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I'm not sure if there is a buy/sell forum here, if there is it must have escaped my notice.

Anyway, I have the original Rise of the Runelords and Curse of The Crimson Throne AP's, had them as I was an original subscriber and sitting on my shelves for 11+ years. Anyway, wondering if there was an interest here for someone to take them off my hands?

Has anybody incorporated a detour to Maure Castle in the later half of the path? It seems an easy fit as it is not far from Diamond Lake.

So this is just like the movie quotes thread, put in a quote or famous catchphrase from a tv show of any era and see if anyone can guess them\

I will start with an easy one:

"In 1972, a crack commando unit was sent to prison.."

I am part of a Pathfinder group that plays every Saturday. Recently we lost two of our full time players and are looking to add a few new faces.

The campaigns we have been running are set in Golarian, the current one in the River kingdoms. It's been a lot of fun, and we want to continue in that area, but the DM has some interesting retrofiting so new players can start at the ground floor.

Demographics wise are all in our 40's but are willing to take any age/gender who has a genuine interest in playing. The main requirement I guess is the ability to be avilable consistantly to play. As I mentioned we try to play once a week on the weekend for 4-5 hours, or longer if people can stay longer.

A side note, we have been trying out the mythic rules set, so the basic players book, the APG and mythic rules would be helpful to have.

Location is not set, we had been playing in the NW but our host has been disloctaed by the oil patch upheavel so we haven't yet set a new base of operations yet. Once we have some player interest, we can choose a location convenient to everyone.

Anyway, if there is any interest please message me and provide some background about yourself.


I was just curious what peoples favorite sci fiction/fantasy cartoons from the 1970/80's were. For me, my prime formative years and influenced my tastes into Adulthood.

In terms of my favorite 10:

1. Star Blazers
2. Robotech/Macross saga
3. Flash Gordon by Animation
4. Thundaar The barbarian
5. Spiderman and his amazing friends
6. Battle of the Planets
7. Superman and the justice league
8. Voltron defender of the universe
9. He-man
10. D&D

Watched a trifecta of Bill Murray movies this weekend and realized he's one of my favorite actors. Here is my top ten bill murray films:

10. Meatballs
9. Kingpin
8. Rushmore
7. Lost in translation
6. What about bob
5. Groundhog day
4. scrooged
3. ghostbusters
2. Stripes
1. Caddyshack

Just wondering what people thought which was the better band..

Or I guess another way of asking is, do you prefer

1977-81 Finn Brothers

or 1982-84 Finn Brothers..

can't get six months in a leaky boat out of my head so I guess I favour Split enz

1 person marked this as a favorite. 1-1-million-stashed-in-an-airplane-toilet-in-india/

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I have been reviewing my collection of pathfinder adevnture paths and pathfinder modules, and one thing that really stands out is that I like advantures where some effort is made to provide treasure that feels like some thought was put into placing it.

For example, if the adventure has approximately 50,000 gp worth of magical treasure, I prefer a ring, some potions, a few scrolls, a +3 weapon, and some miscellaneous items..say like flying carpts, bags of holding, and then a few non standard items.

I get so fed up with encounters where the treasure consists of the boss 10 thugs wearing +1 chain shirt, +1 battle axe, potion healing..etc..

It is just lazy design..I don't care if the rules allow the players to sell those +1 items and buy what they want, the point is those thugs don't need +1 items to be effective, you can always give them plate instead of chain. When I read over the adventure and find that 50% or more of total treasure comes from the opponent's gear, my eyes glaze over. It just loses something for me.

To give concrete examples, one reason I hate Council of thieves is the last adventure "the thrice damned path". All the adventure seems to consist of is beating on theives and thugs in +1 gear. Contrast that with the "6 fold trial" in the same path which has a variety of non standard +1 items, including a evil intelligent glaive with an interesting back story.

With one shot modules, this reason is a big consideration for me to buy I either buy or don't buy, with adventure paths its not as cut and dried, but my overall statisfaction with a path comes from how many of the 6 adevntures try to be creative with the treasure.

And I am not sure why this happens, but it seems that the pattern repeats itself where the 2,3,4 and 5thth adventures usually have some creative treasure, but the 6th adventure leaves me bored.

Specifically, this was a problem for me in Second Darkness, Council of Thieves, Serpents Crown, and most notably the Shackles, where I was so bored by the last adventure I refused to buy it, and has the dubious disntiction of being the only Pathfinder Path adventure I do not own.

Its one reason why a path might be better with one writer, its not realistic I know but if Richard Pett was writting all 6 modules I know I would love it. Nick Loque also a dream scenario. And of course, Erik Mona doing a solo job on a whole path would be like me winning powerball.

I have been downsizing my sizeable D&D collection (bought almost every , basic, expert, companion, masters modules. as well as every 1st edition module except for puppets, and a wide wide variety of 2nd edition stuff).

I had been selling parts to my local game store (so far just my 3rd edition D&D stuff and my MERP collection) but it occurs to me that posters here might have more interest. I'd rather have someone who really wants it rather than a languishing on a shelf for only lucky local Calgary players to find.

So tossing out a general enquiry.

Some of the stuff I have which is hard to find is

Module I12 Egg of the Phonenix
Module H2 Bloodstone Mines\
Module H3 Bloostone wars
Mudule H4 The wrath of Orcus
Forgotten realms setting grey box
Forgotten Realms gold box

T1-4 Temple of Elemental Evil
A1-A4 scourge of slave lords super module
Queen of the spiders super module

And too many more to list if there is anything you are looking for just ask I might have it and willing to consider selling if the price is right.

As much as I love Paizo products, finances have become too tight with a new house and baby on the way. Thanks.

Hi guys,

I forgot to update my credit card info when it expired and as a result Pathfinder 19 and 20 are still pending to be shipped, whereas Pathfinder 21 has already been shipped to me.

Can you plaese charge me for 19 and 20 and send them on the way..I don't want to jump into the path halfway through.

Hey, can you guys check my account billing?

I have been been charged on my credit card over the last few months for pathfinder 4,5, 6 ..all according to plan..

Now today I get an email saying an order I placed Oct 2, 2007 (?!) will be soon be sent and I will be sent pathfinder 7 and charged for that and pathfinder 4, 5, 6.

I am not sure what went wrong along the way with the automated billing process but as much as I like the product I am not predisposed to enjoy being charged again for something I already paid for (i.e. pathfinder 4,5,6).

Well its almost 3 weeks and no sign of it yet..

I was dreaming I guess of getting it before the stores do, but at least it is still cheaper than buying each issue from the local game store.

I haven't really followed Forgotten Realms much since 3.0 came out but starting a new campaign and I wanted to be an Eldritch Knight prestige character.

so I start doing the min maxing...

1. Fighter 4 and then mage 6 then all the way Eldritch knight but that means sacrificing lvl 9 spells for weapon specialization..

2. Fighter 2/rogue 3/wizard 5 then Eldricth knight..good skills and mix of feats but no lvl 8 or 9 spells

3. Ranger 2/wizard 8/eldritch knight...only 1 lvl 9 spell

4. paladin 3/sorcerer 6/eldritch knight ..great saves but alignment restricted and no high level spells

So i am totally conflicted although option 3 looks the best to me..

then I am looking through players guide to faerun 3.5 and notice the regional feat miltitia..all gives martial weapons stuff the fighter class and start as wizard..

boom wizard 10/eldtricth knight 10..problem solved..

I don't know if Eric Mona put this feat in his Dragon article for regional Greyhawk feats but he should have given the Greyhawk wars...

I thought about Eldritch knight before but always balked at being lower powered on my spells..with this regional feat I have no worries..


I bought a 2 year dungeon subscription last month and the 1st issue was sent May 16th but I still haven't recieved it, but i've seen it in gaming stores here in Canada.

Is it normal for it to take over 2 weeks for postal delivery?

I hate that its the first issue, I keep checking to see if the mailing address was correct and it is so not sure what to expect.

Well, I have been reading Dungeon since 1986 but never had a subscription. Strange but true. I have about 70 issues including most of the rare early ones save 2 and 4.

But in any case, based on the excellent work of Mr. Mona, Mr. Jacobs and all the contributers to the current adventure path, I have decided to finally commit to a 2 year subscription.

So keep it coming Paizo, and be proud that you coaxed a subscription from someone who in 36 years has only ever subscribed to one other magazine (The economist).

Seriously, this was a very well thought out, designed, written and presented adventure.

Something that took chracters from Levels 10 to 15 would be cool..

Taigen Tammaril, (Human Fighter 4, Ranger 16, AL CG, worships Tymora) aka Surly or the Chaos Bringer, is a adventurer of some repute who wanders the western heartlands between Waterdeep and Cormyr. Most recently been sighted in the Stonelands, this young human warrior has a knack of finding himself in the wrong place at the right time, and has frustrated many evil plots by his inadvertent intervention.


During the spring of Dale Reckoning 1358, 4 human adventurers were resting in the city of Arabel between adventures. These four, Kelemvor, Adon of Sune, Ariel Manx and Cyric of Zentill Keep were soon to have a major impact on events in the realms. During a midnight carouse, Cyric found a remarkably stunning naked lady wandering the streets, obviously disoriented and in distress. Cyric opted to impose his charms on the unfortunate lass, never once imagining that he had just made love to the mortal form of Tymora, goddess of luck.

A week later, the four heros managed to free the mortal avatar of Mystra from a prison in Castle Kilgrave orchestrated by Bane. Mystra then proceeded unwisely to use a celestial staircase to ascend without having found the tablets of Ao as was decreed. For her folly she was blasted into dust by Helm and her essence spread to several of Mystra's chosen, including the young Ariel Manx (also known as Midnight). The after effects of this balst was to scatter much of northern Cormyr with areas of dead and wild magic. One particularly strong blast of wild magic hit Tymora as she sat in the temple in Arabel. This blast caused her to quicken and give birth to a newborn male child. The rapid birth astonished the assembled priests of Tymora, who saw this as confirmation of Tymora's divine claim.

However, the child's lot was not to be a happy one, for a priest of Basheba had infiltrated the temple staff and carried off the infant as a gift for his goddess. The priest was not to go far however, as he was plucked out of his saddle by a wyvern just west of the StormHorns. The riderless horse with infant aboard wandered for several days until taken into the care of one Nimbuck Gangletoe, a gnome of Hills Edge.

Nimbuck noted that the infant seemed very irritated with his adventure and wouldn't smile regardless of the number of silly faces shown to him, so was nicknamed Surly. Nimbuck was often away on the course of his business of selling iron nails and pots (the finest wares from The Hill's Edge foundries!), so Surly was placed in the care of Nimbuck's daughter Marie.

Surly grew to be a strong and hardy lad, and during his 16th birthday learned his true name was Taigen from a high priest of Lathlander who was passing through town. Taigen soon began to accompany Nimbuck and his daughter on their various travels, learning the arts of the road from various guides that Nimbuck hired.

On his 18th Birthday, Taigen entered the great City of Waterdeep for the first time, where he and Marie meet up with an unusual grouping of talented individuals, most notably Rowan Thornglen, Ironaxe the Dwarf, the Incantrix Jastra and the wizard warrior Stormwind.

After several remarkable exploits, Taigen grew in power and expertise rapidly and on a trip to Cormyr learned of his divine heritage (but only through costly divination learning that his father was none other than the once mortal Cyric, now the God of Lies and Murder). Upon questioning priests of Tymora in Aabel, it seems he was adopted by the Tammaril Cormyian noble family (noted Tymoa worshippers) soon after his birth.


Taigen is most strongly identified with the Company of the BrightBlade, but his chaotic wanderlust often leds him into places where others may fear to tread. He is a junior member of Khelben Blackstaff's Moonstars. Khelben finds his abilities interesting but far too unpredictable for his liking. As such Khelben often sends Taigen on assignments that are far away from areas of other Moonstar activity, such that he might provide a distraction to Khelen's foes and uncover opposing agents previously unknown to the moonstars. Likewise, Cyric secretly delights in his mortal progeny and often sends information to Taigen by his mortal followers (such as Abu Nashir, a Calimshite rug merchant in the Castle Ward of waterdeep), so that Taigen might spike the plans of Cyric's rivals, such as the resurgent church of Bane.


In his short career, Taigen has made almost as many powerful enemies as Elminister, which in itself is a remarkable achievement. The most persistent of his foes include the Church of Bane and the Zhenarim under Fzoul, but other entities include the Eye of Waterdeep, the Shadow Thieves of Amn, The Maugylm of the demiplane of shadow, the Red Wizards of Thay, the Cult of Set in Murghom, the beholder cults of the lake of steam and the Twisted Rune. However, despite their animosity, few groups are willing to expend the resources necessary to deal with Taigen, as his penchant for unbelievable luck means that no such enterprise is likely to be successful.


Taigen is a powerful warrior and welds a +3 mighty Composite Bow (+5 strength) with devastating effect. When forced to melee, he wields Bar-Ethel, a +4 holy undead bane intelligent longsword forged in ancient Netheril and augmented by Khelben. aside from his other ranger abilities, Taigen can shape change into a Chimera 3/week, and gains the benefit of a cure critical wounds spell when he does so. However, he is unable to speak or use spells in this form. The most potent ability of Taigen is what Khelben calls the x-factor. Quite simply, the art of the weave sometimes has very strange effects when co-mixed with Taigen's blood (a legacy of his birth). Therefore, a cursed item might function normally in his hands, and a gate normally fixed to a set location may take Taigen to a completely unexpected place. Taigen has no conscious control of this ability, and its use always results in a cascade of unexpected events, hence many sages have labeled Taigen the Chaos bringer.

Just a quick question..

What Greyhawk CY is the first age of worms adventure set in?

Assuming that the Red Death occured in CY 579 and in the Diamond Lake supplement it states the hill giant in the town died 18 years ago from the plague..

Then I am good using CY 597 as the starting date?

If that's the case, antything of substance happen geopolitically since the banishment of fiends and the great northen crusade and the creation of kingdom of Ahlissa?

I love the Whispering Cairn adventure in 124, its as good as anything I've ever seen in Dungeon and I have been buying it since 1986.

However, just a few questions because I love details and a few minor timeline issues cropped up when reading the issue.

1A. Ellival MoonMeadow is said to have lived in Diamond Lake for over 100 years, longer than any other living resident..however..

1B. The Dourstone mine is said to have been in operation for centuries, and Ragnolin Dourstone has managed the mine since the begining

1.C. Dourstone was said to have picked the mine location through the influence of the faceless one..which implies that this happened hundreds of years ago..however

1.D. The faceless one is human and so unlikely to have lived for centuries, and even if he has he is said to have arrived at the mine 6 months ago..

So how to reconcile this? I am going to fudge things and assume that Dourstone inherited the mine and his ancestors were guided by the cult, and the faceless one is simply the agent who has recently been assigned to the mine.

Ok, next one...

2.A. The seekers broke into the cairn 50 years ago, and one stole the red lantern. So

2.B.Alastor broke into the mine 30 years ago. How did Alastor get to the final trap without having all the lanterns (since the red had been stolen 20 years previously and stuck in another part of cairn?).

I am fixing this by assuming the seekers broke in 25 years ago as opposed to 50 years ago.

All very minor stuff but I love the details, which is why this is such a great adventure. I'm the type of DM that loves to list the type of each gem and if my characters cared I'd also break the coins out of country of issue...