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Full Name

The Marquis de Noisy


NG Dwarf Bard 11 / Gunslinger 1




Abyssal, Azlanti, Ancient Osiriani, Common, Dwarvish, Gnome, Hallit, Jistka, Tian, Undercommon

Strength 10
Dexterity 18
Constitution 12
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 10
Charisma 23

About Noisy

Male Dwarf Bard (sound striker/dirge bard) 11 / Gunslinger (mysterious stranger) 1
NG Medium Humanoid (dwarf)
Init +6; Senses darkvision 60', stonecunning; Perception +13 (+15 with Stonecunning)


AC 19, touch 14, flat-footed 15 (+5 armor, +4 Dex)
hp 89 (11d8 + 1d10 + 11 + 10)
Fort +12, Ref +18, Will +12; +2 vs poisons, spells or spell-likes; +4 vs fear, energy drain, death and necromantic effects
Defensive Abilities Defensive Training, Hardy, Stability, Haunted Eyes


Speed 20 ft.
Melee battleaxe +9/+4 (1d8, 20/x3)
Ranged +1 double-barreled musket +14/+9 (1d12+1, 20/x4, Range 80')
Bard Spells (CL 11th; touch +9, ranged touch +14, concentration +20):
4th (3/day) - echolocation, enervation, freedom of movement, +1
3rd (5/day) - dispel magic, fear (DC 22), good hope, haste
2nd (5/day) - blindness/deafness (DC 18), false life, glitterdust (DC 18), heroism, invisibility, mirror image
1st (7/day) - [masterpiece], abundant ammunition, heighten awareness, liberating command, ray of enfeeblement (DC 17), remove fear, saving finale
0th (at will) - detect magic, mage hand, mending, open/close, prestidigitation, read magic
Special Attacks Bardic Performance (33 rnds/day), Grit (6 per day), Hatred, Haunting Refrain


Str 10 (+0), Dex 18 (+4), Con 12 (+1), Int 12 (+1), Wis 10 (+0), Cha 23 (+6)
Base Atk +9/+4; CMB +9; CMD 23 (27 vs bull rush or trip)
Feats Lingering Performance, Gunsmithing, Rapid Reload (double-barreled musket), Point-Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Deadly Aim, Discordant Voice
Traits Maestro of Society, Reactionary
Skills Acrobatics +10 (+6 to jump), Bluff +13, Craft (alchemy) +5, Diplomacy +24, Disable Deviceᶜᶜ +13, Escape Artist +8, Intimidate +30, Knowledge (arcana) +10, Knowledge (dungeoneering) +10, Knowledge (engineer) +10, Knowledge (geography) +10, Knowledge (history) +10, Knowledge (local) +10, Knowledge (nature) +10, Knowledge (nobility) +11, Knowledge (planar) +10, Knowledge (religion) +11 (+16 to ID undead), Linguistics +11, Perception +13 (+15 with Stonecunning), Perform (oratory) +22, Perform (percussion) +25, Sense Motive +4, Sleight of Hand +8, Spellcraft +5, Use Magic Device +13; -1 armor check penalty
Languages Abyssal, Ancient Azlanti, Ancient Osiriani, Common, Dwarven, Gnome, Hallit, Jistka, Undercommon, Tian


+1 chain shirt
+1 conductive distance double-barreled musket, "Hildegard"
masterwork musket, "Gertrude"
explorer's outfit
hot weather outfit
mwk courtier's outfit w/ jewelry (diplomacy tool)
+5 cloak of resistance
+6 headband of alluring charisma
+2 belt of incredible dexterity
circlet of persuasion
lesser metamagic rod of extend spell
handy haversack
belt pouch
silk rope
grappling hook
mess kit
flint and steel
trail rations x 6
bandolier x 2
scroll of cure light wounds
scroll of freedom of movement
wand of cure light wounds [ 18 ]
wand of lesser restoration [ 2 ]
masterwork musical instrument (drum)
signal horn
signal whistle
waterproof bag
potion of touch of the sea x 2
alchemist's fire
acid x 2
masterwork thieves' tools
gunsmith's kit
powder horn x 2
dry load powder horn
gunpowder [ 106 ]
bullets [ 31 ]
mithril bullets [ 29 ]
cold iron bullets [ 36 ]
ghost-salted cold iron bullets [ 10 ]
paper cartridges [ 27 ]
cold iron paper cartridges [ 28 ]
adamantine paper cartridges [ 9 ]
18467 gp, 2 sp, 4 cp

Special Abilities:

Defensive Training +4 dodge bonus to AC vs giants
Hatred +1 bonus on attack rolls vs orcs and goblinoids
Stability +4 racial bonus to CMD vs bull rush and trip when standing on the ground
Hardy +2 racial bonus on all saves vs poisons, spells, and spell-like abilities
Lorekeeper +2 bonus on knowledge (history) pertaining to dwarves or their enemies [replaces Greed]
Slow and Steady speed reduced to 20 feet, but never modified by armor or encumbrance
Stonecunning +2 perception to notice unusual stonework or traps in stone walls or floors. Free check if pass within 10'
Bardic Knowledge add half bard level (+5) to all knowledge checks and may make all knowledge checks untrained
Bardic Performance create magical effects for up to 33 rounds each day. Move action to start a performance, free action to maintain.

  • Countersong (su) counter sound-based effects. Bard's perform (keyboard, percussion, wind, string, or sing) check replaces creatures saving throw, or allows a new save if already under the effect.
  • Distraction (su) counter illusion (pattern or figment) effects. Bard's perform (act, comedy, dance, or oratory) check replaces creatures saving throw, or allows a new save if already under the effect.
  • Fascinate (su) use performance to fascinate up to 4 creatures. Will DC 21 negates.
  • Inspire Courage (su) +3 competence bonus to hit and damage, +3 morale bonus to saves vs charm and fear
  • Word Strike (su) deal 1d4+11 damage to an object (half that to a creature) [replaces Inspire Competence]
  • Weird Words (su) standard action to lash out with up to two potent sounds as a ranged touch attack within 30'. Each word does 4d6+6 points of sonic damage. If both target the same creature, they combine to form a single more powerful word [replaces Suggestion] FAQed
  • Dirge of Doom (su) all foes within 30' become shaken
  • Inspire Greatness (su) target gains 2 HD (d10s), a +2 competence bonus on attack rolls, and a +1 competence bonus on fortitude saves.
  • Dance of the Dead (su) as animate dead as long as performance continues, but with no component requirements and no evil descriptor [replaces Jack-of-all-Trades]

    Deeds spend grit to perform special deeds. 5 grit/day. Regain 1 grit for kills and critical hit

  • Deadeye (ex), resolve attacks vs touch beyond first range increment for 1 grit/increment
  • Gunslinger's Dodge (ex), when attacked with ranged weapon, 1 grit to move 5' and add +2 to AC
  • Focused Aim (ex), spend 1 grit to add charisma bonus to firearm damage until end of turn [replaces Quick Clear Deed]

    Haunted Eyes (ex) +4 bonus vs fear, energy drain, death effects, and necromantic effects [replaces Well-Versed]
    Secrets of the Grave (ex) +5 bonus on knowledge (religion) to identify undead. Can use mind-affecting affects on undead as if they were living creatures. Add one arcane necromancy spell to spells known @ 2, 6, and 10 [replaces Versatile Performance]
    Haunting Refrain (su) can use perform (percussion) to intimidate to demoralize with a bonus equal to half bard level. +2 to the DC of all fear effects. [replaces Lore Master]
    Bardic Masterpiece Triple Time

  • Background:

    Many have heard the story of seven particular dwarves who all lived and worked together and who one day happened upon an exiled princess, who decided to live with them for a while, before adventure and hi-jinx ensued. Good triumphing over evil. Happily ever after. Blah. Blah. Blah.

    Noisy is not one of those dwarves.

    'Those' dwarves have made life hell for regular dwarves.

    Like every dwarf is lucky enough to get assigned a convenient gem mine to toil in. No, he and his kin got coal.

    Like every dwarf has some royal harlot to do their housework and keep them entertained. No, he and his kin had only each other's ugly mugs to stare at when they got home. If you didn't cook it yourself, you didn't eat. If you didn't clean it, it stayed dirty.

    And what kind of proper dwarf is named Happy! Dwarves ain't happy! Not proper ones anyway!

    He and his kin hated 'those' dwarves. 'Those' dwarves didn't know a thing about being a right and proper dwarf... but kiss enough ass, grease enough palms, hire enough good PR, and suddenly regular dwarves likey Noisy were just not good enough.

    Well to hell with those entitled bastards.

    So a group them, Noisy included, decided to form their own group. The 'Other' dwarves if you will! They joined the Pathfinders in hopes of making a dwarven tale that will make people forget about 'Those' dwarves once and for all.

    Noisy's been doing pretty well at it, too. So far as to be officially awarded a noble title, after successfully leading the Taldor Army of Exploration on a successful campaign during the Fourth Mendev Crusade against the Worldwound.

    Boons and Vanities:

    Noble Title Vanity (Taldor) Gain an official noble title (Marquis) including documentation. Become specialized in Knowledge (nobility) [1 PP]

    Confirmed Field Agent May purchase a wayfinder for 1 prestige point.
    Friend of Janira Gavix gain a +1 bonus on knowledge checks attempted in the Grand Lodge in Absalom.
    You Be Goblin! +2 bonus on Bluff, Diplomacy, Intimidate, and Sense Motive checks made against goblins.
    Zamir Joined the Society [1 per scenario] When in any city of 5000+ people in Andoran, Cheliax, Jalmeray, Osirion, Qadira, or Taldor, take 1d4 hours to find a citizen of Jalmeray and then receive a +4 circumstance bonus on any one Appraise, Diplomacy, or Knowledge (any) check.
    Wartime Knowlege +1 bonus to DV, OM, and Morale when commanding armies using the Mass Combat rules
    The Favor of Cartahegn while in a settlement of 5000+ people anywhere on Garund, you may purchase mundane equipment (but not weapons or armor) at a 10% discount.
    Scholar of the Gates Ajar +2 circumstance bonus on Knowledge (religion or planes) checks regarding demons, devils, or daemons.
    Legend of Urglin +2 bonus on charisma-based checks vs Orcs in Varisia or bordering countries
    Hero of the Hold +3 insight bonus on Knowledge checks pertaining to Sky Citadels. +1 insight bonus on saves, ability checks, and skill checks while in a Sky Citadel
    Unexpected Discovery +4 circumstance bonus on Diplomacy and Intimidate checks vs Pathfinders your level or lower.
    Writings of Ratchikan +3 bonus on Knowledge checks regarding the Jistka Imperium and its constructs. Cross this boon off after making an attack vs a construct to re-roll that attack with a +2 bonus.
    Charted Pillars +2 bonus on Knowledge (geography) and Survival checks when navigating the Pillars of the Sun
    Relic Guardian once per scenario can treat an unattended object within your reach as if it were in your possession when it is targeted by an offensive spell, attack, or effect.
    Jayorass's Admiration
    Your Reputation Precedes You - +2 bonus on all Bluff, Diplomacy, and Intimidate checks vs members of the Red Mantis.
    Scion of Geb +1 circumstance bonus on charisma-based checks vs Gebbites (in or outside of Geb)
    Confidante (Faction Card Lvl1) - twice per adventure, can call upon contacts and can attempt a knowledge check using your ranks in Diplomacy, or can gain a +2 bonus on the check.
    Conspirator (Faction Card Lvl2) - contact can pay prestige cost to get you out of jail or recovering your body or equipment if you died in an urban setting. Can also purchase and deliver any item worth up to 80 gp (returned if not used)
    Spymaster (Faction Card Lvl3) - once per adventure can coach up to seven other creatures in the use of one skill. For the duration of the adventure, those creatures gain a +4 competence bonus on that skill and half armor check penalties when using it.

    Explore, Report, Cooperate [1 use] Free immediate action to consider an action and know if it would further or hinder the goals of the Society.
    Legacy of Porthmos [2 uses] use this boon to cast heroism as a spell-like ability, or to increase the morale bonus of a heroism spell you cast by 1
    Curse Removal [1 use] one free casting of remove curse at caster level 12 in any large settlement
    Eyes of the Kirin

    Faction Card:

    ** 8/9 Season 6 Faction Card goals completed **
    G1 3/3
    G2 1/1
    G3 1/1
    G4 0/1
    G5 3/3
    G6 1/1
    G7 1/1
    G8 5/5

    Society Stuff:

    PFS# 84637-6
    Faction Taldor Sovereign Court
    XP 33
    Prestige/Fame 59/64


    • #2.13, Murder on the Throaty Mermaid [1 XP, 2 PP, 523 gp]
    • #5.08, The Confirmation [1 XP, 2PP, 430 gp]
    • #1.47, The Darkest Vengeance [1 XP, 1 PP, 430 gp]
    • We Be Goblins! [1 XP, 1PP, 412 gp]
    • #1.55, The Infernal Vault [1 XP, 2 PP, 513 gp]
    • #2.02, Before the Dawn, Part II: Rescue at Azlant Ridge [1 XP, 2 PP, 515 gp]
    • #1.33, Assault on the Kingdom of the Impossible [1 XP, 2 PP, 1176 gp]
    • #5.19, The Horn of Aroden [1 XP, 2 PP, 1179 gp]
    • #1.39, The Citadel of Flame [1 XP, 2 PP, 1181 gp] (GM)
    • #5.24, Assault on the Wound [1 XP, 2 PP, 2295 gp]
    • #5.21, The Merchant's Wake [1 XP, 2 PP, 1863 gp]
    • #3.25, Storming the Diamond Gate [1 XP, 2 PP, 1273 gp]
    • #2.01, Before the Dawn, Part I: The Bloodcove Disguise [1 XP, 2 PP, 2248 gp]
    • #1.37, The Beggar's Pearl [1 XP, 2 PP, 2214 gp] (GM)
    • #5.99, The Paths We Choose [1 XP, 2 PP, 2240 gp]
    • #1.51, The City of Strangers, Part I: The Shadow Gambit [1 XP, 2 PP, 2257 gp]
    • #1.52, The City of Strangers, Part II: The Twofold Demise [1 XP, 2 PP, 2367 gp]
    • #5.14, Day of the Demon [1 XP, 2 PP, 3205 gp]
    • #4.23, Rivalry's End [1 XP, 2 PP, 3321 gp] (GM)
    • #4.22, Glories of the Past, Part I: Halls of Dwarven Lore [1 XP, 2 PP, 4001 gp] (GM)
    • #4.24, Glories of the Past, Part II: The Price of Friendship [1 XP, 2 PP, 4009 gp] (GM)
    • #4.25, Glories of the Past, Part III: The Secrets Stones Keep [1 XP, 2 PP, 5460 gp] (GM)
    • #2.20, Wrath of the Accursed [1 XP, 2 PP, 4541 gp]
    • #4.03, The Golemworks Incident [1 XP, 2 PP, 5434 gp] (GM)
    • #2.03, The Rebel's Ransom [1 XP, 2 PP, 5462 gp] (GM)
    • #5.10, Where Mammoths Dare Not Tread [1 XP, 2 PP, 6045 gp]
    • #5.17, Fate of the Fiend [1 XP, 2 PP, 6130 gp]
    • #6.04, The Beacon Below [1 XP, 2 PP, 7752 gp]
    • #6.13, Of Kirin and Kraken [1 XP, 2 PP, 7716 gp]
    • #2.26, The Mantis's Prey [1 XP, 2 PP, 7909 gp]
    • #2.10, Fury of the Fiend [1 XP, 2 PP, 7690 gp] (GM)
    • #0.26, Lost at Bitter End [1 XP, 2 PP, 7540 gp] (GM)
    • #7.11, Ancient's Anguish [1 XP, 2 PP, 7786 gp]