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A Happy Medium (Alternate Medium)

General Discussion: Kineticist

Welcome to the Occult Adventures Rules Discussion Forum

Should Druids know the spells from every sourcebook?

General Discussion: Medium

New Classes and Variant Multiclass

How to summon phantom?

General Discussion: Spiritualist

Does a Kineticist Conjure Their Element?

Occultist Implements

Contagious Zeal

The kineticist= Avatar Element bender.

Kineticist and Prestige Classes

Kineticist / Telekineticist specific questions

Do psychic spells provoke?

Archtypes for occult classes.

General Discussion: Psychic

Like the Roaring Falls: A Hydokineticst playtest

General Discussion: Mesmerist

Kineticist (first impressions)

The Name's Fire. Wang Fire. Pyro-For-Fire--I mean "Hire"!

Alcohol and potions

10th-level Psychic Playtest

General Discussion: Occultist

Paizo Blog: Uncover the Truth: Occult Adventures Playtest!

Unofficial Kineticist FAQ Q&A thread.

The Lost medium build.

What kind of archetypes do you think / want there will / to be for the new classes

1001 Medium Character Concepts...

kineticist problems at first glance

Alternate Kineticist:

Kineticist archetype

And The Earth Shall Rise Against You: A Geokineticist Playtest

Surprising Switch + Alter Self

What is the DC for using concentration in Kiteticist Blast?

medium playtest, emerald spire 1, pfs

Psionics x Psychic Magic

Kinetic Blade to hit

Mythic Occult Adventures

Long Past Due Occultist Play Testing.

Specific Suggestions for the improvement of the Kineticist

A Collection of Cool Things You Want Your Kineticist to do

Super duper late question; has to do with magic types and prc

Kineticist: A telekineticists Force Ward with gathering energy.

Welcome to the Occult Adventures Playtest

PFS Emerald Spire 1 Aerokinetisist

Kineticist questions

#6-06: Hall of the Flesh Eaters Level 3 Spiritualist (Hatred) Playtest

Kinetic its and obscuring mist

Occultist Implementations clarifications

"Psychic Spell" is a new classification of spells?

General Discussion: Spells and Magic

Magic jar and target hit dice

Paizo Blog: Last Call for Feedback!

Final Thoughts?

Human:-Male-Spiritualist Level 1 - PFS Season #6-06: Hall of the Flesh Eaters.

Paizo Blog: Occult Adventures Playtest Coming to a Close

Things to correct

Thank You! The Playtest is now closed!

Occultist 9 Playtest, Archer Build

Fast feedback

Level 4 Occultist PFS Playtest

PFS #06-06 Hall of the Flesh Eaters. Level 1 Occultist.

Beginning my playtest feedback

Kineticist 3 (cold) [PFS]: The Enigma Vaults

My First Impressions

1001 Spiritualist Concepts

Spiritualist Level 1 - PFS #6-06: Hall of the Flesh Eaters

Areokineticist, 6 Scenarios Played

Ring of Sustenance and the Kineticist

Full occult team at level 5, short test

Hydrokineticist PFS feedback

Is Burn damage optional?

Kineticist 3 (cold) [PFS]: Home Game

Spiritualist L1 [PFS]: 00-03 Murder on the Silken Caravan

Mesmerist and Medium in the Battle Tester!

It's probably too late to make this suggestion for spiritualist, but a less summoner-like spiritualist concept.

Aerokineticist-3 / Defenders of Nesting Swallow [SPOILERS]

Telekinetic Build Advise

Welcome to the Occult Adventures Playtest Feedback Forum

Kineticist House Rules

Telekineticist and Hydrokineticist - 1st Level - PFS - Rise of the Goblin Guild

Level 13 Playtest -- 1 Pyrokineticist, 1 Geokineticist, 1 Occultist, 1 Medium, 1 Mesmerist

Kineticist Move Earth Unworked Stone

Kinetic Weight Lifting, a Math and Balance Problem

Mesmerist Level 1 - PFS #6-06: Hall of the Flesh Eaters

Float like a butterfly, sting like a freight train - Level 3 Telekinetic - PFS Hall of the Flesh Eaters

Okay, can we now make a proper Jedi. :)

Kineticist Feedback: PFS The Confirmation

Can we expect to see Prestige Classes in the Occult Adventures Hardcover?

Alchemist uses psychic magic?

Scars of the Third Crusade (Subtier 1-2) Medium Playtest (some spoilers)

Kineticists and Out of Combat Healing

Non-caster class?

Emerald Spire (The Cellars) Medium 3 Playtest

11 / 18 / 14 Medium Playtest - 6-02 Silver Mount Collection

Mesmerism and Escapism in Golarion

My Spiritualist build

Logical Spell

Kineticist: Gather Energy & Readied Blasts

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