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Naturally I needed to listen to Yakety Sax while reading this thread. =^-^=

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Got this reply on a certain image board
Quite literally been walking by her a few times, decided "why the f~+* not".
>Walked up to her and said "Hey, want to polish my spear?"
>Sounds retarded in retrospect.. and it was, but I did it.
>She took me into the shop, told her father that I was here to fix a "rat problem".
>Fair enough I thought, sounds like a reasonable excuse.
>We get down to the basement and begin the procedure of applying spear to hamhock sandwich.
>Queue her father asking how the rat problem was doing, told him that it was going fine and that they're just slippery little buggers while I railed his daughter.
>He asked if I needed help and started walking down the stairs, to which I replied "no, no need to help, I've got this all sorted."
>He noted that it has been awhile since I "started" and continued down. At this point I more or less panicked, tried to throw some clothes on her and get into mine.
>Managed to get my pants on before he was down and witnessed the scene.
>Tried to explain myself a bit while watching his face contort into what can only be described as pure unsaturated anger.
>Can't remember what I said but I accidentally insulted his daughter, dropped the spaghetti and booked it out of the shop.
>For reference my character was 6'7" and around 330lbs.
>Hear that brutish hulk of a dad bounding out the shop after me.
>Party wizard being out shopping sees me running down the street at Mach 5 with Death itself following.
>Casts haste on me.
>Bound into the chapel, close the doors, drag large cabinet infront and then hid in a backroom.
>Dad literally burst down the door like the f&#@ing Kool Aid man, flinging broken wood and various things everywhere.
>Clerics attempt to calm him down.
>Jump out back window.

As a DM in this scenario how would you all handle the Player (Aasmar Monk ladies man +20CHM(Tool to be accurate)) heading down there, getting overly excited, heart rate skyrocketing, nose bleeding and then passing out.

Don't think the father would Beat on a man passing out, Nor can she get overly mad as he was definitely liking her, but she could get mad at not getting what she wanted.

None of our PCs were particularly charismatic, but our (female) alchemist decided to kick off the dedication of the cathedral by setting up a shrine to Calistria. She was a bit miffed that the Sacred Sting had been overlooked somehow.

So, when Shayless decided to ask someone to help her kill rats, she asked the alchemist and then proceeded to ask for "pointers." The alchemist decided to profit from the situation and recruit someone to look after the shrine. Our fetchling Wizard had been stealthily following the alchemist out of curiosity, but being the gentleman he was, decided there were better places to be once he caught on to what type of instruction Shayless was receiving. Luckily for all involved, he also noticed the shopkeeper heading toward the basement entrance right before he headed out. So he managed to weird out, yet completely distract, the shopkeeper.

Now the ladies of the Pixies Kitten are looking after the shrine and Shayless is helping out. That's going to bite our alchemist in the ass real soon like.

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When we played this it was one of our first campaigns and my barbarian with a whopping charisma of five ended up banging her in an alleyway and then her father somehow blamed it on our archer and beat the crap out of him. Long story short, shayliss ended up with a child and Bjørn the destroyer of worlds, as he stylized himself, later came back and raised the child as his own. Now I make every character that I play a descendent of shayliss and I have a sprawling family tree that I keep track of it all on. So really by having an affair with a drunken half orc, shayliss started a line of men that has saved the known world at least 7 times over

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Charismatic fighter, spend the previous night at the Pixie's Kitten but was more than happy with going at it again next morning. Vinder came in, beat him some. He apologized to Vinder and asked to marry her. Vinder thought about it, Shayliss freaked out. Fighter hinted that his parents would expect a significant dowry (bluff). Vinder changed his mind too. Left on good terms =)

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Well, my tabletop group finally ran into our redhaired vixen. And things went... amusingly. Far more than with my Skype group. You see, originally I was going to leave Shayliss out of things, but after my friend's teenage son dropped from the game (I pointed out to my friend his son wasn't interested in the game, just doing things with his dad) I realized I don't need to worry about keeping things PG. ;)

So when the wizard decided to go into the general store to pick up more marshmallows as they'd be facing goblins again and marshmallows had been useful the first time (but not the second), he was going to pick up TWO bags of marshmallows so at least he could eat some.

A bored Shayliss was behind the counter and her eyes lit up when she saw one of the Heroes arrive. So a story about how the marshmallows were downstairs but there's rats and could he go with her to keep her safe (and having shown that rather sultry picture of Shayliss amused both my friend and his wife). And the Bard, thinking something was up? Snuck in and followed.

She got quite the eyeful when Shay revealed she was going commando under that dress, while the Wizard got pushed onto a cot not sure what was going on. (Seriously amusing.) But this worked out as the wizard DID make his Perception check to hear Dad arrive. The Bard didn't though and was caught on the stairs while Shay quickly got dressed without Dad being any the wiser. And then she proceeded to hit on the poor flustered Bard... and finally the Wizard managed to sneak out, grabbed the Bard (and the dwarf who'd been outdoors the whole time) pulled them to the edge of town, paused... "Hey, I think she was trying to seduce me."

Yeah, that scene didn't happen with a straight face. Damn amusing though. :)

Tangent101 wrote:
So when the wizard decided to go into the general store to pick up more marshmallows as they'd be facing goblins again and marshmallows had been useful the first time (but not the second), he was going to pick up TWO bags of marshmallows so at least he could eat some.

How??? Really... HOW?

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When the game first started, he joked that he hid a bag of marshmallows behind his back when the Mayor and crew started talking about the Fire from five years earlier. It was a joke but established him with marshmallows. During the combat with the goblins he threw the marshmallows at the feet of the goblins. Goblins being what they were, and Rule of Funny being allowed for this first fight, the Goblin Chanter shoved them in her face and then one of her fellow goblins reached in her mouth to try and get them and got bitten.

The second incident was when they went to Junker's Beach. My friend said "I throw marshmallows at the goblins!" and it... fell short. The badger that the NPC Hunter had instead got them.

For cereal, the whole point of the game is to have fun. If I, as a GM, can't roll with punches and indulge in rampant silliness including unexpected marshmallows, then I'm not doing my job as GM. And hey, the whole "I'm getting more marshmallows" allowed me to include Shayliss in the game and end up with something almost out of Benny Hill.

We just passed this encounter in session 2 of our game. Shayliss was taken with our shirtless (somewhat misguided) Brawler monk from Tian, Tatra.

After inviting him down to help clean out her rats Tatra, being a good-natured person and adjusting to being a public figure agreed to lend a hand. Tatra has never been one for gossip and remained blissfully unaware of Shayliss' reputation around town. The party Bard saw him go off with her knowing full well of Shayliss' intentions but thinking that Tatra would be pleasantly surprised.

Quite a bit of noise was made as they started to hastily undress which drew Vin to investigate the noises in his basement sooner than expected. Shayliss ducked into a corner but Tatra was left nowhere to hide.

Seeing only Tatra at first he was confused, then he saw his daughter's dress hanging over a barrel and immediately went into a rage.

Tatra showed no fear in the face of Vin, but no concern for Shayliss either.

A good Intimidation check made Vin realize as angry as he was, a fight with Tatra would probably end poorly for him and he allowed Tatra to leave of his on accord, making it very clear that he is not welcome in the shop any longer and expressing his displeasure with the lot of his "hero" friends.

Vin is now upset with the entire party and will charge exorbitant prices for anything that they attempt to purchase.

Shayliss is feeling pretty conflicted at the moment, on one hand Tatra completely spurned her when Vin showed up. On the other Tatra stood up to her father and did not allow himself to be intimidated, showing himself to be at least as strong as her father. Once she has gotten over the sting I think her infatuation will return, stronger than before.

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