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So I have a wizard who with Varisan Tattoo casts Evocation as 12th Level. He has Intesified and Hieghten Metamagic Feat. He also has Magic Trick Fireball and the required feat Widen Metamagic feat. So by math my fireball is doing 12d6 with Intesified. Then add 5 for Hieghten. Then adda another 8 for Concentrated Fire. By my math that fireball is now doing 25d6. Please tell me I'm right.
The reason I ask is I have no money after retraining and few like two high level damaging spells. I have Ice Storm and Cone of Cold and no sixth level spells. So I am being forced to be creative with what I have.

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Concentrated Fire: You can reduce the radius of your fireball by increments of 5 feet, to a minimum of a 5-foot radius. For each 5-foot increment you reduce the spell, you increase the spell’s damage by 1d6. This additional damage can exceed the spell’s maximum damage.

Fireball is 20 ft radius, so with a minimum of 5 ft, you can reduce it by 15 ft or 3 5 ft increments, so 3d6, not 8.

Intensify will indeed get you from 10d6 to 12d6

Heighten really doesn't buy you much. A better DC, and longer range but no additional d6s as the d6s are based on caster level not spell level.

So I get 15d6 not 25d6.

Yeah Heighten Spell will increase the saving throw DC, but won't add damage.

I think Derek Dalton was using Widen Spell and Concentrated Fire, so a Radius of 40 feet could be reduced 7 times (to 5 feet) for +7d6 damage.

I don't know if it works that way, you might reduce the radius from 20 to 5 (for +3d6), and then double the radius (for a 10 foot radius with the increased damage). This is something you'd probably have to discuss with your GM.

If it does work that way, then I think you get up to 19d6 damage. If not then I think Agodeshalf has it.

Derek Dalton wrote:

The reason I ask is I have no money after retraining and few like two high level damaging spells. I have Ice Storm and Cone of Cold and no sixth level spells. So I am being forced to be creative with what I have.

You do realize that Wizards get 2 free spells each time they go up a level, right? The 2 free spells have to be ones that you'd be able to cast.

If your 2 choices were non-damaging spells I could certainly agree with your choices. Non-damaging spells are often the best choices a Wizard can make.

Trying to make the most out of Fireball is kind of a cottage industry. Wizards...aren't the best at it. Sorcerers are just better at blasting. But for a wizard the key metamagic feats are Intensify, Empower, Maxamize and Elemental Spell. And getting Spell Focus and Spell Specialization will let you cast Fireball at 2 higher DC and 14th level . Heightning Fireball is horribly inefficient. Sure it raises the DC, but that is all it does. Memorizing a heightened fireball would be incredibly frustrating. Though you might use it with Preferred Spell if you were desperate.

Three more levels and you can aim for Spell Perfection. Once you solve your money problems buying Lesser Rods of Metamagic shouldn't be painful at all.

lesser rods rarely work on metamagiced fireballs.

As soon as its relative level goes up by 1, the lesser rod no longer works.

If you totally build for fireball, then you could take the 2 traits that lower metamagic cost by 1. Further adding on spell perfection and you can throw on any one metamagic feat for free.

So you could Empower (traits) + Quicken (or maxamize) and still be a 3rd level slot. Then use a cheap lesser rod of Intensify, a variety of Elemental spell as needed, or a Dazing rod if you want to use an expensive rod that won't pay off because everything you face at 15+ should pass a reflex save vs a 3rd level spell.

Man, those wayang sure do get around.

blahpers wrote:
Man, those wayang sure do get around.

this is why so we have to train so many wizards how to hunt them....

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blahpers wrote:
Man, those wayang sure do get around.

And that link to the other discussion about using a option without knowing or caring about the background. :-/

Okay I've had a cold and misspoke. I meant Empower metamagic. Two I'm not a straight Wiza but have gone into the Prestige class Pathfinder Field Agent hence the lack of high level spells. Three we haven't been able to really have any downtime to buy sell or trade.
Now on a semi related subject I'm thinking of becoming a Pathfinder Savant. At third level they get an ability to use Scrolls at their casting level. Here's my question could I make a bunch of first level scrolls for dirt cheap. Then use them at tenth level strength which would be my caster level?

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