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So one of the players in my campaign is a skald and for the travel times he is using the skald special ability song of marching so that they can move at twice their speed without any negative affects. Would this lead to problems with the game because they will get here like 20 days before everyone else. Also is there any viable reason to stop him from doing this because it is one of the few times a song of marching will actually come up.

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You can explain to the players that they are supposed to be trailblazing for their expedition and if they get too far ahead monsters may wander into the area after they pass but before the expedition gets there. Also it gets harder to tell the expedition where to go as the groups get further away from each other.

I nerfed all the transportation magic for this entire AP. In my opinion it ruins the entire feel. When we started Marching Song didn't exist. I agree with Samish. PC's are supposed to be trailblazing and I assume trying to mess with their competitors efforts. The trip is more than a forced march with planned and random encounters along the way.

Yep. First expedition (not PC advanced party) to get to the city "wins". Let the PCs rush out front and have them see the ramifications. No contact with the expedition or the expedition sends a messenger to alert the PCs of some tragedy (T-Rex attack?) or the head of the expedition can reprimand them for not doing their job effectively. They'll get the picture that being too far ahead hurts the main body. Many of the "obstacles" the PCs clear may only stay that way for a day or so.

You can also modify the travel subsystem to include penalties for being too far out front.

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