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Perfect thanks!

So I have played 1e for a long time but I am new to 2e and GMing. Last night one of my players who was a fighter tried to use an attack of opportunity on a npc who moved up to attack him but had the same reach. In 1e I know that this didn't provoke since you had to move through a threatened square, but the 2e rule just says that it is triggered if you use a move action in a threatened square. Is striding up to someone a move action that provokes for 2 five foot reach medium characters?

Thanks in advance

I have been a longtime Pathfinder adventure path fan and love how easy they make it to DM if you are low on time. I am looking to get back into Pathfinder after a brief hiatus with some friends who have never played before. I have never run a 2e game and those I'm playing with haven't played any Pathfinder at all. Which of the new ap's for 2e do you think is the best and the easiest to bring new players into?

Another thing you can do is use the orc double axe and two weapon fight with that. You have to be an orc (or use traits or an ioun stone for prof) but you are a barbarian so orc is great anyways. It solves the cost problem since you only need to enhance one weapon, and it gives you better damage than most of the other weapons at 1d8/1d8. I’ve had a lot of fun with that build before.

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Sauce987654321 wrote:
I like to make lots of my own monsters using templates and existing creatures. One of them is a Megaprimatus w/giant template and 8 levels of Barbarian to gain hurling. Hurling allows you to throw objects equal to your size category (colossal for the Giant Megaprimatus) so it can be allowed to throw gigantic objects like skyscrapers and plateaus or even larger since there is no limit, technically, lol.

I think that you still have to have the strength score to lift said skyscrapers...

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Nothing inspires true terror quite like the moment after a failed will save when you realize that the pretty lady is a succubus and she has your mind in her control

We did the test of the star stone but didn't all the way win so we got to be mythic instead of gods.

I would say don't go spontaneous casting because that sucks with the meta magic feats you get from sacred geometry. And as far as race goes, there isn't any real stat that you need for sacred geometry so if you could find some race that can snag a bonus to knowledge engineering, then that's all you need. Also the raw power of a human wizard is kinda stereotypical but is never a bad idea in my opinion. I'd say as long as you aren't spontaneous and have ranks to spare for engendering you can't really go wrong there.

We had a party with a rouge and a barbarian, they both took shatter defenses and the barbarian took cornugon smash to get free intimidate checks. Long story short, faces were wrecked.

Do they have to be helpful or just fun? I've found that with the right combo of booze drugs and women, all mele characters can have "great" ideas! The trick is just to not die when your amazing idea leads to death and destruction of the whole party.

My gm always ruled that if you cast blindness first then you wouldn't take the minus four for unnatural lust, so we would go with blindness + unnatural lust + the ugliest thing we could find with a pulse.

I agree with the above post in that a tank is not neccesary, but it can work out just fine. Paladins are great tanks because they have awesome saves and can boost their ac to the heavens. I would say that fighters are also hard to go wrong with. If you want to be the classical tank though you are gonna take a ton of hits so find a way to be prepared for that. The paladins lay on hands helps a ton in that regard making them a step above other classical "tanks". I've had good luck with a long sword and shield with all the shield bash feats, but that does limit your offense a little. But also remember that if you are a tank that no one can hit, then the baddies will start to hit other people in your party less prepared to deal with it

I kept the original boxes and then made little cardboard strips that I put in the boxes to make little compartments to stand the pawns in. I just measured out the width of the medium large and huge and made columns for each of them. I just put the smalls in numbered bags of ten. Then I photocopied the back of the box and put it in there as a sheet. Whenever I needed a pawn I just looked up its number on the alphabetical sheet then flipped through the numerically arranged pawns to the right one

JDLPF wrote:
Barbarian with an adamantine weapon, Spell Sunder rage power, and an Oil of Silence.

It's for sure a barbarian. Make him a dwarf with the superstition witch hunter and spell sunder rage powers and he can smash some wizards. If he is level 12 then you can get him pounce and he can finish the wizard in one round probably.

You could also use the simulacrum alchemist extract as an idea

The savage barbarian has the "naked courage" class ability so I feel like that's pretty applicable. Plus they get natural armor bonuses as well.

One of my players wants to play a full BAB Druid and said that he would take full bab in exchange for loss of all spellcasting. Having never played a Druid I am uncertain about it. Would that make a Druid overpowered or would it be reasonably balanced?

This is probably a stupid question but do you add your dex to damage with a crossbow, I can't find an actual rule explaining it.

So one of the players in my campaign is a skald and for the travel times he is using the skald special ability song of marching so that they can move at twice their speed without any negative affects. Would this lead to problems with the game because they will get here like 20 days before everyone else. Also is there any viable reason to stop him from doing this because it is one of the few times a song of marching will actually come up.

So how many people bring costumes to this kind of thing and are there contests for said costume wearers?

Also what is the significance of the black rock?

I'm in and super stoked

I've always wanted to try some grey matter from Golarian's greatest minds! Sign me up! I'm arriving Thursday and staying in the paizo block. Name is "BjørnErakson"

The flagbearer/ banner of ancient kings route he worked well for me in the past. It can boost the pluses you give pretty well

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When we played this it was one of our first campaigns and my barbarian with a whopping charisma of five ended up banging her in an alleyway and then her father somehow blamed it on our archer and beat the crap out of him. Long story short, shayliss ended up with a child and Bjørn the destroyer of worlds, as he stylized himself, later came back and raised the child as his own. Now I make every character that I play a descendent of shayliss and I have a sprawling family tree that I keep track of it all on. So really by having an affair with a drunken half orc, shayliss started a line of men that has saved the known world at least 7 times over

Thanks everyone for chiming in, that clears a lot up. My next question would be are there many non PFS games that you can play in? Also, is it possible to get a PFS character leveled up w/o actually playing it. I live in rural Montana so getting an actual group together is a nightmare and a pain for me. Basically I have a level one PFS character but am looking for any other ways to play higher level characters of my own creation at the con itself.

So me and my buddies are driving up for our first time and i had some questions on how the games work. First, do all the games run on PFS like do we need to make PFS characters beforehand to play with. Also along those lines do all PFS characters have to start at level one because it would be kinda lame to go to paizo con and then have to play only level one characters. So if someone could just kinda clear up how the games are run and what kind of characters to bring that would be great.

Chess Pwn wrote:

Barbs are king of combat early levels. I have a lv1 bloodrager that has 19 hp pre-rage (using tribal scars) with +9 to hit while power attacking for 1d12+15 damage. Saves are 6/3/4 pre rage.

Those numbers put him on par with lv2 or lv3 characters.

Totally agree with this, nothing even comes close to a barbarian levels 1-5 and they scale well for the rest of the levels as well. They are especially great in lower levels when you go with the two handed power attack route because with your rage bonuses nothing can put out as much damage as a barbarian

So my level two players all decided it would be a good idea to ignore the rest of the island and go straight to the lighthouse no matter what cryptic warnings I have them. They ended up doing no recon and just marched straight into camp and are probably going to all die. What is the best way to maybe mitigate the damage or let some of them survive to get rescued so that the adventure can continue?

Unnatural lust is actually a stellar save or suck low level spell. It's great for getting some AoOs and it can lead to some hilarious combats. "The evil lich king runs up to the honorable paladin and forces himself upon him"

Bard is the only way to go. Give him flagbearer and a banner of ancient kings then let him spend his rounds buffing and healing to his hearts content. You can give him a bow or scimitar if you want to go that route though

My greater black tentacles has the crap buffed out of it so it will work. I accidentally grappled and killed all of our party but one with it and then proceeded to get myself killed so I'm sure it can do the trick.

Can I grapple them with black tentacles cause that seems like my best option at this point

So I just had a sorcerer 7 demoniac 9 player die and the dammned class feature meant that it's soul was immediately claimed by the abyss. My GM and I decided that it would be cool to have me transform into a demon for the level 10 capstone of demoniac but are unsure of how to do it. We decided a succubus would best fit the characters mortal sins but don't know the best way to do it. Would we just take all of the succubus' base stats and apply my levels to it or would we keep the stats it originally had and just add its special abilities and hit dice. Also if there is an article explaining this somewhere else, a link would be great. I've already looked at the becoming a demon section but I am still kinda confused.

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It's just a crazy hard battle, when we played everyone in our party except me and our wizard died. I was a barbarian orc with 350+ hp and we systematically moved through the enemies killing them one at a time while our wizard kept karzug busy then by the time it was just karzug left it was only me and our fighter left in mele with a combined 20 hp. Our wizard was a coward concerned with only self preservation so he wasn't much help really. But anyways me and the fighter got right up to him and he killed the fighter and backed away and I barley escaped death cause I was a crazy save tank. Then our wizard went unconscious and it was just the lone barbarian standing among his dead friends. At that time he had negative 6 hp from the last attack but because he had orc ferocity he got one more turn. He used his quick runners shirt to pick up his friends body and move up to karzug. Then in the most epic use of the body bludgeon rage power ever to exist he smote down karzug with the dead body of his comrade with his dying breath and scored a critical to finally bring the wizard down. It was ridiculous and i don't know how we actually managed to win.

You can only do a limited amount of damage to the insides before you "escape" or fall out of the hole you make so it's probably not super viable

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When looking for clues, don't forget to ask the birds

Barbarians are super easy to maximize if you still need a fighter type person. With toughness and raging vitality you can get a ton of HP and then you take power attack weapon focus and the like to beef your attacks like crazy. You can then specialize however you want with rage powers. The superstition line makes you a total save tank and opens up lots of fun options like witch hunter. Just get as much str and con as you can and you'll be fine

Curse of burning sleep + deep slumber. It manages to make the awesome spell that is curse of burning sleep actually mildly useful

So we are currently running a muthic campaign and I'm a level 7 sorceeer 3 deominiac and I picked up legendary item as a mythic path ability. I am putting it on a glabrezu claw that I currently have that is already a minor artifact. My question is does it become a major artifact or do I still have to take legendary item 3 times. Also would I then get the number of powers that major artifact gets under legendary item.

I will probably snag a scroll of legend lore though as well

Ok I kinda figured that would be the plan if there wasn't a specific spell I was missing that would let me find it

I am currently playing a demoniac sorcerer and I really like the idea of him finding the book of the damned to further increase his demonic knowledge and lore the main problem is that it's a major artifact and I have no idea where it is. Is there some kind of spell or ability that would let me know exactly where it is?

So I have a mythic sorcerer/demoniac and I want to make a mythic owlbear for him to majestically ride into the sunset. How do I make one?

My question is how do you make the parameters for a successful hunger games scenario. Like what level is best, do you allow equipment, how do you deal with invisibility or fly spells. What are all of the things that make a hunger games scenario work?

Qaianna wrote:
From reading guides on how to blast, Fireball seems to be the go-to spell. Good area, and at third level it's easy to modify for most other purposes. Granted, Dazing Spell is in and of itself kind'a powerful ...

Mythic augmented maximized empowered is the way to go with that spell if possible at all. It's 300 damage with a massive radius and it completely IGNORES ALL FIRE RESISTANCE AND IMMUNITY who doesn't want to kill 20 succubi at once and watch their confusion as they burn alive

I'm trying to limit any multiclassing to stay as effective as possible

Bloodrager / dragon desciple wrecks people hard

So I am playing a blaster sorcerer demoniac crazed goblin man who only likes to use fire if at all possible. My problem is that as we level up, more and creatures have resistance/immunity to fire. I am looking for any possible way to get rid of that or decrease it, mythic included. All I have found so far is mythic fireball augmented lets you bypass it. But if there is a way to do that before 6th mythic tier that would be great.

So if you are mythic you can get your saves truly ridiculous for one spell if you take spell focus greater spell focus elemental focus and greater elemental focus then the mythic versions of both and spell perfection that gives you a +16 to the save

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