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So my level two players all decided it would be a good idea to ignore the rest of the island and go straight to the lighthouse no matter what cryptic warnings I have them. They ended up doing no recon and just marched straight into camp and are probably going to all die. What is the best way to maybe mitigate the damage or let some of them survive to get rescued so that the adventure can continue?

Grand Lodge

Have the cannibals use non-lethal damage to bring down the characters to keep them fresh for longer, to have them eaten one by one, this would turn it into an escape scenario. Keep the rogue-ish (if there is one) character alive for starters...

Liberty's Edge

You can let an NPC get eaten first. I think Ishirou would look tasty with his big muscles. If they haven't made it into the camp yet, you can have Pezock intercept them a bit short of the compound. If they need help escaping you could have the woods whisper to Aycenia that there are beings that could help with her quest. She could show up at night and offer to help if they are willing to accept her quest. The cannibals may feel blessed with the bounty and lower the PCs into the Caves of the Mother as an offering. They don't get their weapons or armor, but you could place some stuff for them to use like large bones that could be clubs or sticks.

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