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I created a brand new character to play in Emerald Spire 1. It was a Gnome, with high Con and good Dex, low Str, and average mental ability scores. I picked Point-Blank Shot as it is the prerequisite for Precise Shot, even if I couldn’t select it right away. I choose air because I already have a fire sorcerer and a cold witch and wanted another flavor. I went for the air rather than electricity for a bit more damage and flavor reasons. Wondering if the range of 30 feet would be too low, I picked Air Reach to be able to attack at 60 ft (I think the blast is not usable at range ×5, unlike other ranged weapon attacks).

I though of picking the air infusion that let you bull rush, but as it mention switching stat in the CMD check, it meant that the small penalty would apply and decreased the chance of it being useful.

The scenario:
The first level of Emerald Spire makes you pay playing a non-darkvision ranged character. It was not much fun. As my character only had 5 ft. vision, he want in melee range and threw his air blast and provoked attacks of opportunity. I was not too worried, his AC was correct, and he had a lot of HP (12, with a CON of 19). He got to 0 hp at some point but didn’t do much (but not nothing, so not so bad).

I was worried that the character would a one trick pony, and indeed he was: nothing to do in melee except provoke. That was in part due to my character build. Skill wise, it felt ok, even if those didn’t came up much in the adventure. I also think the ranged touch might have been better to pick (electricity), as it would have make it easier to hit while not changing damage that much.

Character details
Air blast +3 1d6+5 (+1 in 30 ft)
Point block shot
Traits: Air touched, Excitable
Wild Talent: Air’s Reach
Skills with ranks: Perception +7, Profession (sailor) +7, Stealth +9, Use Magic Device +4

", I picked Air Reach to be able to attack at 60 ft (I think the blast is not usable at range ×5, unlike other ranged weapon attacks)."

Not sure why you didn't take extended range instead..

Element universal; Type form infusion; Level 1; Burn 1
Prerequisites kineticist level 1st
Associated Blasts any
Saving Throw none
Your kinetic blast can strike any target within 120 feet, rather
than 30 feet.

Sure, it requires 1 burn, but as a move action, you can negate that burn...

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