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Errata and Typos (Combat)

Welcome to the Combat Playtest

Called Shots, What gives?

The art of parry and block

Drawing a weapon during a Charge

Various Hit Point and Damage Issues

Full attack after moving?

Incorporating the good from 4e

Number of attacks: different BAB values

Unarmed Strike in Mounted Combat

My problem with CMB

Maneuver AC

How Much is Too Much?

Combat Maneuvers - Target Number Mechanic Needs Work (V2)

Full Round Combat Maneuvers?

Undead -- Still immune to crits?

Bullrush: More details on different possibilites please

Movement & Multiple attacks - Rule Suggestion

Full-round action confusion

2WF / Iterative Standard Attack & Sneak Attack

Cleave while sping attacking?

Attacking out of a Grapple.

Pinned vs. Grappled Reflex Save

Dungeon tunneling, isn't it about time we stopped this?

CMB some help are they just attack rolls?

What CMB system are you using? (Poll)

The Bullrush mechanic and the missing element

Ready Action-Is this possible?

Can someone pinned still attack?

Other Combat maneuvers ?

Duh! I never realized two-weapon fighting required a full attack.

AoOs Don't Include Combat Maneuvers?

Critical Hit Chart

Unarmed attack against a monk

Opening a door - move action?

Request for Playtest: Consolidating Maneuvers with Attack & AC system

Scrolls: Weapon-Like?

Multiple Grapplers

Mind flayers and CMB O MY!!

Move Action Option - Pass Object

Different Attacks..

Cover & concealment

[Actions in Combat] Re-defined using AoO as the qualifier

What is the damage type from an unarmed strike? B / P / S

Non-single class fighter types and iterative attacks

Some limited version of Power Attack and Combat Expertise as standard Combat Actions

Criticals: please expand them as per Sneak Attack

Channel Energy, too much at one time?

Sunder Armor

Reloading bows

Massive damage fortitude save

Thoughts on the "Actions in Combat" section

[Criticals] Making them more meaningful

Rowdy's Crit ideas

Vitality / Wound points (Unearthed Arcana) & Surge House rule

Damage as a factor in DCs - doesn't scale

[Combat Maneuvers] Proof of Concept aka Saving the Fighter Class

overpowered casters (and why they weren't overpowered in 1e / 2e, even when spells were more powerful)

Average Party Level

[Polearms and Reach] Is a Polearm specialist possible?

Flanked Condition

[Actions in Combat] – Why no play testing for the rhythm of combat?

Idea - Second Strike

Pathfinder Grapple and Improved Grab

Bull Rush / Overrun with CMB

Readied Condition

Injury and Death - Stablization roll

Spellcasting / Disruption / Casting Defensively

Disabled, Dying and Dead Rules

Bullrush loophole

Changing Iterative Attacks: An Alternative

Unconscious opponent in ONE attack !

Wild Shape and Plant Domain

[Combat Maneuvers] Another idea

[CMB] Two Handed Weapon Idea

Improved Grab: Unnerfing the Otyugh & Friends

Did anyone come up with an interesting alternative to iterative attacks?

Double Movement Cost - Is the exception necessary?

CMB- possible to voluntarily FAIL the check???

Saves - and other 5% failure effects.

Shield Bash - no Dex please!

Ready or Loose a Tower Shield

Grapple, Disarm, items in hand, and consistency

[CMB] Adjustments

[Flat-footed] Dex bonus and Reflex Saves

Unified Theory of AoO

Ranged Touch Spells & AOO

[CMB] clarifications and changes so far?

Vorpral w / Rage Power: Mighty Swing & / or TWF

[Two Weapon Fighting] Making it for everyone

Nonlethal Damage (or, Gently Beating Enemies Into a Coma)

[Channel Energy] Proposed fixes

Combat maneuvers and backwards compatibility

Helpless and Pinned condition = -4 AC vs melee, but not ranged. Why?

Fractional Bonuses

CMB Language Clarification

casting vs combat - higher levels

Poisons are too potent

Fighting Defensively / Full Defense / Combat Expert

[ACTIONS IN COMBAT] Swift Actions, Partial Actions and 5' Steps

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