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They killed his freaking Dog! There are consequences to that.

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Phillip Gastone wrote:
Thomas Seitz wrote:
Look for me, the unholy trinity of Marvel is Kang, Thanos and Apocalypse. Now admittedly some might call for Annihilus, but honestly giant bug with a Cosmic Control Rod...isn't my thing.

High Evolutionary

Cthon for Dr.Strange stuff plus Shuma Gorath
Various (ex) Heralds of Galactus such as Air Walker and Terrax
Mole Man
Sub Mariner before he face-turned

Baron Karza!

I hope this isn't too off topic, but if the Nova Force was so powerful, how come they had trouble with just Ronan and his ship. How they hell would they have been able to hold off Thano's?

And given that, why did the Guardians leave the orb with the Nova Force? When i saw infinity war I was kinda pissed at the guardians for causing half of Zandar to be a target.

MMCJawa wrote:
Black Dougal wrote:

I'll eventually see this, but probably on Netflix.

Just one question, did they retcon the Tessarct backstory? I thought Howard Stark found it in the ocean after world war 2 and presumably gave it to the US govt?

You mean Disney+ here, given that netflix is no longer going to be getting any new MCU/Star Wars/Etc films beginning in 2019.

** spoiler omitted **

Yeah, good point. I'm not sure I want or need two streaming services so that's going to create a decision tree for me.

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Thanks for all the reviews. I've been following the pre-release hype and internet reaction videos closely. A few thoughts:

(1) The marketing campaign was ham-fisted. As a 40-something white male I did start to wonder, does Marvel want me to see this movie? As it is, offered to take my daughter to it yesterday but she opted for How to train your Dragon.

(2). The Quartering, well, I've watched some of his videos. He makes some valid points, but, the best phrase I can come up is that he has an "uncouth" presentation style, which when you want to agree with something he says, you cringe instead because he crosses lines with sexist comments, racism etc.

(3) I never really cared about movie reviews, other to note that most critics are idiots and make ridiculous points in order to stand out from the other "guy". I do agree with Brie that more women should review movies, if nothing else to get more alternative viewpoints.

(4) All that being said, Rotten Tomatoes has lost all credibility. Subject to manipulation beyond all hope of repair. Pre-release the site had a negative internet campaign impact influence want to see ratings. Post release pro-Captain Marvel bots jacking up ratings with positive reviews, with identical comments. I don't go to movies to get dragged into social justice issues, this movie has attracted the worst sort of attention from all sides of the peanut gallery.

I'll eventually see this, but probably on Netflix.

Just one question, did they retcon the Tessarct backstory? I thought Howard Stark found it in the ocean after world war 2 and presumably gave it to the US govt?

"There is undeniably a visceral thrill to this, as it represents the shape of the over-arcing Malazan storyline starting to come into focus"

Which is why I liked it so much. The previous books, while brilliant, didn't tie well together. I loved Gardens of the Moon and expected the next book to follow on. but that didn't happen and I remember thinking, when the hell do I get to see Genoes Paran again? Bonehunters gave me a better sense of world connectedness.

It would be financial chaos. How to get life insurance payments when you can't prove someone has died? They are just gone. Policies don't cover Thano's related incidents.

It would be a nightmare situation, and the sudden destablization would provide opportunities for wars etc.

It would be an interesting grim dark comic to explore, but personally would prefer Antman go back in time and stop it from happening.

Solo had multiple issues with it that led to poor performance. The thing that struck me before hand was a very lacklustre marketing campaign pre release. whether this happened because of the tight reshoot schedule limiting trailers..or whether Lucasfilm was on autopilot, or whether the divisive reaction of some fans to the TLJ made a coherent marketing campaign impossible, or the cost of the reshoots had reduced the marketing budget..who knows.

Anyway, it landed dead on arrival. I saw it opening day in mid afternoon and there were 5 people in a theatre that can hold 330. I expected a fan boycott due to the TLJ but I think it was rather joe public either didn't care or didn't know about it (i.e. lame marketing).

I have watched it twice on Netflix this month to see how it stood up to my original feelings. Overall, I like parts of the movie, and am bored by parts of the movie. I think this reflects how this movie has developed. It was a series of set pieces (like the train scene) that someone then strung a lame plot through. My favorite part of the movie is the Kessel Run. I hated the first 10 minutes. Its feels very uneven to me.

Impatiently waiting for The Bonehunters review and your admission that Genoes Paran is a god.

Story going around that he was holed up in some mountain retreat to finish book 6.

Just bought it and did the first part to Olegs as a rogue on normal. wasn't too bad although some surprises.

Just a heads up. I didn't have any sound when I first played. I'm using windows 10. Had to do some surfing and found out it was likely direct X related. I downloaded it again and then reboot my PC and sound then was fine.

Well, I finished. It wasn't as bad as IF1, but still not as good as the other marvel shows. I found myself bored in the early episodes, thankfully once the plot started moving I got into it.

Just a thought, does the heart of the dragon corrupt the soul? Encourages more use of violence to solve problems. Would Davo's start collecting gold and wanting to sleep on it?

But I will see Turk right?

Plan on binging this weekend.

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The way I see it, Ki lung was LN, the Hand was LE and Danny is CN(G). So no surprise he did not fit in.

I've almost finished Ozark season 2, which i opted to watch instead of IF2. Hey though, if Turk makes an appearance and is once again unlawfully accused of doing something he shouldn't be, well then I guess I can watch.

What I really want to to see is Foggy defend Turk in court.

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I liked it, But my favorite of the series is the Bonehunters..

because, Genoes Paran of couse

magnuskn wrote:
high G wrote:
magnuskn wrote:

He did play Pathfinder but it seems he has switched to 5E. Let's see if PF2E can make him switch back.

high G wrote:
magnuskn wrote:
Alright, now I want a series with Butters as the main protagonist. "Waldo Butters, Jedi Knight" would probably be an appropiate title. :p
I don't. Butters' allegiance is questionable and there is no reason he won't turn on Harry.
I disagree wholeheartedly about that. He got over the distrust he had about Harry in Skin Game.
Furthermore, Butters could slip to the dark side. He would make an excellent Necromancer. I don't like him.

Skin Game spoilers

** spoiler omitted **

Yeah, Butter is not going to slip to the darkside.

It would be like Marcone becoming a Warden


I'm not sure if there is a buy/sell forum here, if there is it must have escaped my notice.

Anyway, I have the original Rise of the Runelords and Curse of The Crimson Throne AP's, had them as I was an original subscriber and sitting on my shelves for 11+ years. Anyway, wondering if there was an interest here for someone to take them off my hands?

The series I am most interested in is Hotpie's reign of terror

If you dwell on the science too long, things fall apart so I tried not to worry about stuff like that. For example, do you age in the quantum realm?

I loved his work.

This movie is not perfect, but it by far the best marvel movie I have ever seen. I am talking better than x2, spiderman, cap 2, black panther.

Maybe cause I enjoy a bit of silly in my super hero movie. I loved the original ant man and suspected this might be a bloat of a movie. But while I concede there was too many villains, I didn't care.

This is such a fun movie. Really lifted my spirits and this is one I will see again in the theatre, maybe tomorrow.

I really liked parts of rogue 1, and overall it ranks as number 3 after new hope and empire. But the whole marketing use of cut scenes still rankles. I got hyped for stuff that didn't happen, its hard to let go even though its standard Hollywood practice these days.

I really enjoyed Solo, more than I thought I would.

The more I think about it, the more annoyed I get with TFA. The lack of originality is part of it, the other part is the I feel like I have to read a bunch of novels to get filler. In any new movie series, I wouldn't mind gaps in the narrative, but this is something I have extensive investment in and the gap between the Return of the Jedi and TFA feels too, WTF is going on moments.

I will be brief about TLJ. I hate it, for many reasons. It has amazing production values. If it was stand alone movie it would be more bearable. But its not, and the most noteworthy feature is it shows how poorly Lucasfilm planned out this Trilogy. Lucas didn't have the original trilogy planned out that much either, but somehow it worked.

This new trilogy doesn't work as a narrative. its like have Fellowship of the ring, then replacing the two towers with one of teh later Richard Rahl novels, and then bringing back Tolkien to write the conclusion to the the rahl saga after the mother confessor and Richard are both dead. Dogs breakfast?

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All your points are valid, but I also wouldn't discount the impact that Lucasfilm staffers are having in turning off core fans. I have a rabid fan since 1977, but my enthusiasm is fading very fast.

I think Lucasfilm would have been better off not responding to internet trolls, but instead they have attacked them at every turn. In doing so, they appear incapable of acknowledging some serious issues in their narrative design process.

For example, by killing off the legacy characters and removing all the plot setups for Rey et al that TFA established, it leaves me wondering, what emotional investment do I have in the next film. Not very much.

And to constantly read comments from Lucasfilm that because I didn't enjoy these movies I am the problem, being a 40 something white male, well, I start to wonder what the heck is going on. It's just a weird business approach.

Anyway, I know there is a large cohort like me out there who stayed loyal consumers because we loved the original franchise and let us remember our childhoods. But that nostalgia glow is gone now. And so expect more franchise fatigue as an entire audience cohort that in the past went to the movie six or seven times in the theatre, bought the DVD's etc. decides instead to watch Altered carbon on Netflix instead.

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Motley fool has a good run down on the current state of the franchise. loding.aspx

Power man and iron Fist, that's going on a T-Shirt.

and my patience is rewarded.

no need to watch the last 3 episodes.

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Saw this and thought of Freehold.

Black Dougal wrote:

Read an interesting story today noting that for the first time since 1977, an upcoming Star Wars movie is not guaranteed to win its opening weekend nor for that matter be close to the highest gross for the year: ffice-avengers-last-jedi/#637657c558d8

well, it won its opening weekend but definitely not the highest grossing film for the year, lucky if it breaks even after marketing costs.

I remember watching it on its original run and being confused as hell by the Londo arc..I thought I had missed episodes and wondered how that happened.

Gary Cole!

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Apparently they are making a sequel to Rogue One:

Werthead wrote:
MMCJawa wrote:

Yeah that was great!

Although it sort of left me confused on what exactly this means for the movies...

I think it's fairly straightforward:

** spoiler omitted **

Wert, I want to address one of your earlier points, I absolutely agree that Lucasfilm need to slow down and have some deep thoughts about their product. My biggest issue with TLJ is the fact that by swerving away from all the setups in TFA, it says there is no master plan. Sure George didn't really have one either, and for 35 years its bugged the hell out of me that Luke and Leia became siblings when clearly that wasn't originally intended.

But despite that, the original trilogy worked. I just feel the latest trilogy is a non linear mess. I have no interest in seeing episode 9 regardless of who directs because its clear Disney is just winging it.

Hell, I would not be surprised to see a movie about BB8 and how Kylo Ren made him when he was five. Whatever moves toy sales.

Anyway, They really do need to worry about market saturation, but they don't get its a risk. They probably won't get the message even if Solo performs sub expectations.

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I just saw it as a number of friends gave it positive word of mouth. And I think it will need it as in my theatre of 340 seats there were only 8 people (on the first day of showing).

Anyway, it was good and I think one thing that benefited it was the lack of over exposure ahead of time. What I mean that every scene you saw in the trailers was actually in the movie (imagine that). Not necessarily in the spot you thought it would be, but that is fine. That is what puts this movie well ahead of Rogue One for me. I still dislike being prepped for a movie and things i expected to see never show up.

It goes without saying that this feels like a more coherent film to me than TLJ or TFA, which is amazing considering the change in directors and all the drama associated. I especially liked all the "non-canon" EU references which I guess are canon again. In that sense it feels more tied to the SW universe I know.

I can harp on small details,(like did Corellia make Victory class Star Destoyers?), but overall this movie actually entertained me much more than I expected.

Where is my Captain Needa origin story?

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Its not impossible. I shot Rogue ones in my T-16 back home and their not much bigger than 2 meters

I am finding it really hard to work up the excitement for this one. TLJ was such a disappointment for me, and that followed from a general Meh feeling I felt after watching TFA, I just feel like its just not worth the emotional investment. I am encouraged by what reviews I have seen, but I decided to skip going opening night. Maybe I catch it in a few days.

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Hama wrote:
It's out in my country. People say it's pretty meh. A bad space western.

Didn't we already have that? It was called Serenity. But I don't recall it being that bad.

The dialog quality is reflective of many behind the scenes issues behind the development of this game. The main one being that Bioware Montreal (since closed) experience was primarily with shooters and action games, so the party combat side got good technical marks, but in terms of the story writing and dialog..not so much. And it didn't help they had at least two creative directors on this project leave during the 5 years it was being developed. 95886428

So, when are we getting a Greedo stand alone movie?

Set wrote:
DeathQuaker wrote:
MMCJawa wrote:
I am most curious about Black Widow and Banner myself. If the Hulk continues to be too scared to come out, that means that in theory Banner may actually have a shot at romance.
I'd rather they not ever revive that storyline ever again. It was awful.

What I liked most about it was that it seemed to me that the Black Widow was 100% wrong for Bruce. She gave him a heartfelt talk about how she respected that he had the most strength of anyone she'd ever met, and yet did his best to not use that strength because he didn't *want* to be a fighter. And then, when she needs the Hulk, she tells Bruce that he's adorable and pushes him off a cliff because she 'needs the other guy now.'

She's smart enough to realize that Bruce doesn't want to be the Hulk, and yet mercenary enough to force him to become the Hulk when she deems that tactically useful, regardless of his wishes. (And she does the same to the Hulk, lullabying him to sleep the second she doesn't need him anymore.)

What was neat to me is that she basically broke *both* of their hearts, Bruce and the Hulk, and he flat out deserves better.

So, in that sense, I certainly wouldn't want to see them actually get together...

That is some on the money analysis..The whole romance scenes between them made me feel uncomfortable and I think this is why. With the Vison/Wanda romance it really felt forced..sorta feel the same with Bruce and BW, but in this case there is not really chemistry because to her its just a part of her job..say what needs to be said to get the needed result.

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Genoes Paran for the win!

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I went in there exactly knowing it would be a brutal ending, and that Thano's would win, cause, in the comics, for the first part he does win. Almost effortlessly. So I concentrated my enjoyment on the Visuals and the humour.

The next movie, however, I really have no idea..that is an awesome state to be in, can't wait to see how it all plays out. I will definitely be avoiding the internet when it comes out next year, do not want to be spoiled even in the slightest.

John Napier 698 wrote:
I think that all the deaths caused by the Infinity Gauntlet can be undone by the same. That would mean that the deaths of Loki, Heimdall, Gamorra, and Vision are permanent.

Technically, with the time stone you can go back and alter events, as Thano's did to stop Wanda destroying the mind stone, so someone could concievably use the guantlet to rewrite as much canon as they want.

Hey JJ Abrams, want a Marvel job?

One thing everyone is forgetting about is Adam warlock, who played a big part in the original comic story. And since he was Easter egged in GotG2, I expect him to get the stones and do some rebooting.

GreenDragon1133 wrote:
ryric wrote:

My wife's Dr. Strange theory:

** spoiler omitted **

Also some musings about the infinity stones in general:

** spoiler omitted **

Agreed on Strange. Very possibly on the stones.

Yeah, I agree those theories make a lot of sense, I would use them if i was the writers

Anybody know what Butchers's issues are with Peace talks? I need my Dresden fix.

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Ok, I saw it, and totally not happy with the way the Russo brothers threw away ten years of movie canon..

I especially hate the way Starlord Weaponized hyperspace to destroy Thano's ship..

Um..hold that thought,,crossed wires..

It was a great movie. As someone old enough to have brought the Infinity guantlet issues when they first came out, its always been my favorite marvel Story (followed by secret wars and then Days of Future past).

They told it as well as anyone could have. I loved the fight scenes, especially all the ones with Thor in it. The onlydowner is knowing the story, I knew how this movie will end. Do I know how part 2 will finish, not really, so if anything the ending made me really want to see the next part.

Good job Russo Brothers!

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Selene Spires wrote:

Just came back from was awesome...

And had a very surprising guest star I would not dream of seeing...

But avoid all spoilers...


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"no chicken left behind!"

How does the rights issue work? You can write about flying an x-wing in a book, but to show it in a film you need release rights?

Yes, in the book the 5 years made sense, the clue was very obscure. But while I would have loved that part of the book to have made it into the movie, they had to make it more action oriented. I didn't have too much issue with no one winning the race in the movie for 5 years, its just too weird a concept to try racing backward. And some Easter eggs don't get found, isn't there still one from Guardians #1 that the James Gunn keeps teasing us about?

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