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So I just had a sorcerer 7 demoniac 9 player die and the dammned class feature meant that it's soul was immediately claimed by the abyss. My GM and I decided that it would be cool to have me transform into a demon for the level 10 capstone of demoniac but are unsure of how to do it. We decided a succubus would best fit the characters mortal sins but don't know the best way to do it. Would we just take all of the succubus' base stats and apply my levels to it or would we keep the stats it originally had and just add its special abilities and hit dice. Also if there is an article explaining this somewhere else, a link would be great. I've already looked at the becoming a demon section but I am still kinda confused.

Here's the important bit of becoming a full fledged demon from Paizo

Success results in a final transformation into a full-fledged demon—the mortal loses all benefits of her previous race or the half-fiend template, but can immediately apply all of her class levels to her new demonic race (for example, a human fighter 10 could become a vrock fighter 10). The type of demon that the mortal transforms into depends on both the nature of her chosen demon lord and the GM’s discretion, but should generally not result in a total number of Hit Dice that more than doubles the mortal’s original Hit Dice.

Granted, this is extremely powerful and not something I'd give as a capstone but that's the "official" word.

More details http://www.d20pfsrd.com/bestiary/monster-listings/outsiders/demon/ under Becoming a Demon

Edit and sod, I completely forgot the commands to make a link...

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Demons Revisited has the Half-Succubus template, that might mesh best.

Throwing all your Sorcerer levels on top of a succubus is probably a bit much. A common method is removing levels equal to a succubus' CR. That trades out high-level spells for stuff like at-will Suggestion and Change Shape. You could also just give the Sorcerer Change Shape and the drain ability, using spells for anything else.

If you turn into a succubus you have to grapple.

Oh, and you'll need to know a protection spell, or two.

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SillyString wrote:
If you turn into a succubus you have to grapple.

Hope you have that CMB up there!

Can I grapple them with black tentacles cause that seems like my best option at this point

Black tentacles or another summoned creature could do. Maybe even strangling hair.

My greater black tentacles has the crap buffed out of it so it will work. I accidentally grappled and killed all of our party but one with it and then proceeded to get myself killed so I'm sure it can do the trick.

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