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General Discussion: Spells and Magic

Unofficial Kineticist FAQ Q&A thread.

Should Druids know the spells from every sourcebook?

How to summon phantom?

Occultist Implements

Contagious Zeal

Kineticist and Prestige Classes

Kineticist / Telekineticist specific questions

Do psychic spells provoke?

Kineticist (first impressions)

Alcohol and potions

kineticist problems at first glance

Surprising Switch + Alter Self

What is the DC for using concentration in Kiteticist Blast?

Kinetic Blade to hit

Specific Suggestions for the improvement of the Kineticist

Kineticist: A telekineticists Force Ward with gathering energy.

Kineticist questions

Kinetic its and obscuring mist

Occultist Implementations clarifications

"Psychic Spell" is a new classification of spells?

Magic jar and target hit dice

Ring of Sustenance and the Kineticist

Kineticist Move Earth Unworked Stone

Kinetic Weight Lifting, a Math and Balance Problem

My Spiritualist build

Logical Spell

Kineticist: Gather Energy & Readied Blasts

Can you...? Just wondering.

kinetisict blasts as weapons for weapon focus

Making a More Viable Mesmerist

3 Kineticist Questions

Strength focused kineticist?

Occultist Melee Build Concept

Kineticists and Full BAB

Occultist and Expanded Arcana

A question about Wild Shape

Armor and Balance Issues

Psychic magic and Spell Resistance

whatever happened to the spirit of 1969?

Kineticist and Vital strike

Occultist Questions

Check to notice a Psychic Spell?

More thoughts on Kineticists

Kineticist's Infusion Specialization: Clarification

Psychic Only Spell Components

do monks / brawlers need to take two weapon fighting to qualify to feats?

Phantom Questions

Random altnerate Burn for Kineticists idea.

Wild Talent lists

Medium: Spirits wording

Tk with feats

Occultist Light Matrix

Psychic Dark Half

Kineticist Move Earth...

Occultist Mental Focus power number crunch

Beacon "Below expectations" - PFS Telekineticist build...

Magus,Spellstrike, and Ranged Weapons

Pros and Cons of The Tranquility Discipline

Thoughts on the Kineticist

Why "Wild Talent?"

hangman henry's medium thread

Mythic Kineticist - Melee only?

Kineticists and Elemental Racial traits, do they work together

How would Korra deal with Cthulhu?

Suggestion for altering burn of kineticist

Medium: loophole in losing control ?

An XPH and Ultimate Psionics' Fan's first thoughts

Tie-ins to existing rules systems e.g. Mythic, prestige classes, etc.

Question about Telekineticist defense power

Shaman Spell Access

Spiritualist's Bonded Manifestation (Su) - Stacking additions, or choices?

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