Making a math-lete caster. Advise?


I have been bouncing around the idea of a Sacred Geometry character (so homegame, obviously,) for a while. Especially since I discovered the various spells that deal with the Path of Numbers.

Assuming 25 point buy, what would the best options for something like this be? I'm thinking either Gnome (just for all the Knowledge-Engineering bonuses,) or Samsaran (to grab the other spells if need be.) Mostly just trying to figure out which race and class is best, and which spells lend best to this concept.

I would say don't go spontaneous casting because that sucks with the meta magic feats you get from sacred geometry. And as far as race goes, there isn't any real stat that you need for sacred geometry so if you could find some race that can snag a bonus to knowledge engineering, then that's all you need. Also the raw power of a human wizard is kinda stereotypical but is never a bad idea in my opinion. I'd say as long as you aren't spontaneous and have ranks to spare for engendering you can't really go wrong there.

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A bonus to KN: Engineering is actually a moot point, it's the Ranks, not the total bonus, that are used for Sacred Geometry.

Path of Numbers spells are interesting if unreliable.

If you want to ALL THE FLUFFS!, consider Master of Pentacles, Arithmancy(So, Spell Focus: Divination first), maybe the Gnomish 'Collector' trait(?)feat?

I have a Sacred Geometer in a home game at the moment, working toward Kirin Strike, and in the meantime using Improved Unarmed Strike for the fluff of drawing magical geometries in the air as he casts.

I was considering Witch, since all but one of the spells are on their list. If I went Wizard, would Divination be the best school to specialize in? I haven't built a Wizard since 3.0, so I'm way out of sorts with them.

The only thing you have to lose is your self respect.

My main suggestion is talk to your GM about whether or not they would even allow it. Most GMs wouldn't, as it's a pretty overpowered feat.

The GM issue is an afterthought, as it'll be me.

Wait, you're GMing and you have a character that you'll be playing?

I'll be running something for my kids, and since our group is small (see also: just the 2 of them,) I'll be having a DMNPC for back-up for them.

Well then.... just don't.

Might I suggest you just tailor the campaign around having only two PCs and not run a GMPC.

If you need to, have the PC characters be levels above the enemies they're facing.

Allow them access to magic through items if neither of them plays a caster.

But even in this situation I would strongly suggest against a GMPC.

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