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Loved the first 2 movies, great action. This looks just as good.

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All of this for what? Just a puppy?

New trailer.

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They killed his freaking Dog! There are consequences to that.

CapeCodRPGer wrote:
All of this for what? Just a puppy?

Eventually, the dog picks up a gun too.

I keep wondering how they'll tie this into Bill and Ted 3...

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Thomas Seitz wrote:
I keep wondering how they'll tie this into Bill and Ted 3...

An Alex Winter cameo. He's his brother William, we find out John Wick's middle name is Theodore.

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Finally they made a live action FF7.


I can totally get behind that.

Saw it. Thoroughly enjoyed.

Visual style and budget it was more like 2, but in overall genre awareness and focus on action over plot, it was more like 1.

Just in case (minor nitpick, skip it if you don't want to read it, and minor spoilers):

I'm a little disappointed in the ending. I would have preferred that the series end here. If the directors/producers made another movie, in a new franchise, with Keanu Reeves as the star, I would still go see it. The problem is that this movie basically ends exactly the same as two ended. It took any relationships that existed, developed them a little... and the twist is that it shot that development in the head.

A tight trilogy would have been good.

Then we could have had a new movie, Tom Stick, starring Keanu Reeves. An ex-special forces guy who's cat gets run over by a neighbor who turns out to be a Columbian drug lord.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the movie a ton. Lots of great action. Really, really good camera work. Tons of creativity. Lots of great style. I like that they clearly make Keanu Reeves learn a specific and esoteric skill that probably took him 2-3 weeks of hard work to learn... for a single shot.

Also, in a movie filled with guns, we get to have Chekov's Belt.

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I want the last movie in the series to be John Wick gets killed in the beginning and the dog goes on the revenge spree.

It writes itself.

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Saw this Friday morning. One thing I found interesting was the audience - a mix of old and young, but lots of old ladies who were very excited to see it.

Overall, I enjoyed the movie. I thought the plots of the first two were better, but action-wise all three have been top notch. I love the way they incorporate some of the skills (like horse riding) Reeves has learned throughout his career (and maintained as hobbies) into the role.

I look forward to Chapter 4.

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On a side note, it's cool the way they get some character actors to do bit roles in this series. In particular, I was re-watching the first movie last night, and noticed Charlie, leader of the clean-up crew, was David Patrick Kelly. He's had roles going all the way back to 48 Hrs. (with Eddie Murphy and Nick Nolte).

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Saw this at a screening on Tuesday and again on Friday.

I personally think that the 2nd movie is the best in the series, followed closely by the 3rd and then the 1st.

There's about a two minute sequence in CHAPTER 2 where John Wick is chasing his quarry through a museum just MURDERING henchmen as he goes and to me aside from the earlier sequence in the tunnels in Italy is the best straight up action sequence in the franchise.

There's a sequence in CHAPTER 3 that comes close involving John and Sophia and the two dogs that comes very close to matching it.

CHAPTER 3 is great fun and has tons of action. I enjoyed it ALOT.

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The scene with the dogs had me cringing, considering where the dogs kept biting dudes. OUCH!

On a side note - Chapter 4's release date has been announced.

I'm okay with John Wick dethroning the Avengers. But I want the Avengers to come back and dethrone John Wick. :p

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The Rewatchables - John Wick 2

A good celebratory podcast about John Wick 2 (released last week).

I'm still disappointed with the story of 3, but as long as they do good action and shoot it beautifully, I don't care. The genre awareness is a nice bonus.

Speaking of Wick versus Marvel...


As good as John Wick is...I'm not sure he's ready for Thanos JUST yet...

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ARRRGGGHHH!!! Release date on Bluray is not until August!

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