Book of the Damned


I am currently playing a demoniac sorcerer and I really like the idea of him finding the book of the damned to further increase his demonic knowledge and lore the main problem is that it's a major artifact and I have no idea where it is. Is there some kind of spell or ability that would let me know exactly where it is?

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It's called Ask Your GM, lucky for you it's 0 level.

Legend lore, aka Reveal Backstory

Keep in mind that this is just another way of saying Ask your GM

Thine GM be the keeper of all knowledge both pure and profane.

Ok I kinda figured that would be the plan if there wasn't a specific spell I was missing that would let me find it

I will probably snag a scroll of legend lore though as well

Beware as whom ever holds the book of the danmed be powerful and not will to hand it over peacefully

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