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So, I figured I'd set up a thread where people could list neat / cool / shiny things that they wish various types of kineticists could do. You know, if they wanted to. I realize that most if not all of the stuff listed on this thread, including my own contributions of course, may not appear for the kineticist, but I enjoy reading through all the fun ideas people have for abilities that show off the elements.

I may make other like title threads for other classes if this one picks up, but I'll wait and see (and read the other classes over a few more times).

I'll start with a few of my own.

- Earthquake: The kineticist stomps the ground causing those within the vicinity to lose their footing. Basically a mass thunderstomp spell that may also create difficult terrain.

- Solid Footing: Walk through difficult terrain with being affected.

- Earth Armor: Earth temporarily envelops the kineticist and grants him a bonus to AC.

- Quicksand: Targeting an area, the kineticist turns the earth into quicksand. Maybe 10 by 10.

- Create Pit: Like the spell. Either spiked pit or normal makes sense. Acid could work too.

- Tunnel: The kineticist opens a way under earth not only for him, but for his allies as well.

- Stone Shoes: Cause the ground to quickly wrap onto an enemies feet, making them unable to move. (Probably done by entangle really...)

- Stone Spear: A spear made of earth juts out of the ground attempting to pierce your enemies. Sort of like Kinetic whip, but not exactly.

- Drown Bubble: Create a bubble filled with water around an enemies head causing them to save or start drowning.

- Breath Water: As ability.

- Frostbite: High level ranged touch that requires a save. Slowly begins to turn target to ice if saves aren't made.

- Adaptation: A stronger version of Endure Elements. Making it so one could wear next to nothing in a blizzard and be relatively un-phased.

- Water Walk: As spell.

- Twinkle Toes: Considered to be running when you jump. Or something else that enhances jumping.

- Wispy: When opponent misses an attack on you, you may make a free 5ft movement that does not provoke.

- Conduit: The kineticist passes electricity through metal, into their opponents. When attacked by metal, they get shocked. They're touching something metal that goes as far as you and they can get shocked. Perhaps make it so that they can hold a charge.

- Thunder: You cause a loud, thunder clap which in turn shakens an opponent for 1 round.

- Charge: Charge any non-magical item. If the opponent picks it up or touches it in any way, they're electrified.

- Everything Burns: Mid - High lvs Fire immune creatures drop to 20 resistance, and those beginning with resistance drop to some other specified number.

- Smokestack: With a quick ring of fire surrounding your opponent, you quickly snuff it out causing smoke to envelope the area they are in. Smoke rules apply.

- Hot Foot: You create a miniature fire underneath a certain area. The area is treated as difficult terrain and causes minor damage.

- Immunity: Become immune to fire.

- Thermal Sight: See creatures that emit heat in within certain amount of ft.

- Smoke Sight: See through smoke.

-Endure Elements: The heat version.

- Telekinesis: Lift opponents wherever one wishes if the opponent fails save.

- Force Field: Create a bubble around yourself or target granting a deflection bonus to AC.

- Jar: You cause a nearby targets weapon to shake violently, giving you and friends a percentile miss chance against that target.

- Crush: You focus telekinetic force all around your opponent inward upon them, slowly crushing them. Makes them unable to move and takes decent damage if saves are failed.

- Ammo Catch: For one round, ammunition shot at you and thrown at you stops in mid air and then drops.

Not all gems of course, maybe not even that useful. Just some ideas though. What might you have?

1. Something other than shooting or manipulating an element. If elements granted some feats or otherwise leaned the keneticist to abilities that aren't directly elemental I'd be so happy. At the moment bending is the only thing it has and that is nowhere near as game warping as spells. It needs something else to add a bit of flavor.

Water Walking and breathing water is already on the list things a hydrokineticist can do.

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I'd kind of like to see a kineticist that could do a combination of some or all of these things. Splitting the class doesn't seem like it's doing it many favours (though I haven't playtested it to know for sure).

The NPC wrote wrote:
Water Walking and breathing water is already on the list things a hydrokineticist can do.

It also appears that aether also has forcefield. What I get for trying to go off of memory. Pay no mind to the already made talents in front of the curtain......

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Some ideas:
-Physical enhancing force field "tactile telekinesis".
-Radial repulsion.
-TK wielding weapons.
-Instant force shield.
-TK shooting bullets.
-Lifting really massive objects at high level (current cap is about 1 ton, can't lift a small car).
-Crushing piercing and slashing blasts.
-Crushing enemies throats or vitals (you have failed me for the last time!).
-Throw a weapon and have it return on the same round.
-Feel stuff from the aether, like basic telepathy and precognition;

-Cauterize wounds- Turn lethal damage into nonlethal, no effect on nonlethal.
-Heat up one's own body - "Endure elements".
-Dispel cold effects with flame.
-Create explosions that deal half physical/half fire damage.
-Pyrotechnics, as the spell.
-Extinguish fires.
-Ignore fire damage caused by one's own powers.

-Create earth/stone pillars;
-Remove and levitate stone blocks;
-Open holes/doors/tunnels in stone/earth surfaces;
-Attack creating stone spikes from the floor.
-Immediate action barrier;
-Ride an earthwave.
-Cause tremors/earthquakes
-Fabricate crude objects from stone/metal

-Charge tech;
-Jump really high;
-Whisper at distance to someone;
-Call lightning
-Suffocate/silence someone.
-Ignore altitude;

-Create a frozen path on water;
-Fabricate temporary detailed objects from ice;
-Freeze someone in a block of ice;
-Make the target unable to move;
-Create/purify drinking water;
-Extinguish fires/ dry wet stuff.
-Deflect fire attacks.

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Low. Level. AoE. Blasts. It doesn't need to be the same damage as the primary blast but every element should be able to do a weak AoE of some kind to at least be able to handle swarms.

^^ agreed. It's easy enough to visual each element having an AoE shaped attack.

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I would love to see small sized elemental familiars or companions.

Earth: a combination of Heladriell’s “Create earth/stone pillars” and “Ride an earth wave” … create small pillar or rock “eruptions” that can be used to hurl the terrakineticist through the air in an intended path (bonus to Jump) or can target opponents to throw/knock them around (Bullrushes, trips, etc).

id like to see some of the abilities moved down to levels 1-4 especially for fire.... built one and my options feel really limiting until 6th level.... maybe giving fire a small burning hands like blast

Telekinetic: Invisibility! I can't get past the idea that Kineticist would be a great class to build an Invisible Woman type. Especially if there's a Force Blast option.

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Oh, and an energy resistance option. Kinda weird that there isn't anything already.

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SPELLFIRE .......that is all.....

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nighttree wrote:
SPELLFIRE .......that is all.....


I approve.

For an Telekinetic some way to create a field of damage. Essentially creating a flying debris field that hurts those that walk through it.

For Telekinetics, a good source of inspiration could also be Mass Effect. Biotics have the ability to tear things apart with their minds with warp, doing direct damage. I don't see why a Telekinetic couldn't just... try to move a person's body in multiple directions to deal damage. :D

Telekinesis that warps gravity fields would be cool.

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Game Master wrote:
Low. Level. AoE. Blasts. It doesn't need to be the same damage as the primary blast but every element should be able to do a weak AoE of some kind to at least be able to handle swarms.

^I can't agree more with this sentiment. I'm still having trouble believing that Pyrokineticists currently don't get an AoE of any kind until Lvl 16! I would love to see some kind of logical progression from nothing to nuclear. Maybe each element could get a weaker damage (half blast damage?) AoE option at Lvl 1, a stronger damage (full blast damage?) AoE at Lvl 6, and a bigger AoE (but still full blast damage?) option at Lvl 10?

Something along those lines, at least?

XandZero2 wrote:
Game Master wrote:
Low. Level. AoE. Blasts. It doesn't need to be the same damage as the primary blast but every element should be able to do a weak AoE of some kind to at least be able to handle swarms.

^I can't agree more with this sentiment. I'm still having trouble believing that Pyrokineticists currently don't get an AoE of any kind until Lvl 16! I would love to see some kind of logical progression from nothing to nuclear. Maybe each element could get a weaker damage (half blast damage?) AoE option at Lvl 1, a stronger damage (full blast damage?) AoE at Lvl 6, and a bigger AoE (but still full blast damage?) option at Lvl 10?

Something along those lines, at least?

Couldn't agree more.

Splash Damage at level 1 (Please!).

10 foot burst (reflex Save 1/2), range 30 at level 6

20 foot burst, range 60 at 10.

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Well, I'm sure other people have said some of these before, and some of these might work better for archetypes or feats, but...

Blade barrier, because erecting a wall of force weaponry is fun.
The ability to send attacks flying back at my enemies in some fashion, similar to deflection.
Using raw telekinetic force to rip things apart at a molecular level, ala disintegrate, possibly less directly offensively (after all, you do have your kinetic blast), but being able to destroy walls and such, plus being able to take care of other people's force spells...
Sending out grappling hooks of telekinetic force, ala force hook shot charge. Possibly without the damage. Either way, it would be awesome as a low level power, especially since aether misses out on Ride the Blast.
The ability to trap enemies in force walls, rather than just protecting myself, ala forcecage or resilient sphere.
Something along the lines of the interposing hand/forceful hand/grasping hand/clenched fist/crushing hand line of spells...creating an enormous telekinetic hand to smack people around with or grab them or whatever would be awesome. You can already grapple people with your mind, admittedly, but still...
The ability to trap people in chains of force, as per leashed shackles.
Something like mage's sword, spiritual weapon or spiritual ally. Getting a force minion or weapon to attack with you would be nice, especially since aether misses out on Spark of Life.
Definitely want telekinetic charge.
Telekinetic sphere would be a lot of fun, allowing you to transport yourself and your party, travel underwater, be an emergency defense, or possibly just a way to try and get an enemy out of the way for a bit.
I'd also like to eventually be able to make larger force walls, even if it requires concentration to do or something...
In general, I'd like aether to be able to do neat things with raw telekinetic force, creating force constructs and other such things. The other elements work within the limitations of their elements, which makes some things easier for them, yet the telekinetic uses raw force, harder to work with in some ways, yet capable of being shaped into almost anything. Perhaps an ability that even lets them create minor things such as a force ladder or a force shovel, or can create a force bridge across a chasm for the party to cross...all in all, I imagine something like a very toned down Green Lantern as some inspiration for higher level stunts that might be able to be pulled off with force constructs.
From the raw telekinetic power side of things, anyone remember the Master of the Unseen Hand from Complete Warrior in 3.5? The ability to wield a weapon from a distance, make iterative attacks with it, use telekinesis to fly himself and other creatures around, or even just fling a creature into the sky and let them fall back to the ground...though a way to drag flying creatures down - possibly with enough force to smash them into the ground - would be welcome too.
If you want to pursue some more historical interpretations of aether/quintessence, though, you could also add in more ability to heal, such as removing diseases, poisons, and curses, since around the 14th and 15th century, it was believed that its purity could help cure impurities and illnesses, and there were many attempts to isolate it for medicinal reasons.
Alternatively, if you like pseudoscientific stuff, Isaac Newton (amongst others) believed gravity was an effect caused by the flow of aether, while others (such as Christiaan Huygens) believed light propagated through the medium of aether, so some gravity or light effects might also be possible if you wanted to go that route.
Conversely, akasha, the sanskrit term used by hinduism, jainism, and others for aether, is often associated with space and sound...perhaps teleportation might be possible for telekinetics?

Something like air bubble at lower levels which later on either upgrades to or leads into picking a better version that acts like life bubble.
I think an ability along the lines of air geyser would be hilarious fun.
Being able to turn yourself into wind along the lines of gaseous form would be cool, and an upgraded version ala wind walk would be very cool and let you help out the party.
Creating wind along the lines of gust of wind, path of the winds, or river of wind...something more about blowing people/things away rather than dealing damage. Might be able to take some burn to be able to blow away bigger things?
Something like sirocco, but without the fire damage...just wind blasting creatures down, knocking them prone, or to the ground if flying.
Drawing air out of people's lungs or creating an airless sphere around their heads, something like steal breath or suffocation...perhaps a lower level version might involve a quickened version of altitude fatigue/sickness, where you thin out the air rather than removing it completely?
The ability to send messages along the wind ala whispering wind.
Might need to nerf it a bit, but something along the lines of winds of vengeance would be awesome.
On the electrical side of things, by disrupting the nervous system with an electric shock, I think you should be able to stagger, daze, stun, paralyze, or even possibly straight out kill someone at a high enough level, ranging from being like a taser, stun gun, or stun batons/cattleprods, to straight out electrocution.
A more beneficial use might be something like a defibrillator that works like smelling salts, or possibly even like breath of life...not exactly scientific, but old-school galvanism could be some inspiration. A few other ideas might be boosting your own nervous system's reaction speed, giving yourself an initiative boost, increasing your land speed, or possibly even the effects of haste...or all of the above as you increase your ability.
Being able to create some sort of electrical barrier would be neat too, something like wall of fire or fire shield, except electrical damage from electricity flowing about in a circle.
Another cool idea could be something like lifesense, flavored off of being able to sense the presence of the nervous system of a living creature.
Playing around with magnetism might also be a neat approach, creating powerful electromagnetic fields to mess around with metal, perhaps a limited form of repel metal or stone, just without the stone, or a form of telekinesis that only works on objects primarily made of metal. A railgun effect could also be cool, take something metal and shoot it off for massive physical damage...a gun without having to actually use a firearm and worry about misfire? Could be an interesting excuse for a physical attack that isn't subject to SR, but still hits touch AC...
I'd also be inclined to give some sonic effects to air...after all, most sound waves we have direct experience with are waves of vibration carried through the air, so it seems that you ought to be able to create sonic effects by vibrating the air in the right way. Shatter and sympathetic vibration could be possible inspirations there, as might screech.

The ability to learn about your surroundings from the earth ala commune with nature as a high level ability, probably requiring the Tremorsense wild talent as a prerequisite.
Create pit and spiked pit, except not extradimensional and thus only usable in areas with dirt, rock, and other such earth-related terrain, but possibly instantaneous rather than temporary? Regardless, creating a hole to drop someone into seems like an obvious option.
For obvious reasons, earthquake. If aerokinetics get control wind and control weather, high level geokinetics should definitely get their hands on this, even if it comes with a few restrictions.
Something along the lines of groundswell, though I'd like it to be able to get taller as you increase in level.
Possibly imprisonment at high levels, burying them deep in the earth?
Something like move earth (not to be confused with the Move Earth wild talent). A high level geokineticist should definitely be able to rearrange the landscape more than the Move Earth wild talent allows.
Rampart should also be worth considering.
Shifting sand should also be on the menu, I think.
Soften earth and stone would also be good to have. Perhaps at high levels, you could reverse it?
Definitely would like something along the lines of spike stones.
Stone shape is also something I want be able to do...the Move Earth wild talent is cool and all, but sometimes you want to be able to do more detail.
The ability to communicate with the very rocks via stone tell.
Thunderstomp and its greater cousin I also think should be on the list. Strike the ground and the earth trembles!
Something like world wave, except earth only unless you have water as an additional element would be awesome at high level.
I believe there's also a spell in Monster Codex called hungry earth that makes the ground attempt to grapple, pin, and bury people, which also sounds quite thematic for a geokinetic. An ability to perhaps make the ground form an arm and grapple or capture people might also be interesting? The ability to create a cloud of choking dust (perhaps like the smoke cloud version of pyrotechnics?) could also be an interesting possibility...as might the ability to create dust explosions.
In general, I think it should often be a nightmare fighting a geokinetic on the ground, where they can alter and reshape the terrain to their own benefit. They may not have deadly energies at their command that bypass armor, but that's cold comfort to someone struggling to get to them through spiked terrain, trying to dodge pits that open up beneath them, while they try to keep their footing as the earth shakes beneath them. Though not quite as mobile as other kinetics, the geokinetic should have a lot of strategic options in most terrains.
For more options, Greek philosophy and science related the element of Earth to heaviness, matter, and the physical world, so with a slight stretch, gravity might be an option, perhaps increasing the weight of enemies so that they can hardly move, or distorting gravity so that they can walk on walls or ceilings, or potentially reversing it. In later occultism - and thus potentially relevant - life and death were both related to earth, so even some necromancy or healing could potentially be worked in, which would be interesting...

Creating smoke or ash to emulate ash storm.
Raising the temperature and causing heatstroke in a manner similar to fury of the sun or something along those lines.
Burning away disease and poison as per neutralize poison and remove disease, possibly even being able to burn away metaphysical things like curses or magic (perhaps like break enchantment, except on a single target?), though might have to have a rule that you can only try once per ailment and then have to wait at least 24 hours before trying again?
The ability to recreate the effects of pyrotechnics, creating either choking smoke or blinding people with an extremely bright light.
Turning yourself into fire and ash ala scorching ash form, and possibly even emulating fiery body at high levels.
Gazing into a flame to view far off places, ala scrying, as well as possibly communicating through flames, or communing with nebulous entities to create effects like divination.
Entering reasonably-sized fires and teleporting to other fires, ala tree stride, except with fires instead of trees.
In general, while blasting things with fire is all well and good, I think there should be more versatility. The fundamentals of fire is that it releases heat, light, and byproducts like smoke and ash and other such things, so while blasting is definitely on-topic, I think pyrokinetic should also be able to reproduce at least some light spell for the purpose of blinding people, creating a brief but extremely bright light, or summon clouds of smoke or ash at least briefly, as well as utilizing fire for burning things.
I also advocate some more spiritual or supernatural elements, this is an occult class, after all, so using fire to scry on things, teleport, and even burn away illnesses and the like all seem on topic. An alternative might be a cursed flame that can work like bestow curse? Would make for one sweet substance infusion, that's for sure...
I also would like the ability to create explosions that can split up their damage between fire and concussive bludgeoning force, or even be entirely bludgeoning force, the heat mostly having dissipated before reaching their target.
Beyond that, I don't see why Torrent isn't a fire form infusion (flamethrowers!) and would like to see more area effects, since it really seems like that ought to be something fire is good at...but as-is, doesn't get that ability until Explosion, which is considerably too late, I'd say.

Capturing people in a ball of water ala aqueous orb, though possibly a non-mobile one to begin, and one that can travel in all three dimensions as you improve.
Freezing over bodies of water as per creeping ice, possibly later on advancing to a more instantaneous version like freezing sphere.
I'd kind of like the ability to become liquid ala fluid form, just so you can pass through tiny cracks and such...admittedly, though, you can get almost everything else from that spell already with various wild talents, so it might be superfluous.
The ability to create a cloud of water vapor ala fog cloud.
Transform yourself into a being of ice similarly to ice body...transforming into a water elemental is all well and good, but you can't transform into an ice elemental at the moment, which can be a bit problematic if you're going for more of a cryokinetic than a hydrokinetic. You can do the Human Torch, but you're missing out on Iceman...
Capturing people in ice in a way similar to icy prison.
A high level ability along the lines of polar midnight would be pretty sweet.
Using a pool of still water to scry with, ala scrying, or possibly communing with spirits or something similar, replicating divination.
The ability to whip up a small blizzard ala sleet storm
Creating a sphere of water around someone's head to make them suffocate ala suffocation, or perhaps toned down since that spell precludes holding your breath (though on the other hand, you could potentially send the water into their lungs to prevent that too...)
Washing away enemies with a tsunami
Put up a wall of ice, if only briefly...after all, if telekineticists can improve their Kinetic Cover up to Force Barrier that acts like a limited wall of force, then ice should get to pull off a similar trick? Though I'd like both to get proper walls at higher levels...gives some more options.
In general, Water's already pretty good, but I'd like a few bigger things like Air's access to Wind Control and Weather Master wild talents, both for the ice side of things and the water side of things. The ability to reshape ice would also be cool, something like Stone shape, and I think the Winter Witch prestige class gets some abilities along those lines...I'd also consider the ability to summon some ice spears below someone, or perhaps creating dangerous spikes, something like spike stones perhaps.

So some stuff which came up or observations I made to myself when I playetested my Aerokinesticist:

-Invisibility. If we get the stealth skill and are air-types, why not make it an option.
-Thunderclap. I fell in love with thunder stones with this character, and having the ability to have a sonic attack like a thunderclap would rock.
-Suffocating attacks: Yes, at least one layer asked if I could do that. I'm on the fence with it, but since someone else saw it, I'll add it to my list.
-AoE. Yeah, that's necessary. I can't get it until later levels, but if my focus is an air blast, then I ought to have it sooner to be an effective blaster.

I'll have to double check the pdf for other stuff to make sure I'm not being repetitive. Definitely want to explore more charge attacks, I really like pressurized blast.

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A feat that allows you to take any spell with an elemental descriptor matching your element. Probably restricted to (spell level +1) * 2 as the requirement to choose the spell (Thus fireball would require a minimum of 8th level to take it). Balance that out with caster level being lower for emulating a spell with your abilities (maybe caster level minus 3 like rangers and paladins). The feat could even give multiple spells to add options to the list for casters and make it easier to specialize a Kineticist to have the abilities you want without adding to much text. It would also keep adding options to the class as every time a new elemental spell came out it would be available.

a note on the aetherist TK wild talents, or an adendem to Foe Throw. That allows a aetherist to move their ally using their turn. So they could foe throw their ally (who would take half your damage and the enem ytake full) so they could full attack when they collide in a form of COMBO *said i nthe Xmen game voice*. or using TK haul to move your ally while avoiding the damages and maybe aoo. Effectivly lettting them use their turn to give someone charge.

maybe improving Kinetic heal by allowing it to effect status effects for less healing. Sorta like lay on hands.

Aetherist is missing a extra effect like staggering, burning etc, you could potentially apply slow, requiring a move/swift/ or free action to maintain and only one target at a time. So you hit the big boss with a tkblast tagging with that substance, then devote half your brain to slowing his movements with your mind while widdling down him or his minions

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Substitute some, or all, of the unhealable nonlethal Burn damage, into healable lethal damage, or Con damage.

Ability to take Fighter feats, with perhaps the restriction that they apply to Kinetic Blast.

A way to bypass, or reduce the effect, of energy resistance.

Crossposting from the main Kineticist thread:

Okay, I'm going to make a series of posts about abilities I think should be included in the final product of what a Kineticist should be capable of. Unfortunately, due to the limited availability of examples in media, most examples of what a character should be capable of are going to be drawn from Avatar the Last Airbender and the sequel, The Legend of Korra. Because, let's face it, outside of Firestarter, how many 'kineticists' do you see in popular media?

Other examples I will be drawing from are:
Kaze no Stigma (think Avatar powers, but far more deadly)
Fairy Tail (Pyrokineticist, Hydrokineticist, Aerokineticist)

Air should be the least 'damaging' power. In my opinion, it should focus more on, basically, buffs and battlefield control. Wendy, from Fairy Tail, is a great example of this as she is capable of enhancing her allies through her Sky Dragon Magic very effectively.

For example, it should be possible to increase the speed and agility of the kineticist and his allies. Similar to spells like haste and cat's grace. Similar to airbending in Avatar, it should focus less on meeting challenges head on, and circumventing them. In the Kaze no Stigma series, those who practice Wind magic are looked down upon, but they are also incredibly useful. They are able to travel long distances very quickly and are magnificent scouts using the winds to cloak themselves from peoples eye. They're also highly sensitive to the changing winds and are difficult to sneak up on. Though wind magic is arguably the least powerful, the most powerful character in the show is a Wind mage.

On the Battlefield Control side of things, the Aerokineticist could mimic difficult terrain by using gusts of wind to impede his foes, or creating wind streams to make it difficult to stay standing, or even blow his foes away.

Effects that Aerokineticists should be able to reproduce with their abilities include:

Cat's Grace
Fly (Mass)
Feather Fall
River of Wind
Gust of Wind
Expeditious Retreat
Air Walk
Gaseous Form
Wind Walk
Call Lightning
Lightning Bolt
Chain Lightning
Control Weather

Wind Stance
Lightning Stance

For damaging options using just air (not electricity), I think this should be very limited. In most media that I've seen (see above) that has aerokineticist like powers, it usually involves releasing high powered winds to shred things, slam creatures into other objects, or focus the wind into narrow gusts that can cut things.

On the utility side, the Aerokineticist should be capable of a limited telekinesis via controlling gusts of winds. It should be rough and almost uncontrolled, only able to do basic things like move an object or lift something. Fine control is limited exclusively to telekinetics. But, other things include being able to move quickly, infilitrate and being extremely agile.


The Geokineticist should be dependable and solid, unmoving and unyielding. Arguably the most solidly defensive of all the Kineticists, he should focus on being able to use the earth defend himself at any turn. However, the Geokineticist is no slouch in offense as he can shape the very ground of the battlefield to suit his whim, so he almost always has homefield advantage. Able to hurl boulders with ease, or form buildings and raise walls and alter terrain, fighting a geokineticist on the ground should be a nightmare.

A Geokineticist should be able to affect himself and possibly allies with defensive powers to make them more resilient. This might mean being able to grant limited energy resistance, or damage reduction, or increased AC, or cover.

Things in Pathfinder the Geokineticist should be capable of replicating:

Move Earth
Stone to Mud
Mud to Stone
Stone Shape
Wall of Stone
Create Pit (but not an extraplanar pit)
Fabricate (earth and metal only)
Stone Call
Shifting Sand
Flesh to Stone
Stone to Flesh
Resist Energy (Mass)
World Wave
Meld with Stone

In general, I think the geokineticist is fairly well represented in the playtest. My only big gripe with it, as it exists, is that he has no way to shape stone or metal in a similar fashion to Stone Shape. I think it's kind of odd that pyrokineticists get Fire Sculptor, but neither Geokineticists nor Hydrokineticists do.


Hydrokineticists should be very versatile. They have the only element that exists in both energy and physical form. They should be able to run across water, control the seas, launch ice spears, create shelter and control the battlefield. We see some great examples of this in the Avatar series, but also in Fairy Tail with the Ice Maker mages. Admittedly, the Ice Maker magic is probably more suited to an archetype that focuses entirely on cryokinetics.

There are some things I from the Avatar series, specifically, that I would dearly love to see implemented in the Hydrokineticist. Based off Marks little teaser post, I suspect we will see a 'blood bender' esque archetype, and, if we do, I hope one of the abilities is the ability to 'bend' plant matter as well. But, other things I'd like to see is the ability to form whirlpools in water, like when Aang and Katarra fought the sea serpent in the Serpents Pass in season two before arriving in Ba Sing Sei. Another ability, and one that I've always found to be very scary once you realize the ramifications of it, is in the episode the Southern Raiders when Katara tracks down her mother's killer and freezes the rain and repels it, forming a protective dome that prevents the rain from entering. She also then gathers up large quantities of ice and nearly impales the man with them. Those abilities should be present some how. In addition, the hydrokineticist should be capable of sculpting things out of ice, and moving it about with relative ease.

As much as some people may be very tired of hearing about the movie, Frozen has some amazing examples of cryokinesis, which is arguably a subclass of hydrokinesis.

Some things already in Pathfinder that the Hydrokineticist should be capable of mimicking:


Hydraulic Push
Hydraulic Torrent
Aqueos Orb
Freezing Sphere
Wall of Ice
Create Water
Stone Shape (but with ice)
Fabricate (ice)
Water Walk
Grease (ice)
Chill Metal
Chill Touch
Ice Spears
Cone of Cold
Water Breathing
Ice Storm

Rime Spell

I think the Hydrokinetic is represented well, and is arguably the strongest element in the playtest, but it could be better.


Pyrokinetics suffer from a lack of defensive options. As the most violent and destructive of the elements, it should be reflected in the kineticist. However, fire is not just the element of destruction, it's also the element of rebirth. 'Cleansing Flame', 'Divine Fire', 'Holy Flames', these are all sayings that have existed in religion for a long time, and should be part of the pyrokineticist. Making him not just excel at destroying foes and objects, but also of purifying objects as well.

Avatar has many good examples of pyrokineticism at work, but so too does Fairy Tail, and Kaze no Stigma. In Avatar and Fairy Tail, fire is used more as an element of raw destruction, there is very little utility to fire in these shows. However, Macao and Romeo are both shown to be practitioners of a fire magic that can be used for different things, like latching on to objects, or even producing a cold fire. In Kaze no Stigma, fire is one of the most powerful elements, and most useful in combating evil as it is fire that is used to purify evil spirits and expel demons.

Abilities in Pathfinder that should be replicated by the pyrokineticist:


Blur (heat waves)
Fire spell (all)
Dispel Magic
Break Enchantment

Pyrokinetics is, I think, lacking a bit in representation. Granted, there are some really cool abilities, but it strikes me as odd that Hydrokinetics get 'Spray' as a Wild Talent, letting them attack enemies in a cone, but Fire doesn't. I mean, Burning Hands is an iconic 1st level spell and a 15-ft cone. If any element should be able of forming a cone shaped blast, it's fire.

On top of the above, Pyrokineticist, should be *the* kineticist to turn to when you want something to just die. He should deal the most amount of damage possible, because dealing damage is what Fire is best at and Fire has the least amount of utility. Even what limited utility Fire has, is based around destroying things.

Defensively, I think the pyrokineticist should operate much like the aerokineticist; neither are capble of making physical barriers like the other three elements, so they need to rely on not getting hit at all via things like speed or miss chance. For example, instead of Searing Skin, the pyrokineticist could cause such intense heat to roll off his body that his body is like a mirage and has a 10% miss chance that scales up as his level increases. Or, instead of scaling, you could make his miss chance unique and stack with other sources of miss chance.


Arguably the hardest element to nail down, because Telekinetics has been portrayed in many varied and different ways. There is, of course, the infamous Carrie series, but in the Carrie movies, it's limited almost soley to hurling things and rough manipulation. Closing doors, knocking things down etc. A master of fine manipulation Carrie is not.

On the flip side, you have characters like Jean Grey who are able to use telekinesis to manipulate atoms to re-shape things. This is a bit extreme, but might be cool for high level telekinetics as someone mentioned earlier, for a disintegrate like effect.

Then you've got Push and Chronicle. When I think telekinesis, I think of Chronicle and Push. From forming telekinetic barriers to stop bullets, to waves of energy throwing things backward, to crushing a car by clenching your hand. Like hydrokinetics, telekinetics should be versatile, but not ovwhelmingly powerful. Telekinesis should be the progenitor of all other kinetics, so it should be able to dabble a little in each realm.

The telekinetic should be able to lift huge boulders, like a geokinetic, or lift himself and fly, like an aerokinetic. Both should be better at this than the telekinetic, with the geokinetic having finer control over the boulders, and the aerokinetic being faster and more maneuverable, but the telekinetic should still be able to do it. He should be able to move water and ice and even shape it, but the hydrokinetic should be better. He can part flames, and extinguish fires, but not to the same degree a pyrokinetic can. Damage is not strictly the only method by which a telekinetic can fight either. He should be able to pin down foes with his mind, trip them, disarm them, push them off ledges, hurl them through the air et cetera, et cetera. Discarded weapons should be projecticles for the telekinetic, as he is able to throw spears, swords, rocks, pebbles, bullets, arrows, boulders, icicles, you name it, he can throw it. But he doesn't need to throw only objects either, he should be able to form blasts of raw telekinetic energy to pummel his foes.

Pathfinder abilities the telekineticist should replicate:


Mage Hand
Resilient Sphere
Emergency Force Sphere
Wall of Force
Animate Objects
Animate Rope

Class Abilities
Wizard (Transmutation School) Telekinetic Fist

Dancing weapon property (multiples)

Telekinetics, I think, are represented well. In many ways, the telekinetic is the simplest class, because he, essentially, revolves around throwing things. As long as he can throw things with his mind, it's hard to get a telekinetic wrong. I do think that the abilities of the objects he throws should still benefit his attacks. I mean, if he throws a bunch of silver daggers at an enemy, it should bypass DR/silver.

Give them a small selection of cantrips as spell like abilities that fit there theme.

Aether- mage hand, open/close, resistance, stabilize
Air- ghost sound, guidance, message, open/close
Earth- detect poison, know direction, mending, resistance
Fire- flare, dancing lights, light, spark
Water- create water, detect poison, purify food/drink, stabilize

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One thing I've thought about in making these posts is that the Kineticsit itself should get some changes to it. Namely, that each element should have special boons that are granted only if the element is chosen as the first element, or, it grants a higher bonus.

For example, if you choose Earth, you might make the bonus from Feel the Burn apply to AC and CMD vs bull rush and trip maneuvers and add half their level to Knowledge (engineering) and craft checks dealing with stone. Or give Air a bonus equal to half their level on acrobatics and stealth checks, and Feel the Burn applies to their initiative score or possibly a 10 ft. increase in speed for every Feel the Burn bonus. All classes should probably get a bonus equal to their level or half their level on Knowledge checks pertaining to their element.

I would suggest, that you only get the additional bonuses for the first element you choose as that is their 'base' element. This way, you prevent people from trying to minmax the elements or something. It would also make the choice at level 1 even more relevant, and it adds a bit more utility to the class.

The kineticist is also desperately in need of a method of bypassing energy resistance. Even something as simple as reducing energy resistance equal to their level and dealing half damage to those immune to their element at level 10 or so would work. I personally would prefer to steal the Unnatural Cold and Unnearthly Cold abilities from the Winter Witch prestige class and slap them on the Kineticist, but that's just me.

The kineticist should be capable of manipulating their element in some form from level one. In Avatar, even untrained, Katara was still able to move water around, though, it was, admittedly, very sloppy and rough.

I also believe the the Kineticist should have an ability that interacts with elementals of their type. Be it banishing, dominating or siphoning power from them, elementals should fear a Kineticist.

As a final note, the lists of effects that I included above are not all inclusive, just stuff off the top of my head as I was writing.

I also do not expect that all of the stuff above should make it into the base class; a great deal of it would work well as an archetype. I could easily see an archetype for each element that excludes the others. At the same time, I could see an archetype that focuses on summoning and dominating elementals to serve it, while maintaining only limited blasting capabilities.

Over all, I think the Kineticist chassis is going to prove to be very archetype friendly and, with it's elemental theme, it could have a lot of versatility when it comes to character ideas.

Oh! One more thing, is there any way for the Kineticist to get some backwards compatibility with other things in the game? The elemental Fist and the Dragon/Janni/Shaitan/etc. style feats would all be great fun for the Kineticist. Prestige classes like Dragon Disciple would also be interesting little combos.

[Edit] Gonna just... leave this here....

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This is a thread dedicated ONLY to Wild Talent Suggestions as per Mark Seifter's request. Please refrain from discussing other people's suggestions except perhaps to post agreement or echo other's ideas. This is meant to be a place for Mark to easily sift through for ideas.

Here's my wishlist of things a kineticist should be able to do but can't currently. Separated by energy type:


  • Force Choke/Grab Organ/Kaliiimmaaaa: This should be the "touch attack" option for telekinetics. Dealing direct damage to a foe, and you could even flavour a coup-de-grace as pulling a foe's heart/liver/spleen/other funny organ from their body as the finishing move.
  • Easier access for Kinetic Finesse: Two talents is just too many, especially considering "extra talent" has to wait until 6th level. Light touch should be an automatic ability for all kineticists (limited to their element or unattended objects), thus leaving telekinetic finesse as a single power.
  • Deflect/Reflect Ranged Attacks: I know you say you aren't going for "X-Men" but the ability to stop a fusillade of bullets or arrows in midair and then turn them back on their foes is too cool not to do.
    Apportation/Teleportation/Warp: These are high level abilities, and if you've seen the (slightly terrible) movie Jumper, or remember "orbing" from Rose McGowan's sister on Charmed, or just are a fan of the fuzzy blue elf Nightcrawler, this is an ability that those who can bend space to their whim can do.
  • Singularity: Pull everything in an area towards one spot. Fun for the whole family.
    Animate Object: Ever see the part in the wonderful Eddie Murphy movie The Golden Child, where the kid animates the little Pepsi can to do a little dance. I want to do that to a house.
  • Dancing Weapon: Add the dancing property to a weapon. Even an improvised one.
  • Use the properties of an object thrown: The kineticist can either choose to deal their kinetic damage, or the properties of the thrown weapon, using their Con Mod in place of Strength where appropriate.


    Suffocate a Fool: Draw the air out of a foe's lungs. Hardly OP due to the suffocation rules being so generous in Pathfinder. Just like [redacted] did to [redacted] during Legend of Korra Season 3.
  • Air Bubbles: Portable air supply for breathing underwater, and can be sat on as it rolls and zips around the battlefield.
  • Air Slam: A column of air throws a foe straight up, or pushes a foe straight down (as if they are carrying their maximum strength load).
  • Air Columns: Create "solid" steps of air that other characters could even walk on.


  • Soften Earth and Stone, Stoneshape, Create Pit etc: These spells that the Geokineticist should be able to emulate but currently can't really.
  • Stone to Flesh (remove petrification only): I think a geokineticist should be able to free someone from their stony prison.
  • Sonic Damage. I know acid is traditionally associated with earth in the game (booooo!), but I think Sonic is a better fit, as you could flavor it as vibrating the ground beneath someone.


  • Needs more ways to bypass fire resistance. It's by far the most common resistance in the game, and there's few things more depressing than a one-trick pony unable to perform its one trick.
  • Increase the ambient temperature: The ability to force folks to deal with environmental heat damage rules in an area would be a lot of fun for a pyrokineticist to play with.
  • Photokinesis: The ability to create light without heat, blind foes with flashes, increase the ambient light levels, create ghost lights and eventually even daylight enough to harm those vulnerable to it.


  • Water Bubble: Similar to the air bubble above.
  • Decrease ambient temperature: Make it so cold that foes have to start dealing with environmental rules.
  • Water breathing: I don't think a hydrokineticist should ever fear drowning.

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Some ideas for Talents that fit with Occult Adventures themes and give Kineticist's power over the narrative.

Last night myself and some friends discussed the Kineticist and brain stormed what kind of Wild Talents would make sense mechanically, have Occult flavor, and give the Kineticist some much needed utility.

-Through the Flames: You know those scenes in movies where people throw stuff into the fire and see visions? Yeah it's stereotypical, but that could work. Have the talent be a X times per day spell. It's up to Mark which is appropriate, but I think commune, scry, speak with dead, or something may work.
-One that can give your allies Fire Resistance as you make their bodies repel fire.

-Pretty simple one. You make a mirror of Ice and use it to Clairaudience or scry. Seen it happen in media plenty. Probably limited use per day.
-One to make large bubbles so you can walk your party along the sea floor.

-Enter a trance and feel the vibrations through the earth and into bodies. Treat it sort of like radar and let the Kineticist count the number of feat touching the ground and the size of creatures within range. Range extends per level.
-One to make tunnels so you can dig your party to places.

-Slightly Harder to come up with.
-One idea was that since this element is less closely linked to divination we find some other utility. Maybe something like as long as he concentrates as a standard action every round he and his allies have the effects of Air Walk.
-Another was to "listen to the voice of the wind" by using Divination as a spell like ability. Since Divination gives you " advice granted by the spell can be as simple as a short phrase, or it might take the form of a cryptic rhyme or omen." It would make sense for a voice carried by the wind.

-Hardest one to come up with.
-A pulse that gives you true seeing and detect secret doors, think like a combination of Radar and Echolocation.
-Instead of replicating a spell effect we came up with a decent idea for a "divination" effect. Your force could "nudge" you in the right direction. Like you meditate and after a while you just feel an attraction to a certain direction until you finish meditating. To help you and a confused party decide where you need to go next.
-Something similar to Air in which as a standard action of concentration you create a wall of force that you can move 30 FT per round. Can be used to block places, for protection, or to levitate your group around. If the wall gets broken then you can't make a new wall until you rest for an hour.

All Elements:
An inborn method to use your element to do basic things. You shouldn't need a wild talent to redirect fire growth or move it from your path. You shouldn't need talents to do basic things like that. Also, when appropriate, scaling energy resistance for your element. Make the energy resist require expanded element to avoid dips. Two blasts, one touch and one standard.

Currently I feel like some talents like Fire Sculptor, Ice Walker, Light Touch, Telekinetic Finesse, and possibly others are the equivalent of a feat like "With utter dexterity, you gain the ability to hold a weapon! Benefit: You can wield weapons." Really weak talents like those should just be given to you when you pick an element or bundled together as one talent.

Access to a cone attack.
immunity to bleed effects, or the ability to cure them.
More ways to get past energy resistance
Ability to cast air bubble infinitely
Group water walk
the Jet extraordinary ability
Ability to cast air bubble infinitely
The earthquake stomp that knocks people prone mentioned earlier.
Ammunition catch is probably the coolest thing I can think of. Very much cool.
All of the above:
Kineticists should gain bonuses to whatever the class skills gained from their chosen element, similar to the inquisitor with sense motive, intimidate, and knowledge skills.
Acrobatics should be a kineticist class skill.
I think all the elemental paths deserve some kind of divination effect as a wild talent.
If some wild talents were rolled into simply choosing that element at character creation, I would be quite happy. A few of the utility ones are cool, but it makes little sense to force someone to take them as a wild talent.
The range of kinetic blasts should scale a little to become bigger than 30 feet. Maybe 5 feet every 4 levels? Not multiplied by talents of course.

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Wild Talent ideas

(Stream of consious typing on phone unable to access doc please forgive)


Evasion. Fluff it as learned while your power was first manifesting uncontolably, at 10th as an immediate it can upgrade to improved for 1min with 1burn.

AoEs. Useable lower level cones, spreads, and lines.

Single target fort for half useable on creatures resitant or immune to your element with their type or subtype. You don't blast fire at the red dragon you steal some of the fire that is part of him. Full effect elemental bonus on save as you go down to dragon fire subtype outsider, humanoid etc. Possible burn upgrade of using the damage taken to fire a blast from the targets position. Possible upgrade talents to more targets.

Highlevel ability to create a gate to enter the elemental/astral planes. While bringing and protecting passengers from basic planar traits.

Favored enemy. Chosen from creatures of your subytpe or opposing subtype (aether gets incoporeal). More elements more options larger bonuses.

Favored Terrain. Planes and broken up thematic choices. Fire desert, volcano. Earth hills, underground. Etc.

Effects vs matching type like hold X, charm X, dominate X. As you control the element that makes them up. Scaling save bonus like the fort targeting ability above.

Imprisoning cage type effect.

Ability to create elementals. Aether gets air with no whirlwind but made of force.

A talent selectable more than once that lets you select spells with descriptorsthe that match your element. Aether gets force.

Divination effects based on the appropriate element.

The same effects should be combined like pushing and another one. You can use whatever version you have the element for.


Blindness/Deafness. Fire blinds Air deafens. One talent useable with whichever element(s) you have.

Suffocation/Drowning Air Water


Deflect Arrow/catch arrow version that can be shared limit based on Con.

Constant returning on thrown weapons 1burn to add throwing for 1the min. If this is doable low enough this could enable some concepts.

Ability to use the properties of thrown objects.


Change the metal of a weapon or armor for1min. Increase duration to 1minthe per lvl with burn.

Non wild talent class proposals

Change blast range to close. Wild talent changes to med with 1burn for long.

Energy resistence equal to 2x lvl each burn spent on def adds 5 to the res.

Scaling free basic element conjuring and shaping. WT to increase weight and range.

At will sense elements ability useable for your chosen elements. Make it a psychic spell so it can be detailed in the spell section. It detects elemenaly aligned creatures and concentrations of elements.
Creatures. elementals, dragons, outsider subtype, humanoid subtype, kintecist, appropriate bloodline. Then maybe domain, mystery and school. Effects fires, diffrent gases, or liquids diffrent mineral types etc. Being a sense spell it would most likely have 60ft range. Wlid talent to change to med1 burn to upgrade to long for 1hr. Aether gets incopreal creatures and force effects.

4 skill points KN planes as a basic class skill along with some others. Aether gets religion if it doesn't have it already.

Scaling bonus to skill check relating to your element and you can make them untrained. Spell craft to ID spells with descriptor, survival to track aligned creatures, KN to ID them, earth to id stonework and slope, maybe even water to ID liquid poisons etc.

Elemental empathy. Like animal empathy.

Scale damage based around 1attack change blade/whip to state that they can only be used once each full attack. Have each manifest last 1min with a number of attacks equal to your con mod. For bladet add in the ability to give the ability to another by giving them the approtiate elemental enhancment on their weapon for 1min no burn no limit on uses. Whip gives burst. Aether gives ghost touch and impact respectivly.

Let the damage be a part of the base class and composite blasts focus on staus effects and riders.

Two blast options for each element. You get both for your fist element or a free WT if you take one.

Option to gain WT plus maybe another bonus instead of expanded element.

probably too hard to balance. but it would be cool to be able to burn yourself to death. For a good reason..

Like in guardians of the galaxy

Groot is really similar to a melee focused kinetcists. just with trees instead of other stuff. You can see him use the defense (growing the grass shield), "form" where he gros a bunch of small things and grow stronger. You even get to see him use impale. but he does all of those lightly because it wastes him away. He only used impale once after a hard battle because there were too many despite it would have been useful in the previous fight. so he's was shy with using it .
Near the end he burns himself to basically death, to strengthen his version of force shield to save the group. Effectively burning himself to death (sans his safety shrub he grew before taking off for the mission or the piece rocket grew) to extra super fortify the defense and save the group.

I would love to be able to burn myself to nothing for a good reason.. Maybe be allowed to break the burns per round or day effect for one awesome ability. Which makes you roll to survive it but has great effect.
though that would be very hard to balance. Limit break like effects aren't very common in pathfinder
granted under the current burn style this is difficult (I'm having a hard time not thinking of it in terms of the idea I like with free burn a day, then burning con directly)

This has already been suggested, but I think it's worth mentioning again:

The Aether defense should refill each round.

Why? Recovering each minute means it will work on one hit/fight, while other defenses work on every hit. DR from Geo/Terra is the greatest reducing damage from each hit, even if you take 100 hits in one round, it will work on all of them.
Water applies its ac bonus to all attacks as well, fire damage every attacker, and air affects all projectiles. So, Aether defense should work every round as well.

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Regarding OP's "Everything Burns" (all potential Pyros want something like this!);
I like this, but I was thinking more along the lines of the old Searing Spell Metamagic feat.

Specifically, I was thinking of a means that would not (under normal circumstances) be able to pair with Pure Flame.
Bypassing Res/Immunity AND SR seems like it would be too juicy.

What I spun was:
Element: Fire; Type: Substance Infusion; Level: 6; Burn: 3
Prerequisite: Kineticist level 10th
Associated Blasts: Fire, Blue Flame, Magma, Plasma, Steam (other +Fire as revealed)

Drawing from the very origin of flame, your blasts take on a metaphysical quality, becoming far more intense than nature would allow. Seeming more maroon or even violet in color, these blasts flicker with an eerie light that illustrates well their unnatural state.
This blast ignores Fire Resistance. Creatures with the the Cold subtype take double damage (+100% rather than +50%). Even creatures with Fire Immunity still take half damage (1/4 on a successful save if allowed).

Also, while I'm here, I'll throw out couple that I really just want for flavor...

"Aether Juggling"
Element: Aether; Type: Substance Infusion; Level: 3; Burn: 1
Prerequisite: Kinetic Blade, Kineticist level 5th
Associated Blasts: Telekinetic

With finer manipulation of aether, you are able to strike more precisely. When using your Telekinetic Blast to throw a magical weapon, your blast benefits from any enhancement bonuses the weapon may have, as well as special qualities it may possess. You do not gain the weapon's base damage, nor it's threat range or critical hit multiplier. If this weapon has the Returning property, and was held before being used for this blast, it returns to you as normal for a Returning weapon.

"Aether Dancing"
Element: Aether; Type: Substance Infusion; Level: 5; Burn: 2
Prerequisite: Kineticist level 8th, Aether Juggling, Kinetic Blade
Associated Blasts: Telekinetic

By using a weapon as the focus for your Telekinetic Blast, the weapon can be further "animated" to fight in your stead at a distance. This Substance infusion allows you to use the full attack action with a blast infused weapon, at a maximum range equal to that of your blast (including any Form infusions that increase range). This blast acts in all other ways like Aether Juggling, except non-proficiency penalties apply when a weapon is used in this manner.

(I'm sure any of these could use some re-wording, but you get the ideas)

I think each element should start with two offensive abilities.

Aether- force blast(1d4s) or telekinesis(why take 4+ wild talents for something you should already have)

Air- already has a physical and energy blast.

Earth- should get an acid blast.

Fire- well I can't think of a physical blast but could get a choking smoke blast or blinding light blast.

Water- already has both a physical and energy blast.

All elements should start with an ability to make there blast a cone or line effect at level 1. The range would be like 15' cone or 30' line at level one and increase with level.

Also the blast's range should start at 30' but increase based on level and max out at 120' before being altered by wild talents.

I think you should get an ability that grants you energy resistance, and maybe immunity, to your element. As for Aether force resistance would be interesting.

The class could use a built in AC boost such as dodge or natural armor.

An ability for all energy blasts to bypass energy resistance maybe half damage to immunity as well.

An ability for all energy blast to ignore SR.

An ability that allows you to use your blast without provoking or needing to make a concentration check.

Earthen Sheild: Level:4 Burn:1
the kineticist creates an earthen barrier between him and the enemy. this functions like an tower shield granting full cover or provideing a +4 shield bonus to AC. this effect lasts 1 round per kineticist level

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Aether's force ward defense thingy needs a boost of some kind...
Either charging by round ala fast healing. or you need to start with a bigger pool of hp for the first usage..
It really feels like it's useful for ~maybe~ one hit. Though frankly most attacks do quite a lot more than class level amount. and burning into it really doesn't net you much at all compared to the loss of hp. Would need to increase the base amount (i dunno maybe like K-heal and be related to the K-blast damage).

Or like I've mentioned elsewhere the whole "con mod of free burns a day before it starts burning your hp or con mod" Since that would net you a decentish amount to poor into it in the morning..

but it certainly feels far weaker than anything except maybe fire.

Alernate idea: At the very least add a line that the attack that breaks through it counts as a miss. That way at the very least it will most likely be useful for one hit per fight.. and would negate the issue of the actual temp hp amount being so very less than an average damage form a hit.

Lastly. Generic-fying a lot of the wild talents. Really 80% could easily include other elements with slightly different wording. It would really give each element a semi level playing field for anyone who wants to be pure one element.. I had a small list in the Kin forum I'll have to find it later.. but for example. Ride the Blast and Kinetic form could easily be slightly worded different and allow for Aetherist to use it as well, and gain all those benifits too. but really every element needs access to some sort of aoe even if small, it's fine for each element to have a specialty but it can suck if taken too far

Composite Kinetic Forms. Friggin' Magma Elementals, man.

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Increase, or Decrease the size of any natural fire.

The ability of fire kineticist to quench flames as the spell of the same name at will. Also controlling the intensity, size, and direction of flames. Maybe even moving flames to different locations by square count.

I'd be happy with a badass scaling telekinesis effect. Possibly more than one at a time or something.

Add fly and maybe some shields and we're golden.

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Few other things:

It might be a bit more difficult, but I would love it if the quasi-elementals, ie, mud, magma, ice, and lightning, were on the table as well for elemental form. I avoided taking the elemental form wild talent with my cryokineticist because it didn't fit his theme to turn into a water elemental or air elemental, but an ice elemental would have been pretty much perfect. Considering I think there will definitely be some people who go for air to be an electrokineticist or water to be a cryokineticist, if you could reformat it to provide a list of abilities rather than emulating the spell (or, I suppose, introduce a quasi-elemental body spell), it could allow for it, though space might be a concern...and it might allow for creating an aetheric body too.

A form infusion I'd like to see at relatively low levels is one that allows you to split up your kinetic blast into multiple blasts, dividing the damage amongst multiple enemies...say, dividing it up as much as you like, with at least 1d6 + 1/2 Con or 1d6 + 1 + Con per blast...though if power is a problem, perhaps with a proviso that no more than two blasts can target the same creature? But when you've got a lot of enemies, it's often pointless overkill when you can only hit one. And a barrage of attacks sometimes just plain fun...and can help if your accuracy is low.

I also think it would be neat to have a form infusion where you can turn your blast into a less damaging (half damage? no modifiers?) area effect that occupies a five foot space, attacking everyone in it with Reflex to negate, lasts for a number of rounds equal to your Constitution modifier, and can be redirected by you as a move action...and possibly a better version (or one you spend burn for?) that occupies a ten foot space. Basically a way to replicate spells like aggressive thundercloud, aqueous orb, ball lightning, and flaming sphere, with the flavor decided by you...sending around a spinning rock sphere, a sphere of cold energy, a ball of whirling wind...provide some limited extra damage. Maybe an upgrade where you get to make multiple ones?

Now I have a silly mental image of a halfling telekinetic with a substance infusion that entangles/captures people and objects re-enacting Katamari Damacy with a form infusion like that...sadly, a proviso where more objects and creatures added to it keeps increasing the size of the blast would probably be broken.

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We would all love some badass scaling telekinesis Tiny Coffee Golem;)

Some telekinetic flight and levitation would be nice as well.

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