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Welcome to the Occult Adventures Playtest

Thank You! The Playtest is now closed!

Playtest surveys are LIVE!!!

A Happy Medium (Alternate Medium)

New Classes and Variant Multiclass

Does a Kineticist Conjure Their Element?

The kineticist= Avatar Element bender.

Archtypes for occult classes.

Paizo Blog: Uncover the Truth: Occult Adventures Playtest!

The Lost medium build.

What kind of archetypes do you think / want there will / to be for the new classes

1001 Medium Character Concepts...

Alternate Kineticist:

Kineticist archetype

Psionics x Psychic Magic

Mythic Occult Adventures

Long Past Due Occultist Play Testing.

A Collection of Cool Things You Want Your Kineticist to do

Super duper late question; has to do with magic types and prc

Paizo Blog: Last Call for Feedback!

Final Thoughts?

Paizo Blog: Occult Adventures Playtest Coming to a Close

Things to correct

Fast feedback

My First Impressions

1001 Spiritualist Concepts

Is Burn damage optional?

It's probably too late to make this suggestion for spiritualist, but a less summoner-like spiritualist concept.

Telekinetic Build Advise

Kineticist House Rules

Okay, can we now make a proper Jedi. :)

Can we expect to see Prestige Classes in the Occult Adventures Hardcover?

Alchemist uses psychic magic?

Kineticists and Out of Combat Healing

Non-caster class?

Mesmerism and Escapism in Golarion

Psychic or Psionic? (Initial Impressions)

Hero Lab support

Upgrade to a Spiritualist's Phantom

What do I do with an electric Kineticist?

Paizo Blog: Occult Adventures Playtest Surveys

Hidden spell casting and psychic spells

Concept #... Lost Count: Kineticist Edition!

A Little Help

Will there be a second playtest document?

Best and Worst Medium Spirits to Wake Up With

Kinetic Weight Lifting, a Math and Balance Problem

Occultist Melee Build Concept

Kineticists and Full BAB

Strength focused kineticist?

Spiritualists: Which Phantom's the Best?

One question on the kinetisist.

My feedback : Make it all simpler !

What happened to the Surveys?

The Kineticist, The Medium, and the Scorned Classes

Is a multiclass Kineticist and Brawler character viable?

Witchwar Legacy: Occult Adventures edition



Undercasting for All Spontaneous Casters?

Vancian magic and undercasting.

A shapeshifting focused class?

Occult Equipment

Do our characters age?

Why "Wild Talent?"

Kineticist going NOVA building up charge over several rounds

Fluff Language in Playtest

Is occult adventures intended more as a stand alone?

Trapfinder, but not a Rogue

roll20.net playtest of OA

Psychic magic and Spell Resistance

Random altnerate Burn for Kineticists idea.

Occultist Mental Focus power number crunch

Why can't undead have nice things?

Where are the combat options?

My Playtest Experiance

An XPH and Ultimate Psionics' Fan's first thoughts


adding the mood of the "occult detective" genre to Pathfinder

You're... going to tell us about the new Iconics... right?

Azula Pyrokineticist

An attempt to catalogue concerns: in preparation for a playtest

Seer Class Concept - Possible in the future?

Updated Playtest Document?

You can use Occult Adventures to play a Campaign set in Avatar: The Last Airbender

Magic Items you want to see in Occult Mysteries

Making a Mythic Mesmerist

Mythos in Occult Adventures

Occult Adventures Inspiration and Bestiary Ideas

Basic questions to ask when evaluating new classes

Gnome Pyromaniac

Scenario suggestions to play-test Occult Adventures ?

kineticist problems at first glance

Question about Telekineticist defense power

Kineticist (first impressions)

How to make the most of the Playtest

Suggested Occult Adventure Feats

Retraining synergies

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