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So I have played 1e for a long time but I am new to 2e and GMing. Last night one of my players who was a fighter tried to use an attack of opportunity on a npc who moved up to attack him but had the same reach. In 1e I know that this didn't provoke since you had to move through a threatened square, but the 2e rule just says that it is triggered if you use a move action in a threatened square. Is striding up to someone a move action that provokes for 2 five foot reach medium characters?

Thanks in advance

I have been a longtime Pathfinder adventure path fan and love how easy they make it to DM if you are low on time. I am looking to get back into Pathfinder after a brief hiatus with some friends who have never played before. I have never run a 2e game and those I'm playing with haven't played any Pathfinder at all. Which of the new ap's for 2e do you think is the best and the easiest to bring new players into?

One of my players wants to play a full BAB Druid and said that he would take full bab in exchange for loss of all spellcasting. Having never played a Druid I am uncertain about it. Would that make a Druid overpowered or would it be reasonably balanced?

This is probably a stupid question but do you add your dex to damage with a crossbow, I can't find an actual rule explaining it.

So one of the players in my campaign is a skald and for the travel times he is using the skald special ability song of marching so that they can move at twice their speed without any negative affects. Would this lead to problems with the game because they will get here like 20 days before everyone else. Also is there any viable reason to stop him from doing this because it is one of the few times a song of marching will actually come up.

So my level two players all decided it would be a good idea to ignore the rest of the island and go straight to the lighthouse no matter what cryptic warnings I have them. They ended up doing no recon and just marched straight into camp and are probably going to all die. What is the best way to maybe mitigate the damage or let some of them survive to get rescued so that the adventure can continue?

So I just had a sorcerer 7 demoniac 9 player die and the dammned class feature meant that it's soul was immediately claimed by the abyss. My GM and I decided that it would be cool to have me transform into a demon for the level 10 capstone of demoniac but are unsure of how to do it. We decided a succubus would best fit the characters mortal sins but don't know the best way to do it. Would we just take all of the succubus' base stats and apply my levels to it or would we keep the stats it originally had and just add its special abilities and hit dice. Also if there is an article explaining this somewhere else, a link would be great. I've already looked at the becoming a demon section but I am still kinda confused.

So we are currently running a muthic campaign and I'm a level 7 sorceeer 3 deominiac and I picked up legendary item as a mythic path ability. I am putting it on a glabrezu claw that I currently have that is already a minor artifact. My question is does it become a major artifact or do I still have to take legendary item 3 times. Also would I then get the number of powers that major artifact gets under legendary item.

I am currently playing a demoniac sorcerer and I really like the idea of him finding the book of the damned to further increase his demonic knowledge and lore the main problem is that it's a major artifact and I have no idea where it is. Is there some kind of spell or ability that would let me know exactly where it is?

So I have a mythic sorcerer/demoniac and I want to make a mythic owlbear for him to majestically ride into the sunset. How do I make one?

My question is how do you make the parameters for a successful hunger games scenario. Like what level is best, do you allow equipment, how do you deal with invisibility or fly spells. What are all of the things that make a hunger games scenario work?

So I am playing a blaster sorcerer demoniac crazed goblin man who only likes to use fire if at all possible. My problem is that as we level up, more and creatures have resistance/immunity to fire. I am looking for any possible way to get rid of that or decrease it, mythic included. All I have found so far is mythic fireball augmented lets you bypass it. But if there is a way to do that before 6th mythic tier that would be great.

I am reasonably new to GMing and am looking to GM a pathfinder adventure path to get into it. I wanted to know what some of the best ones out there are. My players are very combat oriented and not very morally sound. They like to play the line of evil without ever really crossing it. There are 4 of them. Which AP would you suggest?

So I have always liked the idea of playing a goblin because of their angry/evil demeanor. And the barbarian has always been my favorite class. Then I found the archtype urban rager which allows you to gain dex bonuses instead of strength. I figured I could put this together with a couple levels of unchained rogue to make a TWF goblin barbarian. My plan is to take 3 levels of rogue for the weapon finesse training, and then go barbarian. Im planning on using 2 dogslicers. Any ideas to help this become fully combat effective?

Hey I am looking to build a flag bearing bard with a banner of ancient kings that just gives all kinds of massive bonuses to everyone. Any suggestions on what I can do to max out the bonuses from inspire courage and from the flag bearer feat? He will sing to the sounds of his enemies screams and the cracking of their skulls will keep time.

So my question is what are everyone's favorite spells, not for raw power but for flair and fun role playing. I'm looking for spells that are sorcerer/wizard or bard and will just give the party a good laugh while still being mildly combat effective. So far I have been looking at spells like irresistable dance and unnatural lust, which are extremely funny but can still put an enemy out of the fight for a few rounds. It will be a good laugh when our paladin is suddenly being kissed by an undead, or when a dragon begins to tap dance to a sea shanty. Thoughts?

So I am currently playing a level 10 barbarian with a raging str of 34. I have a 22 regular strength, a +2 untyped bonus from my gm because of plot developments, a belt of giant strength +6, and rage which is a +4. My question is, what other strength bonuses am I missing out on? I'm hoping for some decently low priced ones, but we have a wizard in the party with about all of the craft magic item feats. Whatever you've got helps.

Ok so suppose I have a monsters soul in a magic jar spell and I want to cast charm monster on it. Should I cast it on the soul in the jar or the monsters body? Also, does the monster retian his will save or should he use the one of the spell caster?

Hey this is my first time using the forum so tell me if I am doing something wrong but I am hoping for a suggestion on a problem our party is having. We are level 7 and are playing a summoner, paladin, and fighter. We just encountered a cr 13 green dragon and the summoner summoned a advanced shadow demon and promptly turned invisible. The demon used manic jar on the dragon and it made a terrible save and was trapped. My question is, is there any way for us to permanently keep the dragon and not kill it. The demon will last 19 more rounds and the magic jar spell will last somewhere until the demon disappears I believe. We also have an orb of dragon kind artifact but it is for red dragons.
Anything you have helps. Thanks