zztasjatartklanboladkrzzkm's innate abilities with fire. After completing his training, Zztasjatartklanboladkrzzkm resumed his wandering ways, looking for bigger and better things to blow up. Along the way, he formed a bond with Franks, the Hedgehog who became his hairy tumorous familiar.

Then one day, he stumbled upon a group of gnomes who seemed to relish kicking the crap out of each other...and anyone who got in their way. They called themselves the G-Nomes, ‘cause there ain’t nothin’ silent about a G-Nome. He had finally found a real home...
Explosions and hilarity have been his life ever since.

At first, his G-Nome homeboys just called him "Zee", but after a heist ended with Zztasjatartklanboladkrzzkm blowing up most of a city block, the G-Nomes now call him Crazy. And since Crazy's only real friend was his hedgehog, where he was almost constantly muttering to the prickly hedgehog in his hand, they started to refer to his tumor familiar as Hairy. They were considered an inseparable team: Crazy & Hairy

After the G-nomes went to work as muscle for the Sczarni faction, some of the Sczarni henchmen overheard the G-nomes referring to the dynamic duo of “Crazy & Hairy” and mistook it as a single name for just the gnome, hence the outside world calls him Crazy Hairy.
But the G-nomes know: he’s just Crazy. . .
RE-PREE-ZENT!!! G-Nome in da HOUSE!!!
[The G-Nomes are sort of a street gang of gnomes whose culturally speaking are a cross between hip-hop (West Coast) and Fight Club. (See Larry Correia's Monster Hunter series--used with permission)]

Over the years, experience helped Crazy get in touch with his feminine side--but y'know the old saying about too much of a good thing: Now when he assumes his mutagenic form, out pops Bombshell, a female halfling with butterfly wings. The real kick to the gnarly bits is that Franks likes Bombshell waaay more than he does Crazy. Stupid ingrate of a's like he's a tumor on Crazy's soul.

Scarab Sages

I have also put my name in another recruitment for this series. It might behoove us level 17-18 folks to coordinate together to ensure that we bring little to no lower levels into the high tier (for the danger to the lower level characters. Also for situations of us rolling through things should we end up playing down (9th level spells are quite powerful).

All of the above said, if you do have a level 17-18 char, please contact me and I'll see to coordinating with the GMs who are running this so that they don't have to do extra work for something that doesn't benefit them.

Sometimes, setting up a game like this is a little difficult. Wide range of levels.

That being said, I'll limit this to the lower of the two tiers. That way a level 12 won't be playing in a level 17 tier game.

Scarab Sages

According to PFS rules, 17-18 cannot play in the 12-13 tier and 12-13 cannot play in the 17-18 tier. So that is not actually a major concern. That said, your decision is quite reasonable and aids in the organization.

THIS is a link to a thread wherein 3 17-18th level characters (myself included) have signed up to play. If any level 16s are feeling particularly confident you are welcome to round out the table, we seem to have two frontliners and a mystic theurge at the moment.

That is all, sorry to intrude on your thread.

Is this the correct place to signup or do we need to enter on the GD8 spreadsheet first?

I have a Paladin-12 or Battle-Herald-13, either would be available for the low 12-13 tier. My other Seekers will not be available in time.

This is the correct place to put your characters.

Crazy Hairy, Alchemist/Chymist (10/2)
Aarvid, Pal or Herald.

Will be keeping this open until the week of Game Day 8

Would it be worth posting in the Flaxseed Recruit thread to drum up a few more in this tier?

I posted. There is still a month before the game starts, so no real rush.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I am interested. I’d prefer to play with my cleric 13, but I also have an Eldrtich Knight (archer) 12

I’m usually a Myth-weavers person, so I’m new to playing here. Please let me know if you need anything.


Kasimir von Vang

You would have to make a profile for your character, take a look at some of my characters to get a feel of how I do it, but some just leave a link to their character sheet in their profile. The only thing I request is that you have your stats in a stat block area along with your character, that way i can look at your AC and stuff easily.

Your level 13 will be acceptable. Feel free to pick the character that you want to play with.

There is still about a month before game day 8 starts.

I am not sure which I will bring. With the cleric and alchemist we probably could use my paladin on the front line more, but the dynamics on party alignment might be interesting (a paladin, an asmodean and a chaotic bomber walk into a dungeon...). The battle herald works best with other melee characters. But she would fit the party better.

The Exchange

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Play whichever character you'd like. We'll have fun regardless. We'll be fine (or we'll's all good).


Is there still space in this game? I've got a level 13 PC that I would be interested in playing (Barbarian (chained) 12 / Fighter 1) if there is still space. I would like to play both parts.

I could join as well... Have two level 12's sitting on the shelf at the moment, depending on need.

an old school summoner with a boat
and a bard with a musket

I think we still have some spaces open. Let me do some quick names naming...

Thats 5 players. We have room for one more. Please pick out your characters that you want to play and i'll open the discussion up so you can dot.

EvilMinion Summoner or Bard
Abraham Z. Barbarian Fighter.
Anonymous Visitor
Crazy Hairy, Alchemist/Chymist (10/2)
Aarvid, Pal or Herald.

Liberty's Edge

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I've dotted in the discussion thread. Looking forward to playing this with y'all!

Silver Crusade

What the heck...lets cover every possible extreme for this party.

Paladin of Iomedae reporting. :)

I’m playing my cleric, Kasimir, if that works with everyone. As an evangelist, he has some bardic abilities.

Any chance of fitting one more in to round the party out to six?

We've room for a 6th, yes indeed.
we're in the 12-13 tier.

EvilMinion wrote:

We've room for a 6th, yes indeed.

we're in the 12-13 tier.

My 13th level Druid is in tier.

I apologize but I will be withdrawing from this game.

Re-opening this recruitment thread. Need 3 more players.

Dark Archive

I still need to update Venture Captain Zhu Li Tullian's stuff from doing Eyes of the Ten, but I loved Part 1 of this so much I'm willing to burn a GM star on it and play her instead of my Swashbuckler, if you don't mind a replayer. I can have her all kitted out for another adventure by the weekend, if that's fine with you. Part 2 just kinda... never happened in my local group.

I'm okay with repeat players.

I'm still waiting for a final roster, before deciding which of the two to play =)

@Evil, go ahead and dot in each with your EvilMinion account, so I can keep track of how many players. I sent messages to each who said they would play, but didnt get anything back from them.

Liberty's Edge

I'm still confirmed with Yuri (Barbarian 13). I'll be at a con from tomorrow until late Sunday so I don't expect to post until Monday, but I'm in.

Game doesnt start until the 8th of next month due to setbacks. So you are good.

Is it still Tier 12-13? I did really want to play my ZAM/Inquisitor 16.

Dotting in with both I'm trying to avoid =)

I'm definitely in (lvl 12, either way)... and have been monitoring the campaign threads.

Right now we are at a player level average of 12.5, so still low tier.


All right I will dot in with my Level 13 Druid then if it works for everyone.

Works for me. Wild shapey Druid or caster Druid?

Anonymous Visitor 163 576 wrote:
Works for me. Wild shapey Druid or caster Druid?

He can and will do both but as a player I tend to lean more towards the casting side especially at higher levels.

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