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Sauce987654321 wrote:
I like to make lots of my own monsters using templates and existing creatures. One of them is a Megaprimatus w/giant template and 8 levels of Barbarian to gain hurling. Hurling allows you to throw objects equal to your size category (colossal for the Giant Megaprimatus) so it can be allowed to throw gigantic objects like skyscrapers and plateaus or even larger since there is no limit, technically, lol.

I think that you still have to have the strength score to lift said skyscrapers...

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Nothing inspires true terror quite like the moment after a failed will save when you realize that the pretty lady is a succubus and she has your mind in her control

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When we played this it was one of our first campaigns and my barbarian with a whopping charisma of five ended up banging her in an alleyway and then her father somehow blamed it on our archer and beat the crap out of him. Long story short, shayliss ended up with a child and Bjørn the destroyer of worlds, as he stylized himself, later came back and raised the child as his own. Now I make every character that I play a descendent of shayliss and I have a sprawling family tree that I keep track of it all on. So really by having an affair with a drunken half orc, shayliss started a line of men that has saved the known world at least 7 times over

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It's just a crazy hard battle, when we played everyone in our party except me and our wizard died. I was a barbarian orc with 350+ hp and we systematically moved through the enemies killing them one at a time while our wizard kept karzug busy then by the time it was just karzug left it was only me and our fighter left in mele with a combined 20 hp. Our wizard was a coward concerned with only self preservation so he wasn't much help really. But anyways me and the fighter got right up to him and he killed the fighter and backed away and I barley escaped death cause I was a crazy save tank. Then our wizard went unconscious and it was just the lone barbarian standing among his dead friends. At that time he had negative 6 hp from the last attack but because he had orc ferocity he got one more turn. He used his quick runners shirt to pick up his friends body and move up to karzug. Then in the most epic use of the body bludgeon rage power ever to exist he smote down karzug with the dead body of his comrade with his dying breath and scored a critical to finally bring the wizard down. It was ridiculous and i don't know how we actually managed to win.

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When looking for clues, don't forget to ask the birds

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Charm monster is a level 3 summoner spell would that work