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Open recruitment for 10-01 Oathbreakers Die, a non-repeatable Tier 1-5 scenario.

paizo.com wrote:
The city of Daggermark is best known for its poisoners and assassins, who maintain active guilds that enjoy the full respect of local authorities. Local venture-captain Istivil Bosk prefers to keep his head down and stays out of their affairs, but he has recently learned that a Pathfinder agent has been targeted for assassination. Can the PCs enact the venture-captain's daring plot to save this agent without becoming the assassins' next victims?

1. Recruitment will be open for 72-84 hours, until Wednesday night or Thursday morning US Pacific time. All applications received in that time frame will be treated equally. This recruitment is not first come, first served.

2. Posting expectations are standard: 1 post per weekday, 1 post per weekend. This will put our projected completion date after the beginning of the Outpost convention. While I would be happy to complete the scenario before March 30, I do not intend to truncate the scenario to do so.

3. This scenario is heavy in intrigue and discovery. Characters that have a clear connection to this specific scenario will get priority.

4. If you'd like to apply, please make an in character post answering the question, "Why would you want to accept a mission in a place where poison and assassination are legal?" In addition, make sure all your stats are updated on your character page.

Grand Lodge

5 brooding loners with scars walk into a dimly lit bar.
They all order drinks silently and sit alone at seats in shadowy corners.
... :b
I don’t have anyone perfect for this, but I do have a ranger who likes stopping poisoners and assassins, if you need some muscle.


Seldiir felt a raindrop slide down his neck, his oilskin could only do so much. He peered through the rain at the ‘empty’ house opposite, show yourselves, damn cowards.

Just then a covered wagon rounded the corner, a sullen ox dragging its load slowly down the street. The driver was hard to make out and the wagon never stopped, but Seldiir’s eyes were alert and he saw the lithe figure roll out of the cart and begin to slink up the path.

Seldiir knew how this was supposed to go, he was supposed to slink up the path secretly and confront the poisoner in his trap-laden lair, No, thanks.

He whistled, the sharp noise cutting through the dull roar of the rain, and his companion raced out of the partially collapsed barn nearby. The alchemist reared in shock as the hippogriff charged in a flurry of beak and claw.
The man turned and ran, straight into Seldiir’s meaty fist.

The Concordance

Malaz smiles as he hears the question. "My...Mistress welcomes hedonism in all its forms. To imbibe and ingest all nature of foods serves to provides an opportunity to relish in her bounty. As to assassins? I believe I can take the proper precaution."

Grand Lodge

The mangy black cat on his shoulder whispers into his left ear, Daggermark is definitely a place you should be. There you can see how beings really behave. We can learn from them, be like them, our safety and power will grow!

The reddish squirrel on his right should says, Oh don't listen to her, she's just being a silly-po. Daggermark needs our help. They need us to be a beacon example of what goodness, honesty, and forthright behavior can accomplish. Plus we aren't at as much risk from their vile poisons.

Voices looks at the ceiling and replies, Ssso that be new. You both sssay go to thisss place. We ssshall tell head mammal we goesss.

The build for Voices has both a familiar (a mean cat that is trying to corrupt him) and an eidolon (cute squirrel trying to turn him toward the light). Voices isn't very bright and pretty much does what the pets tell him to do. If the group doesn't have a scout, Voices will bring the cat. With the cat directing him, he tends to behave more violently and with less compassion for his fellow beings. If the group doesn't have a 'face character, Voices will bring the squirrel. With the squirrel directing him, he is all about protecting his fellows, trying to get along, minimizing casualties and destruction. If the group has both a scout and a diplomat, I roll a dice to see who he brings along this time. And yes, I know a 4th level familiar can't yet 'speak with its master' but I figured since it is a figment familiar, he would interpret the empathic link as it talking to him and telling him to do stuff. I just don't have it give any significant details when the cat is scouting.

Nagaji, barbarian 1 / evolutionist summoner 3

Scarab Sages

Shaking her head, the stocky sandkin half-orc flashes a fanged smile.

"Daggermark? Dangerous? If it wasn't dangerous, anyone could do it. And if anyone could do it, it wouldn't be worth doing," Narla says, with the confidence of someone who expects great things from herself. "At least in Daggermark, everyone else is cautious, too. Still gotta look out for your friends, but at least in a city of assassins, their eyes are open to begin with."

She blinks, and her eyes unfocus. The voice of the long-deceased Pathfinder Gojan the Sharp echoes in the back of her mind. Safe doesn't get you into the Chronicles. Going where someone else can't- -or won't- -gets you in the Chronicles. The voice goes silent for a moment. And coming back, it adds wryly.

Narla tries her best to play off her momentary lapse of reverie. "Besides, no law that says we have to let our friends get assassinated right?"

Narla is a medium, who typically channels Gojan the Sharp, who was the first Pathfinder to explore Numeria. She always carries a copy of Pathfinder Chronicles #3 on her person.

Mechanically, Narla uses the Marshal spirit, to help ensure success of expeditions where failure is not an option. She can add 1d6+3 to a failed d20 roll within 30 feet, possibly changing it to a success a few times each day (but only 1/round)...if anyone is willing to join in a seánce. Her taboo is letting anyone sacrifice themselves. No one gets left behind.

The statblock on her character page assumes that a seánce has been performed. And thanks for your consideration!

Sovereign Court

"'Why?'" the Minkaian samurai repeats. "That poison and assassination are legal is of no consequence. I came to Avistan to perfect my arts with the blade; there will be ample opportunity for that fighting assassins. Nor can I can I stand aside in good conscience while another Pathfinder is the target of these dishonorable souls."

The Concordance

I forgot to mention that I have run this in the past and played it in CORE. However, I am good at allowing others to make any relevant decisions.

Dark Archive

Chuckling at the question, the half-orc remarks, "Are you kidding? A place where poisoning and assassination is legal? It sounds like the most fun I've ever had, and I once investigated a murder!"

2nd level very morbid and eccentric spiritualist (finishing up the 3rd XP now, so the stats aren't updated yet), it's looking like a higher level game, though. I do have a 3rd level sorcerer/vigilante, but he's already a little underpowered from the multiclassing, so it probably wouldn't work with a 4-5 game.

Am interested. A few PC's to choose from.

Including a level 5 grippli magus or human kineticist.
Plus a couple level 3 slayer, and a level 4 druid.

Nothing low tier, unfortunately.

Silver Crusade

"Daggermark, hmmm? As distasteful as it might be learning about poisons and the ways of assassins might prove useful. Many types of people play the game of intrigues. Some even resort to any method to advance their own ambitions. It would serve me well to learn how to protect myself." Catushlara says to herself as she read the missive."Keeping such a city from descending into utter chaos...I wonder what the politics of the city is like?"

Catushlara is a level 4 Cardinal of the Church of Sarenrae.

Grand Lodge

Putting the missive away, Bahram smiles a crooked smile. "Assassins? As in sneaking in the shadows and shooting poisoned darts at you assassins?" Looking at his massive greataxe and then at his humble shortbow, he says "It wouldn't hurt a bit to learn something from these assassins. If these arrows were poisoned and I learned how to shoot it all sneaky-like, I might not have to charge in with this big axe all the time." Bahram's mind wanders as he shoots a minotaur with a poisoned arrow and watches it fall into spasms from the shadows.

"Oh...and it's awful that one of our very own is the target of an assassination. We should definitely stop that."

Bahram is a 2nd lvl Archaeologist bard who devotes his time between his axe and his words...but more with his axe.

I'm not sure what people assume when nothing is explicitly said, but just so everything is on the table, I do not intend to report this game through the OSP, which means you won't qualify for boon rolls. (I'll make this clear in my recruitment threads from now on - I didn't realize it was a thing when I started this thread.)

If that affects anyone's decision to apply, let me know ASAP. I'll be processing everything later today and hopefully we can start before the weekend.

Scarab Sages

No skin off my proverbial. Do whatever makes things easiest for you.

Grand Lodge

I don't know enough about boon rolls for that to bother me anyway.

Link to boons.

Grand Lodge

Wow! That's fun. Im okay with missing out on a 10% chance of something one time though

Silver Crusade

Fine with me to miss it.

Dark Archive

Aiden glances at the others. "Assassins and poison. How is that worse than slavery, godlessness, or a formal ball? I've been put into numerous places that might kill me. The ball might have been the most dangerous of them all. The Paracountess needs, and I go. End of story. Besides, if they think they're the only ones who can appear from a shadow and slit a throat, they're fools." He rests his hands on wicked curved knives on each side of his belt.

Aiden is high tier, but I also have two level 3s and a level 2 able to go.

The Concordance

Not worried about the OSP. Now a chronicle sheet on the other hand...

Wow, okay, an awkward split in levels. I'm going to favor higher tier in this one.

Will the following please report to the Discussion and Gameplay threads?

Aiden Richter
Catushlara Richielieu
Malaz Bourreau
Narla Thickskull
Seldiir Elberion
Voices in My Head

Seldiir, you will OOT in a high tier game. Everyone else is 4-5. Confirm that's okay with you.

For the rest of you, I'll be running two low tier games for Outpost, so keep an eye out.

Grand Lodge

I'm okay with that, thanks.

Seldiir can always focus on his archery if things get harum-scarum.

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